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Outdoor Sports Lover Will Regret To Miss This Multifunctional Wrist Watch With SOS Flashlight and compass

Outdoor Sports Lover Will Regret To Miss This Multifunctional Wrist Watch With SOS Flashlight and compass

With the number of new and most of the time flashy things that come into our markets daily, it is not easy to realize which one of them is worth having and keeping. 

That is not to say that most of these products are not good enough because most of them are. However, only a handful will claim to have the efficiency and multifunction ability like the Gocomma Rechargeable Led Watch Wrist Light.

Highlights of the Flashlight Watch

Every unique product is recognized in that sense because one or two things set them apart from something similar. The Gocomma SOS LED flashlight watch has several features that make it unique and perfect on special occasions. 

That is why they always come in handy in critical moments to do what they do best.

Special Features

1. A security partner, ideal for everyday use, such as camping, hiking, hunting, caving, night riding and more
2. Can be used to transmit SOS signals for emergency  
3. LED time zone to help you keep track of time and date
4. Adjustable nylon wrist strap and O-ring strap for easy carrying
5. Four brightness levels to meet your needs in different lighting conditions
6. Compass to avoid getting lost

The Perfect Outdoor Partner

Whether you are sight-seeing, going for a slight jog, swimming, game-hunting, diving, hiking, camping, mountaineering, cycling, canoeing, caving, running, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, sailing, skiing, sky diving and surfing, practically any outdoor activity, it is one thing you cannot afford to leave behind. 

Think about it. The watch can give you what watches are designed to and even more. It is fitted with an LED flashlight (100 - 240lm) and compass for emergencies. A one button SOS that helps the user keep track of time when outdoors, and enough brightness for emergency rescue.

These are some critical factors that are life-depending for people at different moments of need. It is just so amazing that they are now some of the many services that a watch can give you. Widely multifunctional and built to adapt to the situation, you can be confident that you have yourself covered.

Incredibly Cheap

Guess how much a gadget that can take care of these needs cost in today's market. You're likely to make the right guess. The truth is that you will try again and on multiple occasions and still give numbers above the real thing. Imagine having your life saved by a watch that barely costs 20 dollars.

Net of all technical specifications, It is, therefore, a very low price for a product of this type, which, however, offers nothing more than a standard smart band.

Your Step Outdoors

This Gocomma flashlight wristwatch will provide you with a source of ample visibility in rough conditions. It is a waterproof, smart, effective device, offering excellent value for money. 

With USB continuous charging function, Gocomma flashlight wristwatch is different, practically more useful. It's because it will always ready to come to your aid. With a design that screams "smart," and abilities that scream "prepared," you are good to go.


No one prays to encounter tragedy in any way, but we can hardly stop them from showing their ugly heads from time to time. One thing we can do well is to get ourselves prepared for a few rare situations. We should even be more ready because lives might be on the line.

The flashlight and compass, together with the accurate time, takes it beyond an accessory like a conventional watch - It is a necessity.

You take home a much more complete product from many points of view.

gocomma Rechargeable LED Watch Wrist Light SOS Flashlight with Compass Time Date Display



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