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iPhone 12 is Aroun the Corner and the Apple May Develop Battery Technology to Reduce its Price, the PS5 in November and Big Companies are Fighting Each Other Judicially + Recommended Products

iPhone 12 is Aroun the Corner and the Apple May Develop Battery Technology to Reduce its Price, the PS5 in November and Big Companies are Fighting Each Other Judicially + Recommended Products

Cool Products

iPhone12 will be officially released in October

According to 9To5mac news, the iPhone 12 may be officially released in October, with dual speakers and three cameras, the performance hitting the world's first.

IPhone 12 upgrade battery to cover 5G cost

Well-known analyst man recently released a report stating that all models including Apple’s upcoming four iPhone 12 series will support 5G networks, and the 5G components alone may increase Apple’s single cost by US$75 to US$125. 

Apple may reduce battery costs by upgrading battery technology

It is expected that the average unit cost of batteries will be reduced by 40% to 50%, and battery specifications will also be reduced. The same man predicts that there will be no earphones or charging heads in the iPhone12 series packaging box. According to previous reports, the iPhone 12 5G series is expected to start at $649.

Sony PS5 game console released in November

According to the latest news, the Sony PS5 game console will first be sold in Japan on 14 November and start on 20 November Land in other countries and regions around the world

In terms of specific prices, the PS5 digital version (without optical drive) is for US$399 ; the PS5 Blu-ray drive version is for US$499 and the DualSense handle is for US$59.99, and in last the PS5 stand is priced at US$24.99.

Big companies

ByteDance: Formally sue the Trump administration

36 Krypton learned that ByteDance stated on the official WeChat account: Over the past year, we have sought to communicate with the US government with a sincere attitude and provide solutions to their concerns. However, the US government ignored the facts, did not follow due process of law, and even tried to forcibly intervene in commercial company negotiations. To ensure that the rule of law is not abandoned, to ensure that the company and users are treated fairly. We announced that we will formally defend our rights through litigation. The prosecution time is August 24th, US time (August 25th, Beijing time).

List of the world's most valuable unicorns released, ByteDance tops the list

Recently, CB Insights, a venture capital data company, released a list of the world's most valuable unicorns. ByteDance ranked first with a valuation of 140 billion U.S. dollars. Didi Chuxing and SpaceX ranked second and third with valuations of US$56 billion and US$46 billion, respectively.

Google's parent company Alphabet considers acquiring part of TikTok

Bloomberg reported that Google's parent company Alphabet may acquire a "minority stake" in TikTok. In view of the huge regulatory pressure in the United States and the world, Google itself is unlikely to make an acquisition. In addition, Google already owns YouTube, and YouTube is also developing corresponding competitive products. The current valuation of TikTok's business in the United States is between 20 and 50 billion US dollars.

Apple officially responds to Epic lawsuit: requesting special preferential treatment, endangering the overall model of the app store

On August 22, well-known game developer and publisher Epic Games is filing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple over the app store policy, and Apple is now responding formally. Apple wrote in its response: "After its own voluntary actions, Epic Games is now seeking emergency help. But this kind of "emergency" is entirely Epic Games' own creation. Those developers who try to deceive Apple will be banned. Like what Epic Games did here."

Facebook chief marketing officer leaves after two years in office

Facebook’s chief marketing officer, Antonio Lucio, who has only served for two years, is about to leave, on the grounds that he wants to devote 100% of his time to diversity and inclusion in the advertising and marketing industry. Lucio previously served as the chief marketing officer of Hewlett-Packard Company and joined Facebook in August 2018. (Sina Technology)

Microsoft: Apple's actions against "Fortress Night" game developers will damage its games

Microsoft said in a court filing on Sunday that Apple threatened to cut off the development tools of Fortnite, which would harm Microsoft's game business and other game developers. The application was filed in a dispute between Apple and Epic Games. Because Epic violated Apple's in-app payment rules, Apple removed the game from its app store. Epic said that Apple also threatened to cut off its use of Apple's tools for maintaining the "Unreal Engine", and many game developers have authorized the use of this software to create better graphics. (Sina Finance)

Russia is preparing to cooperate with China and Huawei on 5G technology

Reuters quoted the Russian Interfax News Agency as saying that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that Russia is ready to cooperate with China and the Chinese company Huawei on 5G technology. (World Wide Web)

Gearbest Selection

In this paragraph of the article, I would like to suggest to you some great products worth buying, all of which are useful and you will certainly like some of them. I also have to point out that the very important thing is that all these products are subject to a significant reduction in the price so the opportunity is suitable to buy what suits you from this list at a low price.

1. Light Flasher Lamp For Bicycle 

Fully Intelligent Steering Brake Tail Light Flasher Lamp Bicycle Riding Equipment Accessories



I will start my list with this bicycle product, as is known, most bicycles do not have a light indicator such as cars or motorcycles. The light indicator is very important while driving on the road as it works to alert other drivers of your actions, for example this product after installing it on your bicycle will automatically release light signals depending on your movements. For example, when you turn on the right, a red light arrow will appear indicating you're heading right, which will make the driver behind you on the road pay attention to this.

Also when turning to the left, the light indicator automatically shows this to other drivers, but when you press the brakes to stop, the device emits a red light as a sign that you stop. This will prevent you from getting into traffic accidents and will make you safer while driving. The thing that makes this device practical is that it has an internal battery capacity of 1200 mAh which means you will not need to buy a a batteries and install them and then buy another when they run out. It's enough to charge the device with a USB cable to use at any time.

2 . BDF Tablet

BDF New 10 Inch 3G 2G Phone Call SIM Card Octa Core FM WiFi Tablet Pc Android 7.0 WIFI Bluetooth 4GB+64GB IPS LCD Display



My second suggestion is this tablet device, I know that the tablets is a well-known device so i don't need to propose it to you, but the thing that pushed me to do that is that this device is really special where it is priced only $74, it is a cheap price compared to its 10 inches size and it's storage capacity of 64 giga. It's good for watching movies or browsing any kind of video on a big screen, plus it lets you download a huge number of apps due to its large storage capacity. This tablet battery lasts for a long time since it has a 5000 mAh battery, Wow it's really a huge battery capacity so It looks like it'll get you out of the battery's quick run-out problem as you'll use the device for a long time before you have to put it in the charging socket again. For performance, it has 4 GB of ram, which is more than enough to play your favorite games especially it's support 5 point capacitive multi touch display and you can also open many apps in the background at the same time. For the rest of the specifications it supports Bluetooth and radio and has all other specifications such as cameras and other things. It also supports the installation of two Sim  cards to use two phone numbers.

3 . WalkingPad C1

WalkingPad C1 Foldable Fitness Walking Machine App Control Electric Gym Equipment from Xiaomi youpin



The third product is dedicated to sports, there is no doubt that the quarantine period has affected our bodies due to permanent sitting at home and lack of movement, you may feel lazy or tired during this critical period of the world. You should work to improve your health without going outside the house in order to avoid yourself the risk of contracting the epidemic, it is good to use this Treadmill, it's comes for small places such as your bedroom or any place inside your home it's size is very small so is only  0.45 square meters that mean it's not need a large space and it's can be folded so you can open it for doing some daily sportive exercise and after finishing you can  folde it again and put it under your bed

This device can be controlled via digital remote control and has a special application to track your physical activity, this will help you to accurately track your sports goals and also the walking belt of this Treadmill it is anti-slip which means that its use is safe and will not cause you injuries. C1 doesn't make a annoying sound during operation as it reduces noise as much as possible as you won't be disturbed when you're on to exercise to get rid of the fat laziness that has accumulated in your body during quarantine

4 . SG700-D Drone

SG700-D Foldable WiFi FPV RC Helicopter Quadcopter Drone with 4K 1080P HD Camera



My fourth product on this list is the SG700-D Drone it's cheap thanks to the discount now on Gearbest, it's not extraordinary but it's as good as your first experience shooting using drone. There is a lot to be said about this drone it supports many smart features such as tracking mode that allows the drone to track a certain point you select as you can do some movements with your hand to make the drone do a an action such as raising the hand and opening two fingers where this signal makes it take a picture and there are a lot of signals that you can do with your hand to control this drone
The SG700-D drone has two cameras and supports wide-angle shooting to capture more scenes as it has a high-resolution camera capable of capturing 4K scenes, we must not forget that it is cheap priced despite it supports this high resolution and is able to fly for up to 24 minutes thanks to its large battery capacity of 1600mAh and after the battery runout it's can be recharged again in no more than 60 minutes. It's good for you in as a beginner on the world of drones where you can enjoy taking beautiful photos and videos from above even if you don't have enough knowledge of the ways of shooting by drone, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube about this particular subject

5 . Mosquito Killer Lamp

Mosquito Killer Lamp Environmental Non-Toxic Energy-saving Quiet Insect Trap LED Night Lights USB Charging- White



The fifth suggestion is an anti-mosquito product, it is summer now, at night the mosquitoes become very annoying. The light that comes out of the phone brings all the mosquitoes towards you, they love the light, so this product came which is a lamp that lights up in purple, but it is really a killer trap for mosquitoes. It is a product that does not make any disturbing sound that would affect your sleep, its light is dim and it is effective in ridding you of the mosquito problem Thanks to the product's containment of a fan that attracts mosquitoes inside when approaching the light and then grinds them and rid you of their disturbance. You can charge this killer lamp by USB cable via your computer or power bank and it can also be connected to an electrical socket

6 . Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2

2020 Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2 Earphone Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Charging In-Ear stereo bass Earphones Ture Wireless Earbuds AI Control



The sixth product in this list is a Bluetooth headphones from the big brand Xiaomi, if you still use threaded headphones, then you are still connected to the past, now there are better headphones, which are wireless headphones that work by bluetooth, as it is enough to connect them with bluetooth and then enjoy listening to your favorite songs without those annoying strings which is usually damaged quickly due to interrupted internal wires as only one ear remains working. I think you know what I'm talking about ..
This product is characterized by its high quality in terms of manufacturing, it comes with a version of Bluetooth 5.0 which guarantees you a stable connection at adistance of 10 meters, so there are no sound interruptions or any other problems. The interesting thing about these wireless headphones is that they output sound in pure and high quality like a very expensive wireless headphones and they can last for 12 hours, It doesn't matter if your ears are wide or narrow, because these wireless headphones from Xiaomi come with three heads of different sizes, so you can attach the head that fits the size of your ear it is really worth a try.

7 . Body Temperature Forehead

Body Temperature Forehead Non Contact Infrared Thermometer LCD Fever Digital IR Measurement Gun



The seventh product is a temperature measuring device, that we are in an epidemic period, it is important that we use all means that may help us protect ourselves and others. This device is useful during this period as it allows you to measure the temperature of people without touching them, it is sufficient to point the device towards the head and it will show you the temperature very accurately, this device is easy to use as it has an LCD screen that changes color according to the temperature, for example if the temperature is normal the screen be green, but if it is slightly higher than average, the screen will appear orange, and if it is high, the color will be red. Perhaps you may need this device to monitor the temperature of your family members, or if you have a business, you can check customers before entering the store, perhaps if the temperature is high, this does not necessarily mean that the person has the virus, but high temperature remains one of the signs that appear on Covid-19 patients according to the World Health Organization.

8 . TS Protective Anti-blue-ray

TS Protective Anti-blue-ray Glasses from Xiaomi mijia



We cannot imagine our lives without devices, we live daily with screens, this leads us to exposure to the rays emitted by screens such as smartphones or computers, these rays cause lot of problems to the eyes so you may notice that you feel tired in the eyes after looking for a long time at an electronic screen. There is a good product that helps you reduce exposure to radiation, it is a product that is glasses from Xiaomi when you wear them, they prevent 35 percent of blue rays from reaching your eyes. These glasses have a filter that does not allow blue rays to completely penetrate the glass and enter your eyes, it reduces penetration by 35 percent, this will give you a more comfortable feeling while using devices that contain screens. It is really a beneficial product for health.
These glasses look elegant and can be worn in the workplace and outside. They are transparent and surrounded by a black frame that makes them look more beautiful and are suitable for both sexes.

9 . Ulefone Power 6

Ulefone Power 6 4G Smartphone 6350mAh Battery



The ninth product is a cheap phone from Ulefone, but it is complete in all respects. Despite its cheap price, it has all the specifications that you may need, in other words, its specifications are higher than its price. This phone is called Ulefone Power 6, it comes with a powerful MediaTek Helio P35 processor and has 4 GB of RAM capacity, it can run all games and applications smouthly and also has an internal storage memory of 64 GB to store your files and so on. The thing that might push you to buy this phone is it's large 6.3-inch screen, it has a resolution of FHD + and its edges are not prominent, which will give you an enjoyable viewing experience. There are many sensors in this phone such as proximity sensor, light sensor, etc. It has an incredible battery capacity of 6350 mAh. It is very large capacity and will enabling you to operate the phone for a very long time also for the cameras, the phone is great in this point , it has two cameras 16 and 2 megapixels in the back and is capable of capturing 1080p video. The front selfie camera is 16 megapixels, The Ulefone Power 6 design is very attractive and looks luxurious, it is a profitable deal compared to its price.

10 . 208 LED Outdoor

208 LED Outdoor Human Motion Sensing Lamp Max 1400lm Solar-powered Wall Light 3 Modes



The 10th and last product in this list that I propose to you, is an eco-friendly solar lamp, containing panels that derive energy from the sun directly to turn on the lamp, it does not cost you anything, you can put it somewhere the sun reaches like the outside door of the house or the garden of the house or any other place you see fit provided that the sunlight reaches that place.
This solar lamp shines at an angle of 120 degrees, which makes it cover enough area with light, it can be placed in the rain because it is waterproof with IP65 standard and also it's heat resistant, so it is very suitable for use under any hard conditions. This solar lamp supports three different modes which are; constant light mode. In this mode, the lamp remains On at the medium level in the night or in dark places, then the second mode is the Dim Light Sensor Mode, where it works in this mode to anticipate movement, if the sensor does not detecting any movement, the lamp emits a dim light and if the sensor detect any action or movement, it turns from The dim mode to the bright mode, where the light becomes radiant to the greatest extent, and after the movement ends, it automatically returns to the dim mode. The third and last mode is the sensor mode where the lamp does not light at all unless it detects a movement. It really is a great lamp, just put it in a sunny place and then enjoy the free light at night.

This is all guys, I hope that these products that you suggested are useful and you like it, I am now waiting for your comments about who is the best product on this list?  In my opinion, product number 10 or the solar lamp is the best, so what is your opinion about who is the best?

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