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Top 5 Best Office-Improved Gears: Mini Printer, Projector Screen, Laser Pointer, A4 Document Scanner, Smart Hand-Held Shredder

Top 5 Best Office-Improved Gears: Mini Printer, Projector Screen, Laser Pointer, A4 Document Scanner, Smart Hand-Held Shredder

Your office is your second home. Making your ‘second home’ fun, inspiring, and comfortable should be your goal. Getting your office organized goes beyond just the decoration and design of the office, but also touches stocking the best office gears like A4 Document ScannerMini PrinterLaser Pointer, and a whole lot more. People tend to waste more valuable time at the workplace due to the lack of these basic office accessories.

Bringing Your Office To Life

The office is often stereotyped to equate total work and stress, a place with plain colors, designs, or style. Such offices can be boring and unattractive. In this current dispensation, offices are meant to be exciting to stir and stimulate you in making your trip to work every day. 

To make your office become as lively and striking as possible or more aptly, to revolutionize a boring and colorless office, all you need is to stack it with cute office gears to make it look its best. These cute office supplies will not only change how your clients view your office but can also make your work environment healthier and livelier.

There are myriads of smart office supplies that you can host today in your office simply by placing your orders online. These changing office gears include;


Weighing 0.2120 kg and a dimension of 4.33 x 3.46 x 1.61 inches, the mini Bluetooth thermal printer is the most portable yet efficient printer you can have in your office. Its utilization of thermal paper instead of ink makes this compact printer faster and more efficient to print documents at no noise. 

The Bluetooth function, coupled with its support for Android, iOS, and Windows, makes it convenient to connect and print data wirelessly. Above all, the excellent battery life of up to three days after 2-4 hours charging is a big plus.

GOOJPRT PT - 210 58MM Mini Bluetooth Thermal Printer




The gray projector screen offers the best and clearest background to keep things rolling in the office. Made with polyester material, with a weight of 0.7500 kg and a dimension of 101.57 x 55.12 x 0.02 inches, this unique screen can cause no harm to the body or give off an unpleasant odor. With light-resistant coating and 30 - 50 degrees viewing angles, ironable, and moisture resistance, make your office work more interesting.

120 inch 16: 9 High Brightness Projector Screen




The very affordable wireless PPT presenter is quite easy to use. This laser pointer sports the very best ergonomic design in its class, with a firm yet seamless handhold and relaxing touch. With a laser power of 0.3mW, it runs in different Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.

TK702 USB Laser Pointer Wireless PPT Presenter



Handheld Document Scanner

Regardless of your office description, be it an insurance office, bank, real estate, student/academic, or whatsoever, the 0.1400 kg portable A4 handheld scanner can quickly scan and save images or pictures and play them later. It is engineered with three resolution modes for you to choose from, with two strong AA batteries. With large storage capacity and support for external memory, the handheld document scanner can also scan and save in JPEG and PDF format.

Gocomma Portable 900 DPI A4 Document Scanner Handheld




The Smart Portable Shredder can be used by banks or schools to shred papers of not more than 0.3 mm thick conveniently. Powered by four AA batteries, the 3.1.5 m/ min speed handheld shredder with a stripe width of 5 mm and 110 mm wide entry slot for shredding different papers like A4 paper size, A6 and the rest requires no skill to use it.

Gocomma Smart Shredder Hand-held



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