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Fun and useful device for measuring.

The Duka Small Q meter is a fun and interesting object for testing. 

This is a meter, a device to measure distances easily. It can be used in a simple way, by making its small wheel travel the surface of the object to be measured, as straight and curved.

It is a fairly practical gadget for anyone looking to tinker, sew, measure distances and especially add or subtract them. The Duka Small Q has the advantage of being able to play with numbers quite simply.

In the box

The object is delivered in a small cardboard box and entirely presented in Chinese.

Inside, well protected by a very dense foam, we find the meter, documentation (also in Chinese) and a small USB cable. Nothing extravagant but a serious proposition. 

Design and construction

Once stripped of its protective film, the Duka Small Q presents itself as a pleasant and well-constructed object. Its hull is aluminum with a glossy finish on each side. A small relief on the circumference of the product allows a good grip. It measures 5.3 cm in diameter for 1.5 cm in thickness. It's big enough to be comfortable to hold in the hand and will suit both left-handed and right-handed people. It weighs 35 grams.

The meter does not offer a tape to unfold to measure distances but a wheel to roll on the object to be measured. Notched, made in a solid rubber, it rolls on itself with a small gin that marks its progress, like that of a mouse wheel. History to know if the meter starts to skate on the spot.


The battery arrived fully charged and the manufacturer indicates that the object has an autonomy of 200 days on standby and “3000 meters” measured. In all cases, it will be possible to recharge the device simply with the supplied USB type-C cable or any other. 


The Duka Small Q displays a very simple reading of the measured distances. After pressing the large central button for a few seconds, the object wakes up and offers very readable numbers. Each is 1.1cm high by 6mm for easy reading. The whole is very bright. Above the measurement, we can distinguish other information such as the state of the battery, and to the right, the sound activation.

At the bottom of the device, above the wheel, a small LED indicates that the device is on even if the screen turns off after a few seconds of inactivity. This LED also flashes when the measuring wheel turns to indicate that it has been taken into account. 

Finally, the small number above the large one is a reminder of measurements stored in memory. The Duka Small Q offers 10 measurements in memory that can be saved and called up using the right and left arrow buttons. 

The main advantage of the object is in its ability to easily add distances by simply lifting the dial to rest it on another object to be measured. You can, for example, add the meters of baseboards, fabric or anything else you want to measure continuously. The object will add the new measurement to the previous distance up to a maximum of 99 meters.

But you can also subtract centimeters. And this is one of the most interesting points. Measure a distance “roughly” then remove more precise measurements as you go. Practice in sewing, carpentry or other. Added to the functions in memory, it is thus very practical to store in the device all the elements necessary for the realization of a piece of furniture or an object. Accumulate the plinth lengths for example or the measurements of a person for whom you want to make a garment. 

The round shape of the device obviously poses a problem for measuring distances with an obstacle. Imagine a tray to put in front of a window, it is impossible to measure it completely because of the shape of the Duka. Fortunately, there are several measurement modes that can be activated by pressing the two arrow keys simultaneously for more than a second. We can measure an object with an obstacle on the right, on the left or on both sides. The Duka Small Q then adding the diameter of the object held vertically to the base measurement. It is also possible to measure non-planar objects, going around a cylindrical element for example: a head circumference, a waist circumference, the fabric of a sleeve or the curve of an armchair.

A final interesting feature is the ability to measure the diameter of a round object.


All of these measurement solutions make Duka Small Q an interesting ally for many DIY projects. It can become one of the tools of your DIY kit focused on 3D printing and laser engraving. In a few seconds, you can measure the dimensions of an object with various shapes, estimate the size to print or the space to engrave on simple or round shapes, extrapolate the enlargements of an object to be printed, taking as a scale the measurement of existing objects.

Duka Small Q 8 in 1 HD LCD Display Electronic Ruler Ultra Long Battery Life Length Measuring Tool



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