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360 M301 Car DVR: A Worthy Rearview WiFi Camera That Produces Clear Images Both Day and Night

360 M301 Car DVR: A Worthy Rearview WiFi Camera That Produces Clear Images Both Day and Night

If today, you still think that a car DVR is a dispensable piece of equipment, it can only be said that you have not experienced enough in life and do not know the difficulty of arguing. Faced with an accident, a car DVR can often play a big role. Instead of arguing, why not just let the car recorder determine the truth?

360 Qihoo recently launched a dual-lens car DVR - the 360 M301. I was lucky enough to experience it for the first time and have decided to share my experience below.

When it comes to safety issues, the housing of the 360 M301 is made of polycarbonate flame retardant environmental friendly material developed by Sabic. In summer, it will not self-ignite or perform badly due to high temperatures. The 360 M301 uses specular white mirror technology, meaning that the reflectivity is 15% higher than ordinary products. 

Meanwhile, the rear viewing angle is 30% larger than an ordinary car rearview mirror. Therefore, the overall experience is pretty good. If you don’t look too closely in the car, you can’t even tell it’s a car DVR.

Seen from another angle, the thickness of the recorder has been well controlled. The clip-hold design eliminates the need to remove the original rearview mirror when installing it, and it can be installed at the front of the rearview mirror by using a silicon strap.

The control buttons are hidden under the recorder and are easy to reach. There are six physical buttons in total. The power button protruding in the middle is also used to lock the screen. The functions of the other four buttons on either side are subject to the text on the screen during use. A very small RESET button on the rightmost side is used to reset the system, and it can be quite useful if you forget the Wi-Fi password.

Various interfaces are positioned at the top of the device. From left to right are the power interface, TF (Micro SD) slot, and the rearview camera interface. You have to buy a memory card with 8GB to 128GB of storage space, and you are recommended to use a class 10 or above SDHC. The system will generate an MP4 video file every minute, the file name of which will be the time of recording, making it much easier to search for records. In emergency mode, the first 10 seconds and the last 50 seconds of the current video will be captured and saved. When the memory card is full, the system will automatically delete the earliest recorded non-emergency video. We recommend you buy a memory card with over 64GB of storage space.

Compared to many rearview lens car DVRs, the dual-lens is the highlight of the 360 M301. The device is equipped with 6 full HD spherical lens groups, F1.8 aperture, and a built-in infrared filter. With an angle of view of up to 146 degrees, it can cover three lanes in front. Users can also fine-tune the angle up, down, left and right to find the best perspective. The sensor adopts a 1/2.8-inch Sony IMX 307 COMS, with a pixel size of up to 2.9um. The following pictures give an idea of the shooting effects on offer.

The parameters of the rearview camera are not particularly high, but it provides sufficient clarity as an aid when reversing. A 4m connecting cable is provided with a power cable interface at the end. This allows it to take power from the reversing light and activate the reversing image function of the device. The data cable is long enough to satisfy all kinds of wiring. People with a certain amount of hands-on skills will not find it hard to set up, and it can be completed in just about an hour.

There are two options available when it comes to the installment of the rearview camera. The 2 pieces of complimentary double-sided adhesive tape can be used to affix the camera to the rear windshield. Although it may not be the most attractive option, it is certainly not difficult to set up. Another option is to use screws to fix the camera above the rear license plate, but this involves a slightly complicated wiring process.

Because the built-in battery can only last for 2-3 minutes, if you require 24-hour monitoring, it is best to purchase a special parking monitoring cable, which is actually a step-down cable. This allows you to connect to the battery or fuse safely.

The 5-inch screen can be hidden perfectly without activation and will not affect the rearview. Although the resolution is not very high, don’t forget that all operations can be carried out on your mobile phone, including playback.

In different working conditions, the functions for the buttons on the bottom of the DVR will be displayed on the screen.

The 360 M301 is equipped with a built-in gravity sensor. When an emergency brake or collision is detected, the collision video will be protected separately, and the loop recording will not be overwritten so as to restore the data relating to the accident.

Once the car shuts down, the cigarette lighter will stop supplying power, and the parking monitoring function will be activated automatically. If any shaking of the car is detected by the built-in gravity sensor, the recorder will be activated and will start to record a one-minute video. After the recording is finished, the recorder will go back to standby mode.

The time-lapse recording function will also be activated when the car is parked. The recording will be carried out on the basis of one frame per second, with up to a one-minute video saved every 30 minutes. This not only guarantees the completeness of the video but it also saves a significant amount of storage space to avoid the situation of being unable to save videos due to a lack of space.

So how easy it is to use? A “Download mobile app” option is available on the menu which allows you to download the app by scanning the QR code. The app supports both Android and iOS. The car DVR is connected to the mobile phone via Wi-Fi, so it will not consume 4G cellular data, and the images will not freeze.

The mobile app can not only be used to adjust the various settings, but it also allows you to browse videos and photos, and even capture photos and videos with just one tap.

Also worth mentioning is the front and rear dual-recording function, which provides all-round monitoring when driving. The only downside is that the DVR and mobile phone will be temporarily disconnected during rearview recording.

The 360 M301 is not the most expensive car DVR on the market, but it is still clearly a very good product. It satisfies the user’s needs better and is very user-friendly in a variety of aspects. It is particularly useful during disputes as any issues can be quickly resolved with the evidence stored on the mobile phone. 

Sometimes, buying a car DVR is just about reassurance and it is best to be prepared. After all, cars are not cheap and money is not for being extorted.

360 M301 4.3 inch FHD 1080P Smart Car DVR Dual Camera WiFi 140 ° Wide Angle



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