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How Do I Travel around with Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC Version

How Do I Travel around with Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC Version

A friend sent me Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC version last year, but I didn't use the NFC function until I reached the subway station and found that I missed my transit card... 

What was worse, I didn't bring my bank card, and I was unable to buy another one due to lack of banknote.

It dawned on me that the NFC of Mi Band 3 was useful and that Mi Band 3 could serve as a transportation card as NFC means "Near Field Communication," a way to integrate with something in proximity, allowing for two-way communication. 

We have been using NFC for many years without realizing it, i.e., a credit card/debit card which you use to make contactless payments. At that moment, I was excited and couldn't wait to try. 

As a student majored in Chinese, I managed to open a Mi Pay account, enable a transit card in about 10 minutes, and reach the destination in time.

Since Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC version sells like hotcakes, you probably have one. 

If you are planning to visit China or you live in China now, you should try this fantastic feature. 

Don't worry if you can't read complex Chinese characters. Just read this article, because I will cover everything you need to know about how to use the transit card of Mi Band 3 step by step.

(Note: Xiaomi Transit Cards are only for China mainland. Up till now, anywhere else is not supported.)

1. How to activate a transit card?

First of all, open "Mi-Fit", Bluetooth. After it pairs with your phone, go to the settings of "Profile," choose "My devices," select Mi Band 3 NFC, then “Transit card.” 

Secondly, push the "+" button at the top right corner, about tens of transportation cards are available for you to choose. Because Jingjinji Union card supports 160 cities, I choose this one without hesitation. "Agree" and “Start now.”

Thirdly, choose the payment, click "next step" and "Pay Now." Then, input the password, you are “Done” and "Confirm" the payment.

Then, you should wait for about 2 minutes to activate the card. Please keep the Bluetooth and network connection stable while the card is being activated. 

During the process, you can see these useful tips on how to use the card:

1. Keep your band at least 10cm away from the phone and the card reader;

2. Approach your device near to the card reader.

Finally, the card is activated successfully, and it will be enabled; meanwhile, the previous transit card is disabled. Whenever you need to switch to the card, you can enable it easily.

Now, your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can be used to pay for the transportation. Enjoy starting your journey conveniently!

2. How to use Mi Band 3 to go through the gate in subway/pay for the bus fare?

A. The most convenient way to enable the card you need and approach Mi Band 3 to the card reader of the ticket gate directly.

B. The perfect way to swipe the transit card is to make the back of Mi Band 3 close to the sensing area, but it is unnecessary to put the smart bracelet on the machine.

3. How to top up the balance of a transit card?

Firstly, open “Mi-Fit” and Bluetooth, choose “Mi Band 3 NFC” in “Profile,” tap "Transit card" in the first row, and "Top up" button is on the right.

Secondly, choose the amount of money that you want to top up and move on by tapping "Top up now."

Then, choose the payment, "next step," "Pay Now," then, enter the password, and "Confirm" the payment.

Finally, wait for a few seconds, and your transit card will be topped up successfully. You can check the balance by referring to the information below. Look! The amount of money is valid till November 3rd in 2049, which is impressive! 

Exit, and you will see the balance of the card increased.

4. How to open a Mi Pay account for the transit card? 

Because the transit cards of Mi Band 3 NFC version need to be topped up and it can be associated with Mi Pay. It is a good idea to have a Mi Pay account and link it with your bank card. 

If you have downloaded Xiaomi Mi Pay App on your mobile phone, this article, Xiaomi Mi Pay App: How to Register to the app, Link Bank Account will be helpful. 

Of course, if your Xiaomi smartphone has NFC function, your phone can also be used as a transit card after you activate one in Mi Pay App.

5. How many cities does Mi Band 3 support? What are they?

Up till now, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 supports over 164 cities in China. At present, it supports 18 transportation cards, among which there are seven one-pass cards and seven T-Union cards. 

The cards support different cities; you can find the information on the official website of Mi Pay. These cities include Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Harbin, and so on.

6. Other FAQs about Xiaomi Transit Cards on Mi Band 3

For your convenience, I've collected the questions and answers about Xiaomi Transit Cards about which you are concerned from the official forum.

6.1 What are Xiaomi transit cards?

They are traffic cards associated with your Xiaomi device, which is used to issue transit cards and recharge money in the air. The cards issued by the corresponding company can function as an all-in-one traffic card on subways, public buses, and in the areas supported by the card.

6.2 Do I need to pay for the activation of the transit card?

It depends on the corresponding transportation company which issues the card. Once a card is issued, it can't be returned and reported as lost.

6.3 How many Xiaomi transit cards can I have?

It is recommended not to activate over four cards due to the limited memory of the safety chip. What's more, some cards can't mutually exist, for example, that of Shanghai and Hangzhou.

6.4 What should I do if I fail to top up the balance

After a successful payment, the system will top up the balance for you automatically within 30 minutes. If you fail to complete the order in 30 minutes, you can ask for a refund by using Mi Pay: choose "Transit Card" and "Payment Records." 

If you fail to ask for a refund several times, please contact the customer service. Tel: 400 100 5678. 

6.5 What should I do if I fail to use the card to pay?

Please try to use the card again. Change the position of Mi Band 3 NFC version and the card reader, keep still for 1 - 2 seconds.

6.6 Can I have discounts by using Xiaomi Transit Cards?

Yes. With Xiaomi Transit Cards, you can enjoy the same discounts as those who use the standard transit cards. 

6.7 Why do I need to put Mi Band 3 for longer on the card reader when I get out of the subway station/get off the bus?

It is to ensure the successful transaction, because at this time, the card will be read, and the system will launch a query about the records and how much you need to pay.

7. Does the NFC/transit card of Mi Band 3 work well? 

I have been using the transit card for about a month, I have used it to pay for the subway, bus, purchase in convenience stores, and no problem has occurred. It is great to have such a transit card (or somewhat of a debit card) around the wrist that makes payment more convenient. 

For the moment, I don't need to take out the card, put it back to the pocket/bag, or queue to top up the card. Additionally, I don't need to worry about losing a transit card anymore. 

I don't know what an access card and a Mi blank card are although the Mi Band 3 NFC version supports them. I will explore the details about these cards in the future.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet with NFC Function



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