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[Community-only Surprises]The Best Smart Watches of 2019 So Far.

[Community-only Surprises]The Best Smart Watches of 2019 So Far.

There are benefits at the end of the article.

What Brand First Comes to Mind When You Think of Smartwatches?

Currently, some well-known international organizations, such as Counterpoint, count the sales of smartwatches, in which case Apple appears top of the game.

In the first quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of this year, Apple Watch had a stable market share of 35-36%, far ahead of Samsung in second place.

Although Apple Watch has an excellent overall reputation, it is certainly not perfect.

First, most of the people using Apple Watch are iPhone users.

Success and failure are both dependent on ecology. With a powerful iPhone user base, Apple promoted Apple Watch and other products in the early stages by bundling product functions. But it also raises a simple question for Android users: Do I need to change my phone after buying a smartwatch?

Second, although Apple Watch has powerful features, it is mostly just for show.

Third, it is also a point that is often heard, and that is the battery life of Apple Watch is not very good.

Finally, the price of the Apple Watch must be considered.

Low-priced Apple Watch products have poor texture and a less wear-resistant aluminum case.

If you want a higher configuration or the option of changing the strap, it will cost 100% more, which is likely to exceed most people's budgets.

Now that we know about the hottest and most controversial Apple Watch let's take a look at some Android watches.


For most people who only want a smartwatch to record their daily activities, the Huawei Honor Magic Watch is considered one of the best products at $104.99.

12.12 Flash Sale Price: $99.99

HUAWEI HONOR Watch Magic Smart Watch



Featuring a good level of thickness, the Honor Magic Watch has a built-in GPS and is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. It also has a one-week battery life, NFC, and other essential features. For this reason, many people have labeled this the "youth edition" of the Huawei Watch GT.

The two indeed share a lot of the same features.

But it is still inferior when compared with the more expensive Huawei Watch GT.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Bluetooth 5.1 46mm GPS Smartwatch Underwater Heart Rate Monitor 1.39 inch AOLED Display 14 Days Battery Life Sports Version



The Huawei Watch GT has a battery life of two weeks, a larger screen (dial 46.5mm VS 42.8mm, 1.39-inch VS 1.2-inch screen), and a better look.

The Huawei Watch GT also has all the features of the Honor Magic Watch. Therefore, if your budget is sufficient, it is recommended that you get the Huawei Watch GT for a better overall experience.


Huami is a professional company specializing in smartwatches. It has an outstanding market share and has been successfully listed in the United States.

At present, the latest flagship model is the Huami GTR watch, which is available in two sizes - 42 mm and 47 mm.

AMAZFIT GTR 47mm Smart Watch Titanium Edition 24 Days Battery Life 5ATM Waterproof GPS GLONASS 12 Sports Modes 326ppi AMOLED Screen Global Version (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



AMAZFIT GTR 42mm Smart Watch 12 Days Battery Life 5ATM WaterproofGlobal Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



The bigger of the two is more striking and has a longer battery life (24 days vs. 12 days use). It costs $20 more than the smaller model. The performance-price ratio for both models is good, so it depends on your preferred size of the dial. I recommend the 47 mm stainless steel version.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that men choose the bigger one, and ladies choose the smaller one. However, nowadays, it is becoming more popular and quite trendy for ladies to select large watches.

The main selling points are the same. The 12 sports modes fulfill basic needs, and swimming up to a depth of 50 meters is no problem. The screen has been upgraded to a Retina AMOLED display for a great visual experience.


KOSPET Prime is undoubtedly the most worthwhile smartwatch to buy in the second half of this year.

Both Huawei and Huami use the Wear system, which is essentially a simplified low-power Android system that allows fewer apps to be installed and offers weaker functionality.

However, KOSPET Prime uses the same Android system as a mobile phone and supports the installation of more and smarter apps.

Many professionals say the KOSPET Prime is a 4G smartphone watch that supports making phone calls, and that is very suitable for computer and sports enthusiasts.

1. Large battery

The KOSPET Prime has a 1260 mAh battery, which is nearly 40% higher than other smartwatches with the highest battery capacity (800 mAh) on the market. It is a qualitative leap in terms of endurance.

The 168h standby time is the best among Android watches.

2. Large display

The display size of mainstream smartwatches on the market is 1.39" while the KOSPET Prime uses a 1.6" IPS HD display, which is the only 1.6" full-screen round display on the market.

It solves many issues of the past that occurred because the screen was too small for third-party applications. Coupled with 400x400 resolution, 354 PPI pixel density, the device offers an excellent display effect. 

3. Large storage

The storage capacity of 3 GB + 32 GB is more than twice larger than that of smartwatches at the same price on the market.

4. Face ID

The KOSPET Prime is the world's first smartwatch with face unlock. This algorithm intelligently collects 1,068 facial details. It can be unlocked just by lifting your hand towards your face, making it both fast and convenient. It can also better protect your privacy and security.

5. Dual cameras

The KOSPET Prime has two cameras positioned in a small, raised part on the case. The raised part is only 4 mm high and looks like a button, perfectly combining both practicability and visual aesthetics.

That concludes my top picks of smartwatches in 2019.

Let's review the positioning of the brands mentioned above again.

High-end luxury fashion: Apple

Mid-range for daily use: KOSPET, Huawei, Honor, Huami

If you're still weighing the options, I recommend that you go for the KOSPET Prime.

Buy new products instead of old ones. The KOSPET Prime costs about the same as the Huami GTR, but it has more comprehensive functions than the other three brands. Moreover, Face ID and dual cameras are the future trends of smartwatches.

KOSPET Prime Normal Price: $159.99

Double 12 Price: $139.99

KOSPET Prime Face ID Dual Cameras 4G Smartwatch 1260mAh Battery 1.6 inch IPS Screen Android 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Healthcare Sports Smart Watch for Men



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