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The Most Compact Yet Cost-effective Laser Engraver! LaserPecker L1 is $200 Lower than Cubiio Engraver

The Most Compact Yet Cost-effective Laser Engraver! LaserPecker L1 is $200 Lower than Cubiio Engraver

You might be having a hobby to print your ideas on papers via printing machines! But, what if you can get a universal engraving machine at the same price? Now you can imagine how you can engrave your imaginations on different surfaces like wood, cloth, eatables, etc.

A good thing to know about the same is that we can buy the smallest yet smart laser engraver in the world at a price of around $300. Isn’t it something full of excitement? So why not we let ourselves to explore more about a medium that can help us to live a beautiful life ahead!

So, LaserPecker L1 is an efficient yet delicate DIY small portable laser-based engraving machine. It is made for both professional and personal use. 

The device is capable of engraving on different materials with some simple settings. So you can choose any surface like paper, plastic, wood, cloth and many others to list here.

It includes four different engraving modes to choose one depending on different use scenarios. They are:

*Examples for text
*Camera for live capturing
*Albums to use any saved work, and 
*Painting to draw something instantly whatever is there in your mind!

L1 Laser Engraver: Irreplaceable Superiority
Why LaserPecker L1?
It is because of the many good reasons. Such as:

1) The device is based on carving 3.0 era technology and a compact design for engraving your ideas.

2) A user can take the help of using protective glasses while working with the device that can save our eyes from any harmful exposure of Blue light!

3) Manufacturers have provided their small engraver machine with an overheating protection technology. It is of much help if the heat dissipation crosses the limit under the heavy or long span of work. 

However, the best way is to use the L1 laser engraver in an area having an excellent facility of ventilation to avoid any cause of overheating!

It is safer for a user to avoid any burnout of skin or so while engaging in a task. After all, as a user, you might be focusing more on how to engrave something to your desired material better than to take precautions during its use!

4) LaserPecker L1 supports Mobile monitoring provided with a sensitive G-sensor. They can suspend the operation in case of any accidental jerk or movement during the process of engraving.

5) There is a Password lock function that prompts a user to login every time before use. The facility can prevent the device from any unauthorized access. Also, it offers much privacy, like how you keep something on your brain and never tell others till the time you want it!

Design Highlights

The small Laser engraving machine from LaserPecker is based on a rounded design with a flat surface at the front and back! It weighs only 190 grams on a hand to lift it. 

If we look at its overall dimensions of an L1 laser engraver, then they are 2.56 x 2.4 x 2.09 inches or 6.50 x 6.10 x 5.30 cm concerning the length, width, and height. A laser panel is there at the front inside, in which there is a good quality laser head provided by Osram, Germany. 

A source of blue laser is there inside LaserPecker L1, having a range of 450nm having a service life of more than 10k hours. By the way, the laser needs a power of 1600mw. L1 can engrave with a supportable size of 100x100mm.

The machine is available in four different color options, Hazel Green, Black, Champagne Gold, and Red. A USB interface port and control buttons are at the backside so they can be accessed easily via your thumb or a finger in use. 

It also got the flat bottom to attach the device with a tripod! The best part is you can twist the vertical angle of projecting its laser beam as per convenience.

LaserPecker L1: Practical Performance

The small laser engraver is very easy to use for any user, not only due to its shape but also for smart operation. All you need to do is to:
- Download and install a compatible LaserPeecker App;
- Log in to create a profile;
- Select the mode and material;
- Adjust the necessary settings like intensity and engraving depth. A user can refer to a helpful catalog provided by the manufacturers to ease the same purpose;
- Finally, give a command to engrave your favorite sketch or painting on one among the surface of more than ten materials of your choice!

If we dig further on the technical highlights of the product, then there are many exciting facts to know about the same! First of all, it needs an AC power supply input of 100-240V 50/60 Hz 0.6A. Also, 5V 2000mA.

It is based on exclusive slicer software. There is an internal memory of 8GB to save our precious work and use it while on a Go.


One positive thing about LaserPecker L1 is the fact that it is easy to set up as compared to its rivals like Cubiio. 

Furthermore, examining both the model further, the former model also leads in terms of price! It is because the cutest laser engraver is available at an affordable price with almost $200 lower than Cubiio.

A user can not only experience convenience in using L1, but it can be stored and transferred easily. Hence, you can carry the device easily while moving here and there regularly! 

The best thing regarding the same situation is the fact that it can be connected and use with power banks as well to do some magic anywhere, anytime.

Overall, the portable laser engraver from the hose of LaserPecker offers a realistic approach. It makes you able to live your creativity and even shares it with others. So for what are you still waiting? Go and Grab LaserPecker L1 before you lose a special price!

LaserPecker L1 Mini Handheld Laser Engraving Machine DIY 1600mW



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