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12 Products That Protect You from the Coronavirus & Influenza

12 Products That Protect You from the Coronavirus & Influenza

At present, the coronavirus outbreak is the most concerned topic in China. Up till now, more than 250 people have died, and 12,000 infections have been confirmed. Meanwhile, the American people are suffering from a new deadly pandemic, which is influenza. The latter is even a bigger threat.

Can we live through the year 2020 happily and healthily? First of all, you should protect yourself from the coronavirus and influenza outbreak. These 12 products can help! Let’s have a look at them!

A facial mask is a must-have if you need to go out to purchase some necessities. Of course, you should keep at more than 1m away from others. Here below are several options for you, including the activated carbon, 3M, and disposable facial mask.

Activated Carbon Mask Pm2.5 Windproof Warm Dustproof Riding Mask Sports Mountain Bike Mask



3M 9501V Protective Mask PM 2.5 Dust Unisex Mask 3 in Per Pack



JJ0147 Disposable Anti-fog Non-woven Anti-dust Mask 50pcs



It’s recommended to sanitize the entire room or even the entire home every day. Here are a total of one thousand 84 disinfectant tablets. They are suitable for preservation and can be resolved in the water quickly so that you can get 84 disinfectant liquid whenever you want.

Instant 84 Disinfectant Tablets Effervescent Tablets Home Medical Indoor Sterilization Disinfection Deodorant



As we know, most people get infected with the coronavirus because of the family gathering or family member. Undoubtedly, personal hygiene matters, and it’s recommended to wash hands carefully for at least 20 seconds each time. The liquid soap dispenser can avoid the slightest contact when you’re washing hands.

AD-1806 Infrared Sensor Automatic Hand Foam Liquid Soap Dispenser



As the virus can’t survive in high temperatures and ultraviolet light. It’s impractical to boil the towel every time after use, so there is no doubt that the YSHR03 UV Germicidal Towel Dryer is a great choice.

YSHR03 UV Germicidal 50 Deg.C Hot Air Disinfection Bathroom Towel Dryer Smart Drying Sterilizing Machine from Xiaomi youpin



Although the mode of transmission remains unknown. It’s believed that the disease can be transmitted person-to-person through sneezing or coughing, which disperse body liquids, such as salvia and mucus. Therefore, toothbrushes should definitely be disinfected all the time for safety reasons.

Antibacteria 2 in 1 UV Light Ultraviolet Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Sterilizer Toothbrush Holder



To avoid being in the crowd too many times, you’ve probably filled your fridge with lots of vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. To keep them fresh for an extended period, you need the VIOMI anti-mildew disinfection filter.

Viomi Anti-Mildew Fresh-Keeping Deodorization and Disinfection Filter Element



For better ventilation, you open the window. However, it’s hazardous to breathe in the PM2.5, dust, or other pollutants. Unless you live in the countryside with lots of plants and fresh air, you should prepare an air purifier at home or in the workplace.

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier WiFi AI Voice Control 3 Wind Speeds Touch Screen Low Noise 110m³/h CADR 3-layer Filter System



Xiaomi Mijia AC - M6 - SC Household Air Purifier 3 Generation



Xiaomi Home Air Purifier 2S OLED Display Laser Particle Sensor 3-layer Purification



If you are a driver, you’d better prepare an air purifier that can be used in your car. The Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier is an excellent choice for purification and monitoring air quality.

Original Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier PM 2.5 Detector APP Intelligent Monitoring Air Cleaner



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