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What You Should Know About Kospet Optimus Dual System WiFi GPS Smart Watch?

What You Should Know About Kospet Optimus Dual System WiFi GPS Smart Watch?

Are you a smartwatch fan? 

Kospet launched the Optimus Pro, an elegant Wi-Fi GPS Smartwatch in which you might be interested.

My Optimus Pro is now part of my life. Read on to learn more about it.

Why I Recommend the Kospet Optimus Pro

I recommend Kospet Pro because of the following reasons: 

i. It is Stylishly Designed

The Kospet Optimus Pro sports a universal design, which means that the smartwatch blends perfectly with your sports uniform or business suit. 

The Kospet Optimus Pro’s case is made of metal and framed with ceramic.

The Optimus Pro has a large round dial for better visibility.

ii. You can Choose from Four Strap Choices

The Kospet Optimus Pro is open to four strap choices. These include the silicone black, metallic, leather brown and black straps.
Regardless of these four types of straps, the Optimus Pro’s dial is usually matte black. 

All four straps are 24mm wide, allowing you to choose between sporty and classic leather straps.

The leather straps are double-layered – the upper is made of leather, and the lower part is made of silicone. Combining leather with silicone boosts the strap’s reliability and durability. 

iii. It has an AMOLED Screen

The Kospet Optimus Pro has a 1.39-inch AMOLED retina screen. The AMOLED panel has a 454x454 pixel resolution, which gives you a clear visual experience. 

iv. It has a Touch Screen + Function Key Operation Mode

At the right side of the Kospet Optimus Pro 4G smartwatch are two control buttons. Using the buttons, you can turn on/off your watch, adjust settings, and choose different modes. 

v. It has an 8MP Camera

The Kospet Optimus Pro has an 8-megapixel camera between the two control buttons. The camera works so perfectly that you do not need your smartphone to take pictures. 

Testing the Kospet Optimus Pro and How It Worked

i. Charging the Kospet Optimus Pro’s Battery

The Optimus Pro has fast charging and a long-lasting 800 mAh battery. According to Kospet, the battery can last up to 7 days when on standby mode. However, with active use, the battery lasted me three days.

ii. Using the Kospet Optimus Pro’s Multiple Functions

I was thrilled to learn that the Optimus Pro supports most Android applications, including GLONASS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
Although it has only one SIM card slot, the Kospet Optimus Pro supports 2G, 3G, and 4G bands.

The Optimus Pro can make and receive calls. It can access the internet, send and receive messages, monitor your heart rate, calories, and track distance.

The built-in GPS helps you accurately track your movement and location when running or walking. 

Although the Optimus Pro does not have a headphone jack, you can connect to wireless speakers or headsets via Bluetooth and listen to music all day. 

The Kospet Optimus Pro’s Main Advantages

i. Two Independent Processors

The Optimus Pro is not your usual smartwatch. It has two processors working harmoniously to boost your smartwatch’s battery life.
The Kospet Optimus Pro is more advanced compared to the Kospet Optimus smartwatch with a lesser RAM and internal memory. 

ii. Two Independent Operating Systems

The Optimus Pro runs on both the Android 7.1.1 and Lite OS Systems. However, it is compatible with a variety of smartphones whose systems are iOS 9.0 or above, and Android 5.1 or above. 

You can switch the operating systems to suit your daily demands. Better still, your watch always displays the time when on Standby Mode.

Who Should Buy the Kospet Optimus Pro Dual System Smartwatch?

The Optimus Pro is for everyone. It is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable smartwatch with more RAM and internal memory, longer battery life, and better performance.

With its competitive pricing, I believe this is a good deal.

Kospet Optimus Pro Dual System / WiFi GPS Smart Watch



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