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Top 6 Best Smart Home Security System Devices You Better Not Miss Them

Top 6 Best Smart Home Security System Devices You Better Not Miss Them

If you are worried about the security of your home and personal belongings, investing in a home security solution is a great idea. Whether you are at home or shopping for groceries in the nearby store, you can always monitor the safety of your place using the different home security devices.  

In this article, we will discuss some of the best smart home security systems devices that are available on Gearbest. These devices include smart door sensors, alarm systems and IP cameras that provide you real-time details about the safety of your home. 

Let us dive into more detail and discuss the best devices available on to protect your home. 

1. Aqara Window Door Sensor

This smart window and door sensor can detect the opening and closing of your home windows and doors and instantly sends you notifications on your mobile application. The small and compact design of the door sensor ensures the daily security of your home. It is easy to install and comes with an in-built battery that has a service life of 2 years. 

The door sensor can be connected with the Aqara switch, which will automatically turn on the light when pushing the door. When you are not home and someone breaks into your house, the Aqara IP camera connected with the Aqara door sensor will capture video and send it to you. You can instantly notify authorities and take proper action to prevent your home from burglary. It is available for $8.99. 

Aqara Window Door Sensor ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



2. Aqara RTCGQ11LM Human Body Motion Sensor

The human body motion sensor will detect human movements inside the house. If there is any abnormal movement, the sensor will instantly alarm and send a notification to you on your cell phone through the mobile application. 

The installation of the human body motion sensor is simple and does not require any cabling installation. You can mount it on the wall, place it vertically or attach it upside-down as required. It has a 170-degree detection angle and can detect movements' up to 7m maximum. 

With 2-year battery life, you don't have to worry about replacement frequently. It is available for $11.99. 

Aqara RTCGQ11LM Human Body Motion Sensor ZigBee Wireless Connection with 7M Distance Detection 2 Years Battery Life for Smart Home Security ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



3. Xiaomi Smart Door Windows Sensor

The smart door sensor guards you and your family all the time. It can be placed within 10 mm near the door. 

It is portable small in size and easy to install. You can connect the door sensor with your mobile application to monitor your home 24 x 7 remotely. In events of unexpected door, window or cabinet opening, the sensor will send you notifications instantly. 

The device is currently available on sale and can be bought for only $9.29. Grab it before the sale ends. 

Xiaomi Smart Door Windows Sensor



4. Alfawise N816 Smart Home Security Wireless Mini IP Camera

The 1080 HD camera always keeps an eye on your home, even when you are not there. 360-degree horizontal view and 90-degree vertical view ensures that there is no-blind spot inside your home. The camera can be connected with a mobile application on your smartphone, allowing you to monitor and record everything remotely. 

There are a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing you to speak with your pets and family members when you are away from the home. You can make use of a 128 GB memory card with the IP camera that offers continuous recording for up to 30 days. The device is currently available for $26.99 on

Alfawise N816 Smart Home Security 1080P WiFi Wireless Mini IP Camera



5. Xiaomi 5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit

The Xiaomi 5 in 1 kit includes human body sensor, gateway remote control, window door sensor, wireless switch, and outlet. The gateway ensures that other devices work properly even if the Wi-Fi is not stable. The door sensor notifies you when some walk inside your home without your authorization. 

The human body sensor detects abnormal movements inside your home and notifies you immediately. All of these devices are available for one single price of $72.99 on 

Xiaomi 5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit



6. Sricam 720P Wireless CCTV Security IP Camera

An IP camera is one of the best home security system device that constantly keeps an eye on your home and monitors everything that is happening around. It can be connected with Wi-Fi and then you can monitor your home from your mobile application. It is compatible with your Android and iOS devices and offers an image resolution of 1280 x 720, 25fps.

It can send you notifications through email when it detects any abnormal activity inside your home. The device is available for $26.95 currently. 

Sricam 720P H.264 Wifi Megapixel Wireless CCTV Security IP Camera TF Slot EU



Final Thoughts

All of these home security devices are currently available on sale at 

Check them out before the sale ends and protect your home at the lowest prices available. 

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