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No Wonder that Xiaomi Mi 9 is the Best of Xiaomi Phones in 2019

No Wonder that Xiaomi Mi 9 is the Best of Xiaomi Phones in 2019

One of the largest Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi manufactures multiple different models of phones now and then. 

With the ongoing modifications, amendments, and transformation, the company can bring you the most elegant phone range with each day passing by. 

Being the competitor with the Honor phones, Xiaomi has strived hard to produce phone according to the demands of the customers. 

The screen, color variety, software, hardware, camera, design, and display. Everything is entirely impeccable. That is why the majority of people recommend Xiaomi phones as well. 

Even though Xiaomi generates several phones, there must be only one to stand out from the rest. If you too are on a hunt to find the great Xiaomi phone, then you are the right place. We bring you the Xiaomi Mi 9. 

The incredible all-around device is perfect for everyone. Ranging from the price to the battery capacity. Every single thing is unique and implausible. 

General Specifications: The phone has an Android 9 Pie. Being the latest software version, it has almost every feature an expensive phone has. The phone also has Dual Nano Sim, GSM+GSM and Dual VoLTE which is why I got it, too. 

Along with the loudspeaker and a mic, it also has a USB Type-C port for fast charging, which means you can charge your phone within minutes and use for the rest of the day. 

Moreover, the phone also has an octa-core top-performing CPU, 6.39 inches display, and the 3300 mAh battery. All the features an expensive phone has. The Exclusive Design and Display: Majority of the people usually look for the design, color, shape, and style of the phone, just like I did. 

This is also one of the main reasons why Xiaomi Mi 9 is gaining popularity day by day. Not only the colors but the display, thickness, width, and height, everything is flawless. The exact dimensions of the phone are 7.6 mm thickness, 74.6 mm width and 157.5 mm height. This is also one of the reasons why I got it. 

The phone is not only easy to carry but doesn't slip from your hand while texting or using as well. Moreover, Mi 9 is available in an array of different colors, distinctive from the common smartphones. The phone is available in deep grey, holographic red and pink, and holographic blue, black and white.

For me, the holographic color range is the most suitable as I do not cover my phone with phone cases. Since the phone is designed with AMOLED display and has a water-drop notch, therefore, it is comparable with many Samsung phones. 

What I like best about the phone is its resolution, which is 1080 x 2340 pixels, perfect for giving you the perfect video time. Amazing!

The best of all - Tear Drop Display: One thing that completely shocked me as well as the display. It's pretty good. Seeing the price, I didn't expect it to be, but it is, after all, worth comparing to the Samsung series, too. It supports HDR, has the brightness of 600 nits, and has 403ppi. 

What else would somebody want at such a reasonable price? Furthermore, I also like the full flat display, without any curves covering up the display. The big screen and the teardrop notch make it worth purchasing. 

Value for money: Most of the Samsung and Apple competitor phones are expensive. In comparison, Xiaomi Mi 9 is not only affordable but also has all the functions of an expensive smartphone as well.

Again, one of the reasons why I preferred getting a Xiaomi Mi 9 over any other. Lock and unlock system: Everyone's concerned about their safety and privacy. 

Well, if you are too, then getting a Xiaomi Mi 9 is the best option. The fingerprint locks and unlocks system along with the pin, pattern, and passcode option make the phone completely secure. Just keep one thing in mind.

The one uses the light to scan your fingerprint; therefore, it usually gets confused by the wet and dirty hands easily. Make sure you clean up before unlocking the phone. 

Otherwise, using a password is always an option. Does it work well? The hardware and performance are the most important things, without which the phones don't function properly. 

To give you the Qualcomm's latest hardware known as Snapdragon 855 in such an affordable price, Xiaomi launched an exclusive phone, Mi 9, which is the first one in this price range. 

Along with the latest hardware the phone is also paired with an incredible memory of 64 GB or 128 GB which clearly indicates that you can take all the pictures you want, download as many songs, videos and applications and you'll still have storage in there. 

However, there is one limitation, however. There is no micro SD slot, so won't be able to fit in the memory card. Once space is full, you'll have to delete a few of those things in there. 

Moreover, the exceptional Qualcomm's hardware makes it convenient for you to use without any reluctance and hesitation. You'll never face the problem of the phone being stuck and difficult to use. 

I have heard this from quite a few people myself as well, which is why I made the purchase so hastily. The exceptional battery life: What does one want in a phone? Everyone wants the battery to last longer to avoid carrying the cables, power banks, and chargers everywhere, right?

 Well, in case you were looking for such a long-lasting phone in an affordable price range, then the Xiaomi Mi 9 is the one you should get. 

I charge my Xiaomi Mi 9 once every day. Times when I don't use my phone frequently, I don't charge it at all as the phone works efficiently for almost 2 days. 

One of the most significant advantages you have with this phone is that it offers Qualcomm Quick Charge wireless charging at the rate of 20 W along with the 27 W wired charging as well. Even though, it doesn't charge as fast as the Oppo series, but isn't this enough? For me, it is more than enough. 

Unbelievable triple camera: Capturing pictures. That is one of the main reasons why people prefer purchasing expensive phones. There are tons of expensive phones providing high-resolution and superb quality pictures, but not everyone can afford the hundred dollars phones. 

Well, for that purpose Xiaomi launched their new and stylish Mi 9 which has rear triple camera system (primary: 48MP, f/1.75, zoom: 12MP, f/2.2, 2x zoom, wide: 16MP, f/2.2) along with a front camera (20MP, f/2.0). However, there were a few questions raised over the 2x zoom camera lens. 

The zoom lens isn't as appreciable. I believe that Xiaomi should have opted for the sensor cropping instead. Nevertheless, it is still incredible the way it is. 

MIUI hold ups a little: Even though the phone is designed extraordinarily yet, there is one slight little drawback. Since we are discussing everything in detail, therefore, keeping you away from this would be wrong. 

If I'm telling you everything, you should also know this as well. Software is one of the biggest problems with Xiaomi's phone. The company launched the MIUI in 2010, which somehow sticks to the Android skin, however, this means it alters the Android to a great extent. 

Because of this software, you are unable to delete some things which end up being in the "junk" folder, consuming much storage of the phone. 

This bothered me quite a lot, but because of the numerous other inimitable features, I didn't prefer replacing my phone with something almost the same but expensive. 

My final verdict: The phone is the most enthralling phone I've ever seen, especially from the Xiaomi series so far. The design, battery, camera, and display, everything is precise and flawless. My own experience with the phone has been quite delightful.

Whether it is the storage or the camera, I like every bit of the phone. Despite the problem that I have to permanently erase a few of my stuff, I recommend the phone to everyone. I mean, you can't usually find such an incredible phone at such a low price range. 

The most distinctive thing about the phone is its on-screen fingerprint scanner and the full screen.

The overall performance of the phone is incredible, however. In spite of having the drawbacks getting the phone at such a reasonable price is hard. I loved experiencing the unique features of the Xiaomi Mi 9. 

So, anyone of you looking for an incredible flagship smartphone, Xiaomi Mi 9 is the one you should get. Trust me; you won't get the enthralling hologram series at such a reasonable price again. So, don't miss your chance and avail this opportunity right now!

To find out more about the Xiaomi's phone range, stay connected for more. We have plenty of more articles waiting for you.

Xiaomi Mi 9 4G Phablet Global Version 6GB RAM



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