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Compared to Osmo 3 in DJI and Vlog Pocket in Feiyu, the Cinepeer C11 under ZHIYUN is the most popular tripod head in 2019.

Compared to Osmo 3 in DJI and Vlog Pocket in Feiyu, the Cinepeer C11 under ZHIYUN is the most popular tripod head in 2019.

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The rise of mobile phone shooting, short videos, youtube vlogs continues to stimulate the tripod market.

2019 was the year when the stabilizers became a “must-have” accessory.

In June, FEIYU released a small, foldable tripod stabilizer Vlog Pocket for $99;

In August, DJI released Osmo 3, which supports vertical mode, for $139;

In November, ZHIYUN followed the current trend and officially announced Cinepeer C11, which is sold for only $89!

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Cinepeer C11 3-axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Powered by ZHIYUN Dolly Zoom Panorama



Cinepeer is a wholly-owned sub-brand of ZHIYUN specialized in cheap and affordable products. In other words, if your main target is buying a good product for a very low price, ZHIYUN's offers the best graphics and hardware technology.

Some even say that Cinepeer, due to its affordable price, is the “Redmi of stabilizers”.

Cinepeer C11 includes all stabilizer functions, using it is incredibly simple, even a beginner can easily learn how to use this stabilizer.

1. Appearance and control experience

The Cinepeer C11 box follows ZHIYUN classic charcoal black style.

C11 is made of polymer composite materials, with a cool and elegant form; not to mention the handle with its combined ergonomic design. Product size and weight are generally reasonable, even a child can hold it for a long time.

The net weight is 450g, it can be used for long-time shooting without any pressure in various flat and hilly environments. Shooting can be done anytime and anywhere.

The Cinepeer C11 has two interfaces, the charging interface is the main Micro USB interface, and the USB-A interface can recharge via mobile phone.

The bottom is a 1/4-inch screw that can be mounted on any tripod or extension pole. The former is used for long-time shooting with the stabilizer fixed, and the latter can expand the shooting range of the lens.

In this way, you can take any picture you want.

In terms of button design, the Cinepeer C11 integrates the design of the previous generation of rocker + lever + mode/boot.

The joystick can control the rotation of the lens in four directions :up, down, left and right.

The “Pole” button makes the quick movement of the body more convenient. For example, in the APP camera function, the lever can be adjusted up and down to adjust the focal length of the lens to achieve smooth focus adjustment.

I believe that the Cinepeer C11's lever button is superior in comparison to DJI Osmo Mobile 3.

Because the zoom lever of Osmo Mobile 3 is on the right side as the majority of people are right-handed, you need to zoom and use your thumb to push the zoom lever, but if you use it from the left side it’s not so convenient. The Cinepeer C11 puts the zoom lever on the front and makes it more comfortable for both sides.

Also, Cinepeer C11 can perfectly connect headphones, charging cables and other devices on the phone without affecting the balance of the phone.

Cinepeer C11 3-axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Powered by ZHIYUN Dolly Zoom Panorama



Second, anti-shake measurement

As a hand-held stabilizer, in addition to these functions, the anti-shake effect is the most basic function that reflects the quality of the product.

First of all, we can compare the effects of shooting with the iPhone XR and the Cinepeer C11.

Shooting with the Cinepeer C11:  

Handheld mobile phone shooting:

It can be observed through the screen that the picture taken by the Cinepeer C11 is still clear, while in the case of the iPhone XR it’s more difficult to be correct it by mobile phone because of the uneven ground.

In addition to this, we used as well as three products for a simple anti-shake effect comparison.

Note: We used the same mobile phone + stabilizer official shooting APP, walking on the same walking path.

First, let's take a look at the load-bearing conditions of these three devices:

DJI Osmo Mobile 3:200±30g

Feiyu VLOG pocket: 240g

Cinepeer C11: 200±30g

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 anti-shake effect:

Feiyu VLOG pocket anti-shake effect:

Cinepeer C11 anti-shake effect:

From the shooting picture, the Cinepeer C11's anti-shake effect is quite good, similar to Osmo Mobile 3.

Although Feiyu VLOG has a maximum load of 240g, during the shooting a slight shaking can be still noticed.

But in general, the common feature of these handheld stabilizers is the anti-shake effect.

Third, the functional experience

1. Time-lapse photography

The Cinepeer C11 has two time-lapse photography modes, which are called dynamic delay and wide range delay in the shooting interface. 

The wide-range delay mode supports fixed position shooting and lens motion shooting. 

In the dynamic delay, as long as the starting point of the lens motion is set, the PTZ will automatically set the speed of the lens movement according to the shooting time and shooting interval, in this way it will easily shoot the track delay video.

You can set the shooting speed to 5x, 10x, 15x and 30x, through the stabilizer.

Overall, the effect of video with the Cinepeer C11 is quite satisfactory, and the picture is smooth and stable.

2. Panoramic shooting

The panoramic photo is one of the basic functions of many stabilizers. The Cinepeer C11's panoramic mode can take 4 180° stitch photos and 9 wide-angle stitch photos.

The overall panoramic photo shooting process and image stitching are both quite fast.

Through the actual sample taken, you can see that the photo stitching works well, without uneven exposure and obvious seams.

3. Hitchcock zoom

Hitchcock zoom, also known as sliding zoom, refers to moving the position while changing the focal length of the lens, thereby creating a visual effect where the distance between the subject and the background changes, but the size of the subject itself does not change.

Hitchcock zoom is a selling point that distinguishes ZHIYUN from DJI, and it is super manageable.

By setting parameters such as AF and WT, you can easily take cool pictures. I believe that those videos that you will share on Youtube or tiktok will earn you a lot of likes.

4. Four shooting modes

The Cinepeer C11 supports four shooting modes, left and right follow mode, full lock mode, full follow mode and POV mode (first view mode).

Click or double-click the stabilizer button to quickly switch, you can enjoy multiple viewing angles during the shooting process, avoid wasting time and energy, and easily achieve high-end visuals such as long shots.

Cinepeer C11 3-axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Powered by ZHIYUN Dolly Zoom Panorama



5. Horizontal and vertical shooting switch

Since TIKTOK videos are becoming popular, vertical shots are also appearing more and more used in daily life. The Cinepeer C11 can switch between the pan/tilt mode by adjusting the pitch axis, and the reaction is immediate.

Fourth, other strong points


Cinepeer inherits ZHIYUN's world-leading stabilization trends, and thanks to that, C11 can support up to 200g (0.44lbs) of weight.

Long standby time

Small dimensions, large capacity, C11 standby time can last up to 12 hours; if you have to do an outdoor shooting, you do not have to worry about battery draining. From our own experience, C11 is ideal for daily use. All functions remain normal except for a little overheating due to persistent use.

V. Conclusion

In general, the Cinepeer C11 has powerful anti-shake capability, stable shooting effect, convenient user experience and is functionally impeccable.

At the same time, the time-lapse photography, panoramic shooting, Hitchcock zoom, four follow-up modes, and horizontal and vertical beats make the Cinepeer C11 even more dominant.

Last but not least, the most impressive part is the price of the C11, the $89 price tag makes the Cinepeer C11 the most worthwhile handheld PTZ stabilizer in 2019.

Cinepeer C11 3-axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Powered by ZHIYUN Dolly Zoom Panorama



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