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Live Broadcasting for Beginners: What Devices Should You Prepare? Mobile / Computer / Outdoor Live Broadcasting.

Live Broadcasting for Beginners: What Devices Should You Prepare? Mobile / Computer / Outdoor Live Broadcasting.

By reading this article, you can learn what device you need to do

1. Mobile live broadcasting

2. Computer live broadcasting

3. Outdoor live broadcasting

I. Devices for Mobile Live Broadcasting

Basic combo: Mobile phone + tripod + music player + LED photographic light + wired headphones

Upgraded combo: Mobile phone + tripod + music player + LED photographic light + microphone + sound card

1. Mobile Phone

First of all, let’s talk about the mobile phone. Mobile live broadcasting requires a smartphone with adequate memory, a high-definition camera system, and stable performance.

The most important is that the clear picture and smooth frames of live broadcasting. For this reason, I would recommend you to use an iPhone or a flagship Android smartphone. 

For example, iPhone 11 has a 12MP front camera with a fixed-focus lens, coupled with dual rear camera setup which includes a 12MP ultra-wide-angle rear camera, supports 2x optical zoom, up to 5x digital zoom, as well as OIS. It’s a great choice for live broadcasting.

Apart from iPhone, you may also choose Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P40, or Huawei Mate 30 Pro. If you have enough budget, it’s recommended to use Huawei Mate 30 Pro to live broadcast.

It’s because Huawei Mate 30 Pro is the world’s first smartphone to adopt dual 40MP primary cameras. It can restore details better than iPhone 11, excelling in the reproduction of light, color, contrast while eliminating the noise. It also supports Super Nightscape Mode.

HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G 5G Smartphone 6.53 inch EMUI10.0 Kirin 990 Octa Core 8GB RAM 512GB ROM 4 Rear Camera 4500mAh Battery



Xiaomi Mi Note 10 108MP Camera Mobile Phone Global Version Online Smartphone



2. Sound Card & Microphone

A sound card and a professional microphone also help with mobile live broadcasting. A sound card can be used to play background music, generate sound effects such as applause, laughter to enliven the atmosphere in the studio. 

While doing mobile live broadcasting, you can open both the live broadcasting App and music player at the same time, whereas, most smartphones can’t open both Apps simultaneously. 

That’s the reason why you need a sound card to solve the problem. Furthermore, a sound card can provide diverse kinds of accompaniments and sound effects to create great scenarios and enliven the atmosphere.

Mobile Live Broadcasting Mainly Requires an External Sound Card.

If you want to record the high-definition sound, it’s better to prepare an external microphone. Microphones for smartphones are generally clip-on microphones, condenser microphones, and shotgun microphones.

When it comes to mobile live broadcasting, condenser microphones are a common choice.

3. LED Photographic Light

The use of an LED photographic light is to increase the brightness of the image and beautify the host. It also allows you to adjust the brightness of the lens freely. With an LED photographic light, delicacies appear more mouth-watering, and the faces look more clear-cut.

There are two kinds of the LED photographic light, including the aperture photographic light and the lightbox. 

Generally, most tripods are equipped with an aperture photographic light to satisfy the needs of brightness at reasonable costs.

The LED photographic light integrated with a tripod can be directly connected to a metal gimbal or a mobile phone holder to release the hands, so the user can deal with both live broadcasting and selfie-taking. 

Most LED photographic lights offer three different colors, namely, the warm white light, cold white night, and natural light for a more realistic look. What’s more, the mobile phone attached to the photographic light can be positioned freely, which is quite convenient.

26cm Ring Light LED Selfie Mobile Live Photography Beauty Make-up Light with Tripod Trichromatic Dimming



14 Inch New Ring Light Dimmable LED Flash Selfie Photo Lighting Phone Tripod



If you live broadcast on several platforms simultaneously, you might also choose this photographic light with three seats. 

If you have a demanding requirement for the light, you can prepare one or two lightboxes.

Beauty Photography Selfie LED Ring Lamp 26cm Live Fill Light Three Seats Dimmable Lights



3. Background Cloth

If permitted by the budget, you can set up a background cloth which is consistent with your live broadcasting. 

If not, you can do mobile live broadcasting without the device. A background cloth of low quality leads to fuzziness when you zoom in; whereas, the picture is disharmonious and hard on the eyes at a distance.

Nowadays, the audience prefers a more realistic scenario instead of a coarse background.

New Light Spot Starlight Background Cloth Party Holiday Birthday Party



Apart from the above devices, you might also prepare an auxiliary digital device, be it a computer, an iPad, a smartphone. You don’t necessarily need one with high configuration, because it is to play songs, accompaniments, or serve as a reminder for your content. If you are in a relatively wide area, you might also prepare a Bluetooth speaker.

II.Computer Game Live Broadcasting

Apart from mobile live broadcasting, you might also use a computer to do a live show.

1. Computer Configuration

If you use a computer to do live broadcasting, you must make sure that your computer is equipped with a big mainboard which comes with a PCI slot for an independent sound card. If the host of your computer consists of a small mainboard, you can only use the set of devices for the netbook.

It’s recommended to prepare a 19.5 to 23-inch computer screen which is protective to the eye, or your eyes will be quite fatigued. As for a notebook computer, it’s suggested to choose over 15-inch ones, because if information can’t be properly displayed without a big enough screen as most live broadcasting Apps support the widescreen.

Recommended 15.6-inch notebooks:

Laptop Ultra Thin Business Office 15.6 Inch Brand New Laptop



Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2020 15.6 inch Laptop with 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Windows 10 System



2. Camera

Cameras are indispensable for computer live broadcasting. 

The camera directly presents your image. Whether your audience likes you or not depends on your image, which is the essential determinant. A camera with fair performance can you appear more beautiful and charming. There are mainly infrared cameras and HD cameras, and the latter ones are common. 

You might choose according to your demand and budget. 

3. Sound Card

A sound card for the computer is also a must-have to do live broadcasting. There are internal sound cards and external ones. 

Internal sound cards can only be applied to desktop computers with a spare PCI slot.

External sound cards mainly used in notebooks; they can also work with desktop computers via USB.

4. Microphone

There are moving coil microphones and condenser microphones, and most anchors use the condenser microphones.

Because of the high sensitivity of condenser microphones, you should prepare foam mic covers to prevent the plosive and noise.

Recommended microphone:

III. Outdoor Live Broadcasting

To do outdoor live broadcasting, battery power is critical. Therefore, you’d prepare a power bank just in case. 

Besides, a handheld gimbal can stabilize the image to improve the viewing experience of the live broadcast.

ZHIYUN Smooth 4 is an excellent choice, which is reputed for its stable performance:

Zhiyun Official Smooth 4 Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer for iPhone XS X Android Action Camera



I use the latest ZHIYUN Smooth X, which features easy carrying and storage. Its telescopic rod can help me realize more incredible shots. Meanwhile, the gimbal also has some fascinating smart functions, including Portrait Mode, Gesture Control, etc. ZHIYUN Smooth X is a quite practical choice for users to record IG stories and Tik Tok videos.

ZHIYUN Official SMOOTH X Gimbal Selfie Stick Phone Handheld Stabilizer Palo Smartphones for iPhone Xiaomi Redmi Huawei Samsung OnePlus



The devices mentioned above for live broadcasting are only for your reference. You should choose the devices according to your budget, actual circumstances, and the settings of your live broadcast.

At last, to conclude, no matter for mobile live broadcasting and computer live broadcasting, the stable network environment is the basic requirement. Only with stable signals and smooth network connection, can the best viewing experience of the live broadcasting be guaranteed. 

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