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Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Earbuds: The Melodious Music from Outer Space

Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Earbuds: The Melodious Music from Outer Space

Headphones are a real necessity to me, especially wireless earbuds. It is the best way to listen to music when in the gym or maybe when relaxing. I love using wireless Bluetooth Earphone because this way I am free from tangled cords. 

In addition to this, I have also noticed that most wireless headphones deliver very high-quality listening experience. 

Now with the increasing demand for wireless headphones, a plethora of models are available in the market. But which one is worth buying has always been a difficult question. However, I decided to get the all-new Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Earbuds for myself.

My unboxing story:

Just like any other product, I was very excited this time and was eagerly waiting to receive the parcel. Then one beautiful day, I received my 4 x4 x 1-inch cute lightweight package. 

After unboxing, the package contains a pair of Earphones, one charging dock, one USB cable, three pairs of ear tips and one multi-language user manual. 

The wireless Bluetooth Earphone has a wireless charging case that looks like a flying saucer which can be operated with just a finger. I loved this style, and it has a unique design for 360-degree rotation.

Why did I choose Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth Earphone In-ear Earbuds?

The first reason why I chose this earbud is just because of its first appearance! I loved the UFO-shape and ergonomically designed single-sided earphones which are very light and compact. 

What I loved, even more, is a combination of large, medium, and small silicone earplugs that perfectly fits in the ear without causing any irritation. Thus, even if I wear it for a long time, I do not feel uneasy or pain in my ears.

Now speaking of the sound quality, I find that these wireless Bluetooth Earphones have got excellent sound quality because of its 6mm dynamic driver. 

The manufacturers have cleverly incorporated a new air pressure-balancing design that makes the sound quality stunning in high, medium or the low frequency with no monotonous bass.

Lastly, each Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Earbud has 45mAh battery, which is equivalent to four to five hours of non-stop music. Now it is not that I won’t be able to listen to music after four or five hours. There is a 600mAh charging case that helps in continuous music play for more than 20 hours. 

This wireless Bluetooth Earphone has an IPX5 design which is waterproof design, an extra benefit for me. I can use it under any weather conditions with no fear at all. It is compatible with Bluetooth version 5.0 chip and provides an uninterrupted stable connection.

It is very small in size since it is equipped with a Realtek solution. It is portable and consumes low power which I love. I also noticed something; Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth Earphone In-ear Earbuds has very low power consumption with a stable signal. Yes, and this assures the best user experience. 

My first day with Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth Earphone In-ear Earbuds:

My first day with my favorite earplugs was superb. I enjoyed the best HD 3D stereo music and relished the acoustic experience. It has an intelligent noise-canceling technology that swayed me in a completely different world. 

It provided a pretty much satisfying battery backup for around 5 hours of continuous, high-quality music. I used it for a few more hours thanks to the charging case. If you want eighteen to twenty hours of uninterrupted music, then you may use it, too.


Even though Lenovo is a trendy laptop manufacturing brand, its other products like fitness bands and headphones are superb. Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth Earphone In-ear Earbuds is one of them. The debuted wireless UFO headset is a super hit in the market. 

I would highly recommend this model to everyone who is a headphone freak or loves listening to HD music. 

Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth Earphone In-ear Earbuds is available at a discounted price on Gearbest, so hurry up before it is out of stock!

Lenovo R1 UFO Wireless Bluetooth Earphone In-ear Earbuds



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