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All the Generations of Alfawise 3D Printers: Which Are Better Alfawise U50 vs. Alfawise U20 vs. Alfawise U20 One vs. Alfawise U20 Pro vs. Alfawise U30 vs. Alfawise U30 Pro

All the Generations of Alfawise 3D Printers: Which Are Better Alfawise U50 vs. Alfawise U20 vs. Alfawise U20 One vs. Alfawise U20 Pro vs. Alfawise U30 vs. Alfawise U30 Pro

3D printing has changed the way manufacturers produce products these days. Those days are long gone when weeks of hard work was required to design a particular prototype and then more time to manufacture it using several materials. The manufacturing industry was bound to only a few design and manufacturing materials. 

Today, 3D printing has replaced the traditional manufacturing methods, and companies like Alfawise are providing easy solutions to the business of all types. Whether you own a small personal brand or a large enterprise, Alfawise has a wide range of 3D printers to suit your needs. 

Alfawise 3D Printers: Are They Worth It?

Alfawise always provides its customers with quality additive manufacturing equipment. They are aimed to innovate the manufacturing process while keeping the users' personal needs in mind. Before reading this post, you might have been getting confused about different 3D printers by Alfawise. Some are recommended for DIY projects, while others are for small enterprises, and then some are recommended for both. Feeling confused, right?

If so, this post might be your one-stop-shop to know any to everything about all generations of Alfawise 3D printers. The following are some renowned Alfawise 3D printers that we'll be discussing in the following guide. 

· Alfawise U20

· Alfawise U20 One

· Alfawise U20 Pro

· Alfawise U30

· Alfawise U30 Pro

· Alfawise U50

All Generations of Alfawise: Differences

All of these printers may look the same to you, except the design and some essential components, but they aren't. 

Alfawise U20 vs. Alfawise U20 One

Starting with Alfawise U20, it was brought to the market by Gearbest as the primary source of affordable printer kits. Launched in 2018 as the sequel to Alfawise U10, it offers a large build volume, some new features, and high-grade build quality. Out of many 3D printers launched during the last 2-3 years, Alfawise is the only printer to be found at an affordable price. Those who are short on a budget can easily buy this hefty beast without putting much strain on their pocket. 

If we talk about the difference between Alfawise U20 and Alfa U20 Pro, the pricing differs from only about a few bucks, and there are some minor changes. Both of these printers have the same build volume, 300 x 300 x 400mm, meeting most of the printing needs of small enterprises. 

When it comes to the touch screen size, Alfawise U20 One comes with a 3.5 inches touch screen while Alfawise U20 only has 2.8 inches one. Moreover, it might be a little challenging to assemble Alfawise U20 as it comes with a separate printing kit while Alfawise U20 One is a one-piece 3D printing model

Is Alfawise U20 Pro Better Than U20 and U20 One?

Now, if we add Alfawise U20 Pro to the comparison, be ready to add about 200 bucks to your budget. As expensive as it is, it is nearly impossible for Alfawise U20 and Alfawise U20 One to compete with this giant. Alfawise U20 Pro comes with a wide 4.2 inches touch screen to operate your printing operations at a glance. It offers the same build size, but the modern smartphone-style UI makes it easier to work with a narrower, complex, and unique design. 

In simple words, Alfawise U20 Pro has more of a technology sense, and if you're a tech enthusiast, you'd want to choose Alfawise U20 Pro over U20 and U20 one in a moment. The printing status is adhered using breathtaking color-lights where:

· Standby: Flash Green

· Printing: Blue

· Heating: Red

As the Alfawise U20 Pro is a sequel to Alfawise U20 and U20 One, it was made to dominate 3D printing with some key features that make it different from other printers include:

· Matrix Auto Leveling: Aids in the printing quality by checking if the printer is entirely horizontal and not 16 points above, unlike most 3D printers. 

· TMC Ultra-Quiet Drive: Say goodbye to the excessive annoying buzzing because U20 Pro is a lot quieter than its previous models i.e., U20 and U20 One. 

· Z-Axis Dual Motors: The Dual Z Axis Motors and Rod's aids in more stabilized printing.   

Some other things that make it a better choice than those explained above include turbo fan cooling, big screw nuts to customize the leveling, and minimalist wiring. 

Alfawise U30 vs. Alfawise U30 Pro: Affordable Choices

Alfawise U30 is undoubtedly the most affordable 3D printer by Gearbest on this list. It features hands-on assembly, and one can quickly assemble it to start printing within an hour. 

Unlike all three printers, U20, U20 One, and U20 Pro reviewed above that featured 300 x 300 x 400mm build volume, Alfawise U30 only comes with a considerate build volume of 220 x 220 x 250mm. It cannot be used for professional by large scale enterprises. But if you're someone who is often dire need of some moderate equipment for your DIY projects, there can never be a better choice than Alfawise U30. 

If we include Alfawise U30 in the comparison, that's a different story. Alfawise U30 Pro is a little costly than U30, but the increment in pricing pays off. It comes with a 4.3 inches touch screen that is about 53% larger than U30 we just mentioned. Thus, it becomes to easy to handle the printing operations in a broader screen. 

The super large nuts enable you to customize the leveling for better printouts. Some other features that make it stand out among U30 and U20 to include humanized UI Design that makes the printing process simpler and convenient. 

It is recommended to make use of the power outage recovery functions if you plan to print more than 0.5mm in height. If the height is less than that, make sure to print again for the best results. In a nutshell, there aren't many differences between U30 and U30 Pro except the bigger screen and the inclusion of glass-build platform, hotbed with the aluminum substrate, and PC sticker for the smooth base of prints. 

Alfawise U50: Is it Better Than All of the Above?

We reviewed different Alfawise printers i.e., U20, U20 One, U20 Pro, U30, and U30 Pro. And now when it's time to talk about Alfawise U50, you probably think it'll be a better choice than all of the above options. Well, this might not be the case. 

While Alfawise U50 looks like a high-grade hefty beast against other printers on this list, it is no more than a mediocre DIY printer.   

Alfawise U50 offers a build volume of 260 x 260 x 270mm that is a little more than Alfawise U30 – just as the pricing. It comes with a metal body that is easy to assemble, offers stable printing, and precise results. It merely takes 15-20 minutes to assemble U50 before you can set about working. 

Setting aside the fact that Alfawise U50 is a cheaper option on this list, it still comes with Y-axis dual-axis design, Z-axis dual motor, reliable yet stable structure – contributing in more precise designs. Overall, Alfawise U50 is identical to U30 except for its large screen and automatic feeding and unloading function.  

What Are the Similarities?

Alfawise U20, U20 One, and U20 Pro offer the same build volume that is 300 x 300 x 400 cm to print bigger 3D models. When it comes to the touchscreen size, both U30 and U20 offer 2.8 inches while Alfawise U30 Pro offers a bigger 4.3 inches touchscreen. That makes it user optimized to handle settings, printing mechanism, and other stuff.  

Alfawise U20, U30, and U50 are purely DIY printers and cannot be used for bigger 3D projects. If you want to go a bit high, we recommend buying U20 One and U30 Pro because they're able to handle bigger DIY projects. 

Overall, Alfawise U20 Pro is the most expensive yet high-grade 3D printer on this list. It can be used for both personal as well as professional use. 





Alfawise U20



Alfawise U20 One



Alfawise U20 Pro



Alfawise U30



Alfawise U30 Pro



Alfawise U50





In a nutshell, all generations of Alfawise 3D printers reviewed above are cost-friendly as compared to most 3D printing options available. Honestly, none of these printers are made for large-scale manufacturing. Most of them are DIY printers, while some of them can also be used for small enterprises dealing with civil engineering projects. 

Overall, Alfawise U20 for DIY projects. It is fast to assemble, and you can get started to print your favorite 3D models within 5 minutes. 

When it comes to its sequel Alfawise U20 One, it is pretty clear that Alfawise made some improvements to make it useful for small enterprises. The 3.5 inches screen, built-in integrated structure, and speed make it a better choice for DIY enthusiasts as well as for small civil projects. 

Now here comes the most expensive option on this list, Alfawise U20 Pro. It might be a little costly for DIY enthusiasts, and it is primarily manufactured to be used by small to medium enterprises. If you can afford it, there can never be a better option than Alfawise U20 Pro. 

Both Alfawise U30 & U30 Pro aren’t much different. The huge difference is the screen size. If you’re willing to go for U30, we recommend that you spend a little more and go for U30 Pro to stay in the long run. 

Finally, Alfawise U50 is purely a DIY printer with 3.5 inches operating screen and a decent price tag. It is one of the most affordable 3D printers available for such features.

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Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer - US



Alfawise U20 ONE 3.5 inch Touch Screen 3D Printer 300 x 300 x 400mm Double Z-axis 



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Alfawise U30 Pro 4.3 inch Touch Screen High Precision DIY Desktop 3D Printer



Alfawise U50 DIY 3D Printer 3.5 inch Touch Screen



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