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A Small Glass Ball That Allows You To Control The Lightning

A Small Glass Ball That Allows You To Control The Lightning

Static electricity is a magical natural physical phenomenon. 

We are all familiar with such a phenomenon, for example, when we take off our clothes at night in winter, we can hear a crackling sound in the dark and see blue light as the lightning. 

Here's another example, when you comb your hair, you will find it floating in mid-air. Or, when you shake hands with someone in dry weather or touch someone's body, your fingers suddenly feel stingy due to static electricity. 

There are many other cases, of course, if you have a more in-depth study of static electricity, you will find that static electricity is magical. 

What I want to share with you today is a super magical and fun plasma ball. 

Although this is a small glass ball, you can't stop playing it from the beginning.

After plugged in, the sphere will produce a bunch of slender, beautiful light. The light extends from the center to the entire glass insulator, which is gorgeous. 

The darker the environment, the more obvious the effect of the beam will be. 

Of course, you won't get tired of playing with the plasma ball.

Amazingly, when your hand touches the surface of the plasma ball, the beam will keep moving with your hand. 

As your fingers move, the magic beams will cluster to create more magical light, as if you could do magic to control the movement of the light.

A different effect will produce as you touch the plasma ball with one finger, two fingers, or a palm. 

It is like multiple rays of blood-red light going across the sky. Isn't it incredible?

The magic of the plasma ball is associated with the common electrostatic phenomena. Both are about the friction between the glass insulator and metal. 

The outer part of the plasma ball is a high-strength glass insulator. The ball is filled with thin noble gases. In the center of the ball is a black spherical electrode. 

There is a circuit board on the bottom. The power converter turns 5V low-voltage DC into a high-voltage high-frequency AC which is added to the electrode later on. 

After power-up, the electrode and high voltage make noble gases produce constant beams of colored light. They look fascinating at night.

As soon as the plasma ball works, an electric field around the electrode comes into being, like that formed by a point charge. 

When our hands touch the surface of the glass (with a direct physical connection to the earth), the electric field and electric potential around the ball are no longer symmetrical. 

Thus, the brighter glow will be around the fingers, and the arched beams wander their way as the fingers move. It seems that our fingers are controlling the light. 

The plasma ball generates anions to eliminate electrostatic charges, decompose nicotine, and harmful gases like formaldehyde. It helps with air purification and disinfection.

However, please note that the plasma ball will generate heat if used for a long time. To avoid overheating, don't play with the ball for over 2 hours, and don't put your fingers in the same place. 

The plasma ball supports two ways of power supply: USB power supply (with giveaway cable), or 4 AAA alkaline batteries (not included).

Because the plasma ball supplies rather low voltage, you won't be in danger. Haha! However, please ensure the glass insulator is intact before you use it. Don't use it if it's broken.

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