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This Is Probably The Best Impressive Smartphones I've Ever Used!

This Is Probably The Best Impressive Smartphones I've Ever Used!

Last year my old phone worked too slowly when I was playing Glory of Kings. And this often led to my failure. So I decided to buy a new one. I hope my new smartphone will be equipped with beauty camera and great operating system. 

After I took my budget into consideration, the HUAWEI nova 3i came to my world. It only costs me about $300. Surprisingly, it performs really well, so I can't wait to share you with it.

In the beginning, I was attracted by its colorful appearance. There are three color models: the pearl white, black, and iris purple. I like iris purple very much. This color looks fantastic and cool. Its screen size is 6.3 inch which is the same as the palm. It provides me a great visual experience when I watch movies or play games.

To my great surprise, HUAWEI nova 3i works well at photography. Except it can focus on your face automatically and supports panorama shot as many other phones do, it is equipped with the 24MP+2MP camera on the front and the 16MP+2MP camera on the back. 

As a novice, I can easily get high-quality photos by using them. There is no need to carry a digital camera when I am on a trip. This HUAWEI nova 3i can help me to get many wonderful photos. 

Even in the evening, when I see something interesting, I can record it with my phone clearly. With the help of this phone, I photographed road lamp shining mildly. 

Its AI algorithms can recognize all kinds of scenes and adjust appropriate parameters automatically. What's more, many times when I face the sun, I can't open my eyes. However, when I back to the sun, it's too dark to take a beautiful photo. 

Then HUAWEI nova 3i solves this problem for us. When I shoot behind the sunlight, it can also produce photos with rich details.

And there is another lovely function that we can use - personalized Qmoji GIFs. I can create my own GIFs and share them with my friends when we chat on the internet like Whatsapp or Facebook. Sometimes I compete with my friends by using these personal GIFs. All these behaviors can promote our friendships and create a lot of fun.

Moreover, thanks to Mali-G51 and Android 8.1, my phone runs smoothly when I play Glory of Kings or Game for Peace. That means I don't need to end up defeated but I can't operate it to fight back. Now, the problem has been solved. 

What's more, when I’m playing games, it can screen calls so I can be more focused. Huawei nova 3i can sort the photos automatically according to the date, place, or people. This really does me a favor, because I have the obsessive-compulsive disorder that I must sort my photos. It's convenient for me to search in the future.

There is a feature I pretty like, the AI of HUAWEI nova 3i in EMUI 8.2 system. It offers me a great shopping experience. When my friends show me some goods on WhatsApp or when I find a web page, I may feel interested in the articles, then I can easily skip to the shopping link by long pressing the pictures. This function is very practical, saving me a lot of times because sometimes we don't know the good's name so we can't search for it correctly and quickly.

Another fashion function is face recognition. Face recognition and fingerprint recognition make the phone cool and bring convenience to me. In particular, when hands are busy or dirty. Face recognition supports the feasibility of E-pay with my face. I don't need to type in the password. Instead, I just need to face the smartphone.

Finally, HUAWEI nova 3i has the super slow motion. This gives me the chance to enjoy every second and gain more details. Besides HUAWEI nova 3i has its own alarm clock which can skip legal holidays automatically, so you can wake up at your pleasure. 

Last but not least, when I am on a trip, HUAWEI nova 3i can support me to listen to music or watch movies or play games for more than a day. There is no need to stop myself from playing with my phone in order to save electricity.

If you like taking photos, want to own the face recognition, consider buying a new phone, you should really try HUAWEI nova 3i. It won't disappoint you at all.

HUAWEI nova 3i 4G Phablet Global Version



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