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You Read That Right! It's a USB Cable That Holds up Your Phone with the Charging Current

You Read That Right! It's a USB Cable That Holds up Your Phone with the Charging Current

Hello, everybody. I'm your dear freaky buddy. 

Here we go again, the happiest share time of a day.

Recently, I've found a cool cellphone holder and USB cable, which is popular on TikTok. It not only can be used as a mobile phone bracket, as well as a luminous USB charging cable. 

See, it looks pretty cool, right?

Usually, you might charge your mobile phone like this (as pic 2). It seems a bit boring. 

And the guys who know how to rock the party, have already charged their phone like this (as you can see on the pic 3). Oh, what a cool thing! 

Seriously, I appreciate the designer of this USB cable. Thousands of claps should be given to him (it's worth making him win the pride). 

It feels like I can get high for the whole night, several cell phones are charging at the same time with lights dancing in the cable.

Wait, wait. If you think its light is just designed for a cool look, then you might overlook its magic. 

When you charge your phone with it, this glowing USB cable will intuitively tell you the electricity on the phone! 

If your phone is low in power, the light will flash quickly, and your phone will enter a fast charge mode. 

If your phone has a lot of electricity, they will flash slowly, and your phone will be in a slow charge mode. 

If your phone is full of power, the light is steady on, and your phone is a power-saving mode.

Mm-hmm, men, isn't that interesting?

What's more interesting is that, when you put it in the car, it immediately turns your cars into a mini disco. Nothing can be cooler! 

If you take a hot girl for a drive and show this kind of magic in front of the girl in a casual way, that might bring your drive to the climax! (you know what I mean my bro, that's exactly the most wonderful California road trip I took in my boyhood, of course, I didn't get such a USB cable at that time.) 

Joking apart, the luminous USB cable is not a surprise now, it led the trend once. However, compared with those glowing data lines, this luminous charging cable has a new feature - it can be used as a mobile phone bracket! 

Usually, when there is no bracket, most of you might hold any cushion for keeping your mobile phone upright. But as we know, it's easy to slip, and you inevitably feel uncomfortable at its angle, so your neck gets sour easily after looking at the screen for a long time. 

With this 2-in-1 USB cable bracket, you can free your hands and watch videos even better. 

Just plug in, your phone will keep standing steadily on the table for a long time. 

Absolutely the good news for guys who love to playing games and watching videos while charging the smartphones! 

Why would I say that? 

I don't know if you've seen that it stands up in a shape of L so that it's convenient to use whether it's on the table or in your hand.

With it, you don't need to get any other mobile phone brackets any more! 

Also, you don't have to worry that your cell phone might run out of power or get in the way of hindering your process in games. Never!

The USB cable adopts an intelligent control chip for 2.4A output power, and the charging speed is fast enough.  

During charging, it automatically identifies the needs of different devices and adjusts intelligently to distribute the required current, to avoid the mobile phone charging too slowly, overcharging and so on. 

It means that your mobile phone battery won't be damaged even after charging for a long time. You don't have to worry about security at all. 

My test shows that it takes only 3 hours to charge my iPhone XR fully, and the phone doesn't have a significant fever during charging. 

The whole USB cable is up to 1 meter long. Its pure copper (the inner core) and a TPE transparent outer for the light stream are extraordinary, making this glowing charge cable especially durable. 

The luminous part consists of microcrystal bead lights which consume little energy, so there's no need to worry about power consumption. 

However, it seems the 8-pin cable is sold out on Gearbest, and I find the Type-C USB cable at present. They didn't sell the type with Micro USB interface. 

It's said that Micro interface cables only to turn the screen backward when holding the phones! (My bro, I feel sorry for your iPhones and phones using Micro USB interface.)

With such a cool USB cable, why not throw a party?

Rock that body, come on my buddy, come to my party, rock that body!

1m LED Glowing Mobile Phone USB Type C Charging Data Sync Cable



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