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Throw Mobile Phones Away to Enjoy Exercise - Kospet Brave 4G Smartwatch Phone

Throw Mobile Phones Away to Enjoy Exercise - Kospet Brave 4G Smartwatch Phone

Kospet Brave 4G smartwatch phone combines a smart sports watch with a mobile phone. 

There is the main reason that I buy it is I really don’t want to take my phone in order to wait for some important calls or messages while doing sports, even with headphones. 

I can leave my mobile phone at home, and feel relaxed to do all kinds of sports that I like. 

Its appearance looks very tough because it has a 1.3-inch color touch screen equipped with excellent sensitivity and the metal bezel. 

The combination of a full black metal dial and a silicone watch strap, I guess, attracts more people’s attention when I do sports or make an appointment with others. 

Also, this black style is a good match for daily wear and it can be fit for men’s tastes. 

Kospet Brave has a detachable and pretty considerate design for those who want to change other style, watch bands. 

The porous design on the strap is also user-friendly for the different wrist width. I find that the operation is similar to other smartwatches without any troubles. 

There is a SIM card slot on the left side, and the power button and the back button are on the right side. 

Of course, these are just its external features. The most important thing, I believe, is its inner characteristics.

Kospet Brave is equipped with Android 6.0 OS, MTK6737 chipsets and 2GB RAM 16GB ROM to support its operation. 

It is enough to use as a watch phone. 

As far as I am concerned, I will not take it to download a lot of games or Apps after all, because the screen is still a little small to use it to watch something for a long time.

Certainly, there is still something that attracts me a lot to this watch phone - its waterproof function. 

The ordinary waterproof machine does not support the call, because the waterproof risk is higher to open more slots. 

However, Kospet Brave smartwatch phone has a special design. 

I found that there was a protective rubber plug inside slots when I took the slots apart, which can prevent the water from entering the watch. 

I have to say something about it here. The scorpion for taking the card is very humanized because the card slot is very deep and it is not convenient to take the card out. 

This is an extra bonus point for Kospet Brave.

I have a bit of doubt about card slots and waterproof level, so I did a very simple test:

① The watch had been soaked in the water for 30 minutes.

 the operation was still smooth but the response speed of touch was a little slow.

② I turned on the faucet profusely to the different angles of the watch dial. 

There was no drop of water entering watch after opening slots, indicating that the seal was really nice.

③ I took it to have a bath and it worked normally without any problems.

I am worried that the watch phone will be crashed or the operation will be insensitive after entering the water for a long time, and there will be noise in the speaker inlet, but Kospet Brave does not have these troubles at all. 

So if you wear it to surf or swim, there is absolutely no problem.

In addition to the above physical tests, I also tested this watch phone from different aspects of doing sports:

1. Apart from the basic measurement for steps, I also made a distinction between outdoor and indoor sports. 

As far as I know, the functions of some sports watches are not distinguished like Kospet Brave but this watch phone does do it. 

No matter what sport we do, this product can satisfy your demands;

2. The other point is worth mentioning that there is a built-in GPS function, so you don't have to use a mobile phone or other Apps to record if you want to detect the motion tracking.

3. Its mobile App supports iOS and Android. 

I used the iOS system to test, and the result showed compatibility is pretty well. 

Some Apps of other watch phones may have conflicts with iOS OS. But this App is very stable and the synchronization information is also quite accurate. 

There is hardly any slow response. (App QR code is on the Gearbest page), the following is APP interface:

① Basic information and Steps Analysis(One-week Data)

② Report(One-week Data)and More

4. All records and main functions like Sports/Steps/Heart/BP are accessed by this icon.

All the data will be synchronized after we connect to the App, and we can also adjust the date and find weather condition. 

It is pretty careful and intimate for users.

After learning about these functions, I just want to wear it to do sport immediately. 

I don't need to buy the arm bag, waist bag, and the Bluetooth headset separately. Kospet Brave smart watch phone ensures all you need.

Besides, this 4G watch mobile phone is not only designed for the purpose of calling but also can support scan the webpage and YouTube. 

It is absolutely okay to simply browse the news or watch a short video after sports.

In short, if ten is full marks, I can offer Kospet Brave watch phone 8 scores.

There are two weak points. 

The one hand is that it is not light, because its bezel is made of metal material. 

And the other hand is that the response speed is a little bit slow while calling. 

In general, other functions are pretty good. 

If you need a watch phone or sports watch, Kospet Brave 4G smart watch phone is a good choice.

Kospet Brave 4G Smartwatch Phone



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Throw Mobile Phones Away to Enjoy Exercise - Kospet Brave 4G Smartwatch Phone

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