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Mother's Day is Coming. Ideas for Gifts.

Mother's Day is Coming. Ideas for Gifts.

Mom's Cleaning Helpers.

Mother's Day is an international women's holiday. In many countries of the world, this holiday falls on the second Sunday of May. Any holiday is an occasion to choose a gift. Accordingly, in connection with the upcoming holiday, many are thinking about what to give mom on Mother's Day? And not only Mother's Day, this is an occasion to look for a gift for mom. This article contains gadgets for cleaning the house, which will be great gifts for mothers, wives and business girls. Since, it is they who most often monitor the cleanliness and order in the house.

For many years, global manufacturers of household appliances have worked to create more and more independent gadgets for cleaning the house. And in recent years, the fruits of this tireless work, more and more come into the everyday life of a modern house or apartment. As a result, everyday life in the modern world is a very technological process.

If you are looking for a really useful home cleaning gadget. That first option, which is worth considering as a good gift for mom, is a robot vacuum cleaner. Therefore, puzzling over the question of what to give mom on Mother's Day, first of all think about it.

Vacuum cleaner robot

Every housewife needs a home helper, who literally gets into every hole and removes dust there. If you want to surprise mom, then give her this miracle of technology. When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the area that it is able to clean, to passability (how your robot will overcome thresholds and steps), to the presence of a number of additional functions, for example, soft touch mode, automatic work on schedule, the volume of the garbage container . In addition, you should be aware that there are robotic vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning. Some robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with a boundary wall - it is needed, for example, to prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from reaching certain places in the apartment, for example, to a bowl with cat food.

The choice of robotic vacuum cleaners in 2020 is quite extensive. You can buy such a gadget for cleaning starting from $ 165. The more expensive the model, the more it is capable of. For example, some robotic vacuum cleaners are even suitable for wet cleaning. One of the most popular such models is the New Xiaomi Mijia robot. At the same time, it is also worth paying attention to the Alfawise V10 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a more affordable price.

Alfawise V8S PRO E30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Mopping Voice Control Supports Google Home Amazon Alexa



New Xiaomi Mijia robot 2 in 1 Sweeping and Wet Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS S50



Alfawise V10 Max Laser Navigation Robot Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Auto Recharge Resumption Smart APP Control Support Alexa Google Home EU Plug



Window cleaning robot

Window cleaning is the most troublesome part of cleaning, which is usually put off until the very last moment. And if you live in a skyscraper, then window cleaning turns into an extreme activity, but not with a robot for washing windows. This cleaning gadget was created specifically to save its owners from having to personally wash windows.

Moreover, such robots will be useful for cleaning on other surfaces such as tiles, tiles or washable wallpapers. As a result, with the help of a robot for windows, you can wash mirrors, floors, walls and even tables. At the same time, the gadget is controlled using a smartphone or remote control.

The assortment of Alfawise and LIECTROUX is a priori rich in ideas for a gift for mom. And the window robots Alfawise S60 Pro and LIECTROUX Window Cleaning Robot X6 are clearly some of the best helpers. Moreover, at the moment, these are the most affordable options for such a gadget.

Alfawise S60 Pro Smart Automatic Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum Glass Cleaner Machine



LIECTROUX Window Cleaning Robot X6 Anti-falling Remote Control Auto Glass Washing



Electric mop

Wet cleaning is an integral part of cleaning. No matter how we sweep and vacuum the floors, we won’t be able to avoid wet cleaning. But if you don’t even need to wash the windows yourself, then there is also a gadget for wet floor cleaning. Even the robot for windows is suitable for the role of a floor polisher. There are also electric mops. Xiaomi offers two options for such a home cleaning gadget.

The first option is the Deerma Spray Mop. It is an affordable and easy to use device. But there are no high-tech stuff in it.

Like an electric broom, an electric mop is an advanced model of a regular mop.

Labor saving Lightweight Water Spray Mop deerma



The second option is the Handheld Electric Mop.

Xiaomi electro-polisher is a much more interesting gadget for cleaning the house. The mop is quite easy to use, even though its total weight is 2.4 kg. At the same time, the design is durable and reliable. She has a fluid container that is sprayed around through a spray bottle. In addition, there is a backlight, thanks to which you can see in which areas you need to stay longer. The mechanism of operation of the gadget for cleaning is based on the reciprocating movements of two plates with nozzles. You just need to hold the swab and move it. But such a device is much more expensive.

SWDK - D260 Wireless Handheld Electric Mop Floor Vibration Scrubber



Vertical vacuum cleaner

Also, when choosing a gift for mom, a good idea would be a vertical vacuum cleaner, which will replace an old vacuum cleaner. After all, it has enough advantages, namely, it: mobility, significantly less weight, versatility, compactness. As a result, it can be used not only for cleaning in inaccessible places, but also outside the house and away from the outlet. For example, for cleaning inside the car. The following models of modern vacuum cleaners will be worthy of your attention: Deerma VC20 and Xiaomi MIJIA 1C. Decide on your budget, and the fact that your mother will be satisfied with such a device is guaranteed.

Deerma VC20 Vacuum Cleaner Upright Wireless Vertical HandHeld Vacuum Cleaners Aspirator 5500Pa Strong Power for Home Car



Xiaomi MIJIA 1C Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



Smart waste bin

Robots vacuum cleaners and window washers, these are far from new gadgets in recent years. While a smart wastebasket, this is something new. Such a smart home gadget appeared in the assortment of Xiaomi in 2018.

Therefore, if you are thinking about what to give your mother on Mother's Day 2020, you want to find something really new and unusual - the smart TOWNEW T1 bin, this is what you need. It fully automates the unpleasant process. It has a sensitive sensor for automatically opening the lid of the bucket, the function of automatically packing a full bag and automatically changing the bag after removing the garbage bag.

Townew T1 Sensing Induction Opening Intelligent Waste Bin Smart Trash Can 15.5L



Hope this guide helps you to find the best gift for your Mom!

Have a nice shopping with Gearbest!

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