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After Knowing These 4 Ridiculous High-tech Products, I Became Worried About Start-ups

After Knowing These 4 Ridiculous High-tech Products, I Became Worried About Start-ups

We live in an era when technology entrepreneurship is encouraged, and a lot of dazzling new products come into being every day.

Who doesn't want to be like Jobs who stood on the stage casually and said, "One more thing ... " while receiving tens of thousands of dollars per minute?

However, most small technology companies don't live on core technology. To my amazement, their products are ridiculous.

I have seen a lot of similar products recently, 

Some have been widely applied in our lives for a long time, but we are unfamiliar with their names.

Some products look foolish at first glance,

but they are really useful after you think twice.

Some products seem wired.

And they are wired indeed.

01 D3O Material

I don't know whether you like outdoor sports or not, such as skiing and cycling.

These sports are dangerous, so you must have a set of protective gears.

These protective gears are not just made of clothes, but also wrapped with soft cushioning materials like plastics. Among these materials, the most famous one is the D3O material.

Plasticine Modeling Clay Non-toxic Artist Studio Toy 12 Color



The D3O material was invented by a British scientist after he had an accident in skiing. The material is characterized by "two physical states under different impacts."

The D3O material is similar to the play dough in normal conditions.

And you can use it as you use play dough...

However, it excels in impact protection and shock absorption.

The D3O material is a kind of "non-Newtonian fluid," more specifically, a shear thickening fluid. 

The substance is pliable under slowly applied stress because the polymer chains have time to move and rearrange themselves.

On shock, in lack of time to return to the semi-fluid state, the substance increases the viscosity, becoming hard and absorbing impact.

This principle is the same as that of the wet sand. If you touch it with your finger, your finger will sink into the sand; but if you punch it quickly, you might get hurt. Don't ask me why I know this.

02 Vine Robot

The name of the vine robot reminds me of the movie, Detroit: Become Human.

However, this is a vine robot.

Isn't it a plastic earthworm?

In essence, a vine robot is an inflatable plastic tube with a front-facing camera. Dedicated algorithms control its orientation.

It excels in impact-resistance, in addition to the pliability, the robot can get to hard-to-reach places for human beings. It is widely used in architecture, exploration, medicine, and rescue. 

I think it would be awesome to use it to scare out my cat when it is under the sofa!

03 Frog


Why did the frog become an invention?

I am not kidding. This invention is named after the frog.

This thing is a fitness device that can be used to practice weightlifting.

Or it can be used to do abdominal crunches.

As to the reason why it is named after the frog, it might be the users move like frogs.

Children Classic Clockwork Tin Frog



04 Luda Phone Case

if it looks like a phone case

it feels like a phone case

and it spins like a phone case

then, it is indeed a phone case!

I don't think this mobile phone case is special. Like any other mobile phone case, this one is anti-drop, anti-slip, and it feels good.

It is different from other phone cases because it can be rotated!

Oh, guys, you'd look like a dummy if you buy it, rotate it, and giggle!

What's worse, the emphasis is put on several soft buttons and steel balls around the corner. Well, do they help to relax?

Why not just be a phone case? Rotating a phone case isn't a better idea than playing with a fidget spinner.

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Ridiculous products are insensible because instead of innovation, they create demands.

As for the demand, it depends on the users and the market, but not the companies.

So, there is still a long way to go.




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