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Best Alternative to GoPro HERO 8: SJCAM SJ10 PRO 4K Action Camera is Coming

Best Alternative to GoPro HERO 8: SJCAM SJ10 PRO 4K Action Camera is Coming

Lightweight, durable, and easy to use; action cameras are ideal for adventure seekers, travelers, and people with an active lifestyle. But they can be expensive, especially if you also plan to buy action camera accessories. If you are looking for cheap GoPro alternatives, SJCAM SJ10 PRO is the best alternative to action cameras for GoPro HERO 8 for less than $ 350!

Introduction of the SJCam brand

SCJAM is a leader in the action camera market because SJCAM is constantly evolving to meet market demand. Mounting a camera is easy. The components of the best quality and attention to detail are essential to make a high-quality action camera.

SJCAM remains fully committed to after-sales support. SJCAM also releases new firmware that regularly updates SJCAM functionality.
This article is about a coming product, the SJCAM SJ10 action camera, which offers 4K shots. Moreover, it has the sealing capacity.

Review of the Coming SJCam SJ10 Action Camera: A Good (And Cheap) GoPro 8) Alternative

The SJCam SJ10 Pro is a complete action camera with decent performance, 4K recording capacity, a touch screen, and an excellent range of accessories.

The SJCAM SJ10 Pro takes more than a few clues from GoPro and offers many of the features of premium Hero cameras, but at a considerably more user-friendly price. It not only has 4K images at 30p, but these images also benefit from six-axis image stabilization, which is very useful in shooting situations in action.

Thanks to standard GoPro-style support, the SJ10 can be mounted on anything you want, and there is also considerable slow motion if you lower the resolution to 1080p or 1920p. The waterproof case is a bit tricky to use, with a lever lock system that can be difficult to use, but it's still a great option to consider, especially for the price.

Features of the SJCAM SJ10 PRO

The compact and portable aluminum body design

The SJCAM SJ10 has a size of 5.90 x 4.10 x 2.11 cm with a brand new body made of aluminum alloy. It comes with a watertight housing that can be used to take underwater photos. It has a simple design for easy use. With the 2.33-inch LCD screen, you can view videos and take pictures. 

The most important thing is that with this touch screen, you can use it by simply pressing with your fingertips. It has three color options, including black, golden rose, and silver.

Ambarella MPU world-class

This camera uses an exceptional Ambarella H22 world-class chipset to improve Omni-directional performance. By increasing the dynamic contrast, it can provide the clarity and darkness of the separation. In other words, this MPU delivers ultra-sharp images.

4K Ultra High Definition photography

The highlight of SJCAM SJ10 is the 4K resolution for shooting ultra HD images and videos. With this high-quality configuration, you can create a professional cinema-quality clip to capture all your beautiful moments.

Also, it supports 166 degrees wide-angle shots. With a broader viewing perspective, it offers a better and unique visual impact. And it also supports the remote control, which allows you to view, photograph and film effortlessly.

Ease of use

The SJ10 Pro is generally intuitive to use. Once removed from the cover, you can easily change the settings using the beautiful high-resolution Retina touchscreen. Besides, if you do not intend to go under 10 feet underwater, the secondary rear can also be used to operate the camera in the housing.

More important features:

●4K recordings

●-Advanced stabilization

●Dual screen: 2.33-inch touchscreen (rear) and 0.96-inch front screen

●Support for WiFi connection

●With this, you can capture the wonderful world underwater

●-The possibility of voice control

●Time-lapse mode available

●Perfect for people who enjoy swimming and diving

●Super light, easy to carry


The SJCam SJ10 Pro is a decent alternative to the GoPro HERO 8, at a slightly lower price. It offers 4K resolution video recording at 30 frames per second, electronic image stabilization, an assortment of accessories, and a user-friendly touch screen interface, although it has some minor drawbacks. However, keep in mind that if you want to take the cam underwater, you also have to pay $49 extra for the case.

SJCAM SJ10 is a great action camera compared to GoPro HERO 8) in price because the GoPro is very expensive,
with high-definition 4K recordings, a waterproof and compact, and portable housing. If you like outdoor photography, you can try it!

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