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Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones/AirDots Pro. True about Them.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones/AirDots Pro. True about Them.

Very good variant for sport and playing music.

Hi guys. Today we will see and "listen" a new wireless earphones from Xiaomi. As for my opinion these earphones are very good and can be a very useful in pair with your smartphone for sport and regular listening music as during your trip in the underground as travelling for a long distance. I tested them in some daily activities.

Device appearance:

The earphones made of plastic. Outside there is an aluminum insert, which is a touch panel. On the top they have led indicator, on the bottom - two dot-pins for charging. Also they have infrared sensor which monitors when you hold or take away the earphones from your ears. The quality of all materials are perfect. 

Сomfort / form factor:

If you’re used to wearing earphones-pistons, you will love the Airdots Pro. Thanks to a set of earbuds of different sizes, you can choose the ones that are most comfortable for you. The earphones have a comfortable tilt angle and long ends for holding. In my opinion, this is more a male model, since they look a little too big in the small ears. The charging case has a spring-loaded cover, which is securely fixed in the closed state. However, due to its size, it is not very convenient to carry charging case in your pocket, it is better to put it in a bag.


The earphones have a good and useful functional. You can see short manual for understanding above. All that you need to know is using double tap for function calling. I also like that for Voice Assistant I don't need to talk "Hello Siri" or "Hey Google". Double tapping on the left earphone runs Voice Assistant and you can talk your request at once.


There are mid and high frequencies while listening to music or watching Youtube videos. Low ones are also available, and they play pretty well. If you use headphones to listen to music, for most average users the sound quality will be plenty. The sound is good, balanced and smooth, without any distortions.

As for the use of earphones when calling as a headset, everything is fine here. I have been tested them for a one week. There have never been problems that I do not hear the caller, or the caller does not hear me. The sound is no different from that if I were hearing through the speaker of a smartphone.


I very like simple connection the earphones with my iPhone. It was fast and intuitive clear. Also I was pleasure surprised with option for connecting to two devices. 

These earphones have no problems with lost of connection, as well as interruptions and sound loss during walking or running.


AirDots Pro is a very good variant for you if you like listen to music and have a mobility during calling and using Voice Assistant. The price and quality are perfect!

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Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Binaural TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless Earbuds



Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 TWS Bluetooth Air 2 Mi True Wireless Earphone 2 - Airdots pro 2 white



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