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Whoa! Alfawise U30 Pro 3D Printer Will MakeYou Feel Like a Potential Engineer!

Whoa! Alfawise U30 Pro 3D Printer Will MakeYou Feel Like a Potential Engineer!

It’s been so long I wanted to buy 3D Printer for household purposes, but I wasn’t really sure which one to choose. I always wanted to pick up the “best” 3D printer for myself, so finally I decided to buy Alfawise U30 Pro 4.3 Inch Touch Screen High Precision DIY 3D Printer. 

This product claims to deliver accurate 3D printouts even for smaller objects. I found out that the Alfawise U30 Pro 3D printer is kind of a better or extended version of the previous printer model U20. 

However, after getting a chance to use the machine for a few days I realized that the U30 Pro model is user-friendly and is ideal for daily household purpose. The display and the touchpad are not marked with complexities, rather it is made in such a way that handling becomes easier for amateurs like me. The main keys are highlighted and the entire assembling procedure is diagrammatically explained for better understanding. 


I cannot forget how excited I was when I was unboxing my new Alfawise DIY 3D printer. The U30 Pro 3D Printer comes in a large build volume all packed carefully within a white foam. The box contains a set of Allen keys, flat cut-out spanner, a Micro SD card, and 3-meter long filament roll. 

There was also a USB micro SD card reader which was however not working at all. But that was not a problem for me because I already had a better card reader and you should also do that. The SD card provided in the box actually comprises of samples of models, some pdf version of the user manual which will give you specific detailed assembling instruction and a G-code. 

Product design:

The printer approximately has a 300x300x400 mm build volume with a single extruder for 1.75 mm diameter of the filament. The nozzle that usually prints out layers consist of a minimum thickness of about 100 microns. However, among all of these features, I love its unique resume printing feature. 

The printer is facilitated with such a feature that it can pause a print automatically in case of a power outage or when the filament is running out. But the best part is this can also resume the job exactly from where it all stopped working without creating any error. 

I have also found that the U30 Pro 3D printer is highly compatible and works with so many filaments like PLA, TPUU, ABS, PP, PVA and even some wooden filament for a maximum extrusion temperature of 250-degree centigrade. I am in love with this feature and to me, this makes it the best 3D printer. 

Assembling the Alfawise U30 Pro 4.3 Inch Touch Screen High Precision DIY 3D Printer:

I was thinking assembling must be a tough process, but to my utter surprise, after going through the manual and some YouTube videos, to be honest. I felt like “Whoa! I am a potential engineer!” The manual mostly included images to explain the steps and I found that really helpful.  

Jokes apart, the DIY U30 Pro 3D printer already comes in a 50% assembled condition and the rest of the assembling process is very interesting. The base of the printer is pre-assembled and comes with a power supply with the mainboard. The power is actually placed right under the basal tray and is assimilated in such a way that it can provide support to the coil. 

It was a very good option for me because it would have been very difficult for me to handle the wires by connecting them to the main line. 

Printing Quality:

I was so thrilled to see the prints that I got from Alfawise U30 Pro. I never expected this kind of result from such a budget-friendly printer. 

The first thing I chose to print was one of the files from the SD card that was in the box. I was very confused initially about the settings and how the slicer must be used. This is why they provide a test print. 

Now for the first time, I figured out that the print was much better than my sliced objects which made me sure that I had a faulty slicer but the printer was all good.


-  Classic look with red metal body
-  4.3-inch touchscreen for easy usage
-  Auto resume print feature
-  Filament run-out alert
-  Inbuilt power supply switching feature
-  Budget-friendly
-  User-friendly and easy to clean


- The Alfawise U30 Pro 3D printer is not ideal for larger prints.

- This model is not pre-assembled, so you need to know how to assemble.

My Alfawise U30 Pro DIY 3D Printer rating:

I will rate this product 4.5 out of 5. Trust me, this is the best 3D printer that I have lately seen and I have no regrets in purchasing it. It comes within a moderate budget in a semi-assembled structure. 

The entire body frame is made up of some aluminum alloy framework that makes it sturdy and assists in getting precise print results. It has also got some premium specifications like the touch screen, highlighted important keys, filament run-out detector, and auto-resume print that all contributes to the efficiency of the printer.

As I have already mentioned above that the box contains a micro SD card with 8 GB memory which not only contains the manual but also the G-code file that is used for test printing. This card can be operated through the touchscreen and can help you to get autonomous prints. 

In addition to this, the machine is also facilitated with a USB port that has helped me so much in establishing connections with a computer. 

Overall, I can ruminate Alfawise 

U30 Pro High Precision DIY 3D printer is the ideal printer for desktop and is one of the smartest Alfawise approaches. 

I would recommend people to buy Alfawise U30 Pro 4.3 Inches 3D printer especially if you are looking for some regular priced printer that can help you accomplish excellent results. 

I can bet that this latest desktop 3D printer is now one of the most revolutionized products currently available in the market. Its improved technology has literally set a fire in the 3D printing market.

Alfawise U30 Pro 4.3 Inch Touch Screen High Precision DIY 3D Printer



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