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Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner Experience

Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner Experience

If you have children's, I'm sure that you have the " trash problem " that happen because of children's activity's even though we usually educate them to learn to keep clean and tidy, the children are young after all.

There are always unexpected times. It was all messed up, and it was too late to clean up behind the ass.

It’s a good thing that children like to do handicrafts and paper-cutting. After finishing the large-scale rubbish, the children have learned to clean up by themselves, but the smaller ones can only be helped by our parents. Moreover, eating a biscuit, cake, and often happily ran over to share it with us, my son learned to share, we are very happy, but looking at the food residue behind him, I was dumbfounded.

It’s okay at home, with a sweeping robot and a vacuum cleaner. It’s easy to clean, but it’s troublesome when in the car. When I take my children out to play, I always have to eat something when I am hungry on the road, so the car becomes another "junkyard", which is very troublesome to clean.

Home wireless vacuum cleaners have large suction power and many types of suction heads, but they can't be kept in the car all the time, and they take up a lot of space. Therefore, we still need a compact and portable car vacuum cleaner for convenience.

As far as the old house's understanding of car vacuum cleaners is, most of them drag a long tail (power cord), which is not convenient to use. After getting used to a wireless vacuum cleaner, this design is simply unbearable.

Therefore, for comprehensive needs, wireless use, sufficient suction, light and portable, and long battery life, the old house chose the Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner. In fact, Xiaomi's smart home products are basically no problem to buy with your eyes closed. The old house also has the Mijia sweeping robot and the Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner C1, which are all good to use.

The outer packaging of this Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner inherits Xiaomi's traditional simple and generous tradition. The pure white packaging box highlights the product itself and its core selling points: lightness and portability, surging suction power, one-button dust removal, and brushless motor.

Simply unpack the Mijia vacuum cleaner body, extension brush rod, brush head, charging cable and manual.

Just looking at the outer packaging, I still don't feel it. After seeing the real thing, the old house was stunned, and the Mijia casually sucked it is too small. If you want to make an analogy, it is basically the size of a vacuum flask, or even a little thinner, and can be easily held with one hand.

The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are 267*55*55mm, and the weight of the main unit is about 0.5kg, so the overall feel is equivalent to a thermos cup filled with water, which also means that it can be carried like a thermos cup without cumbersome.

The body is pure white, but the position of the dust box is transparent, simple and generous, clean and neat, and it is also more convenient to pay attention to the garbage storage in the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner body, that is, the front of the handle is the switch key and the Mijia Logo.

Common car vacuum cleaners or mini vacuum cleaners often have only one vacuum position and cannot adjust the suction power; Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner does not look at its small size, but provides two suction power modes, which takes into account long battery life and large suction power. In the mode, the battery life can reach half an hour, which is basically enough to vacuum the entire car.

The bottom is the air outlet and charging port. The Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner uses the popular Type-C interface, which has better compatibility. You can directly charge the vacuum cleaner by using the Android mobile phone charger and charging cable. You can bring a set of charging equipment when you go out.

The dust box is located on the upper part of the vacuum cleaner. In order to prevent accidental opening and pollution, Mijia has designed a lock button in this switch position, which slides up to lock, slides down to open, and then presses down to open the lid. This design is very similar to the opening method of the thermos cup, which is safe and practical.

Moreover, a series of opening operations can be completed with one hand, and dust and trash can be discharged by turning the wrist directly. This operation mode avoids the contact between human body and garbage, and is clean and hygienic.

Rotate along the bayonet under the dust cup to completely remove the dust cup.

The filter system is integrated in the dust box. It is important to know that air filtration is also very important for vacuum cleaners. The Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner provides a double-layer filter. The first layer is a fine metal mesh filter, which effectively blocks large particles of dust, dirt, hair, etc.; the second layer is a HEPA filter, which effectively filters dust and other garbage of 0.3 microns in size. Dust will not affect the motor and will not cause secondary pollution.

The completely disassembled dust box supports the whole body washing, and it is cleaned regularly once. The dust cup is refreshed, and it can also extend the service life of the HEPA filter and reduce the cost of consumables.

Let's take a look at the extension rod accessories.

The extension rod is connected through the top buckle, and the brush head is also detachable. It can be mounted on the extension rod or directly connected to the vacuum cleaner, which is convenient for use in different scenarios.

The extension rod is connected through the top buckle, and the brush head is also detachable. It can be mounted on the extension rod or directly connected to the vacuum cleaner, which is convenient for use in different scenarios.

The use of the machine is simpler, click the power switch to start, the default low gear, click again to switch to the high gear, and then click to shut down.

With a small size and sufficient energy, the Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a brushless motor that can rotate at 88,000 rpm and can provide a suction power of 13,000 Pa. At present, the speed of most similar products on the market is between 40,000 rpm and 50,000 rpm. The Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner is full of power.

Here is a simple science popularization. The motors are divided into brush motors and brushless motors. The brush motors will wear out the carbon brushes for a long time, which directly affects the service life. Generally speaking, brushless motors have longer life and lower noise than brush motors. , Is also the first choice for mainstream motor products.

Actual use in the car. The compartment has small space and many gaps. The compact size and extended suction rod of the Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner is the most suitable as a car vacuum cleaner.

With the "effort" of the stinky boy, there are a lot of debris and residue in the car, so I must clean it up.

The bottom of the foot pad has always been the hardest hit area with debris gathering, it is difficult to sweep it out, and I can only use a vacuum cleaner to suck it up.

Thanks to the powerful power of nearly 90,000 revolutions per minute, most of the debris sticking to the floor mat can be sucked away, and the effect is not bad.

Just to make a comparison with the thermos cup on the car, the Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner is really compact.

Therefore, as long as the vacuum cleaner can be put in the place where the thermos cup can be put, such as the glove box in front of the co-pilot, the storage compartment on the door, and even the pocket behind the seat, it can be easily stored without taking up space.

In addition to car use, Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner is also used in many scenarios at home. After all, home wireless handheld vacuum cleaners are still relatively large and heavy. Some saw small gray dust, and they just vacuumed it.

The corner of the sofa, beside the bookshelf, weighs less than a catty, and is very light to hold.

The TV cabinet is the hardest hit area, I just sucked it, and finally my PS4 doesn't have to be ashamed anymore.

In fact, there is another magical effect of the Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner, which is to clean the keyboard, with a brush directly extending into the gap between the keycaps.

The debris that accidentally fell into the keyboard while licking melon seeds while watching a movie can finally be cleaned.

All in all, the Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner is only the size of a thermos cup and the weight of a bottle of mineral water. It is easy to carry and effortless to use. The surging suction power of 13000Pa is also the best among similar products. In fact, you can take it with you when you are on a business trip, and you can clean the bedding and quilt cover in the hotel to make you sleep more at ease. Half an hour of battery life is not bad, but it would be better if it can support fast charging.
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Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Portable Car Home Vacuum Cleaner



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