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Mi Band 3: The Best Affordable Smart Band

Mi Band 3: The Best Affordable Smart Band

The Mi Band 3 acts as a smart entry bracelet, bringing a set of sensors that allow you to monitor your daily activities such as exercise practices, active moments of the day and also hours of sleep and rest. 

With it it is possible to "gamify" your routine, seeking to improve how much time you sleep, or tried to burn more calories, for example. 

Band 3 advances in additional functions thanks to its larger display, and now it manages and displays notifications more efficiently. 

Mi Band 3 maintains the simplicity of the line, with a rubber strap securing the gadget on the wrist and a capsule where the sensors, battery and other components of the wearable parts really fit. 

It is quite easy to remove the capsule and put it on the bracelet that comes in the box or even others that you buy in the future, and something very cool of the Mi Band is that due to its popularity there are a good amount of bracelets made by various companies and with several different visuals, from simpler models to more refined materials like leather or metal.


I. With a very simple display, navigation through the menus is done by gestures of sliding the finger on the screen and confirmation is made with the press for a few moments of the "button" (in fact it is only a drop in the base of the screen).

It is navigation that works, but at the same time could be more agile, who knows with a real button on one of the sides.


II. In the autonomy part the Xiaomi promises up to 20 days of battery life, and the experience may vary depending on the use of the bracelet. 

Using sporadic monitoring of heart rate, notifications making the bracelet vibrate and use of some alarm clocks, she spent a week approaching almost two before needing a charge. 

III. While it is possible to see some of the information on the bracelet's own screen, it is more comfortable to see the reports generated in the app, available for Android and iOS. 

There you can check the number of steps given, times of the day you moved more and also check your heart rate throughout the day. 

IV. Another interesting report is sleep quality if you wear a sleeping bracelet. Based on how much you move the app generates reports with total sleeping time and also estimates of time in each sleeping level, whether it is a more superficial nap or a deeper sleep. 

It also generates interesting statistics, such as comparative with other users or even with other days of your routine.