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4 Practical Items for Staying-at-home Date Night Ideas

4 Practical Items for Staying-at-home Date Night Ideas

Cuddling against each other on a sofa and enjoying a good movie at home is one of the loveliest things I love to do with my boyfriend at night. And I bet it’s the first idea that every relationship expert would tell you when it comes to home date advice.

To give your new girlfriend a great impression, or to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship. However, you would have to make the movie watching more exciting and more romantic. 

Here are four practical items that will definably make your home date a great success.

1. X96 mini TV Box 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM

With the X96 mini TV Box, you can always find something that both you and your significant other love within a few minutes. It provides a considerable number of video sources, including Youtube and Google Play tailored content. 

Also, its image quality is impressive, which shows natural colors and vivid details. You can enjoy 1080P movies without any embarrassing lag or locking.

Besides, this TV box is easy to install and to control. There is no need for any additional settings. You can easily log in to your Google account, install apps, and follow Youtube videos, as you do in your cellphone but on a bigger screen.

What’s more, the box is exceptionally tiny and saves a lot of space. You can easily paste it on the wall or behind the TV. Even if your apartment is small, it won’t stand in your way. 

2. Alfawise XBR - 08 TV Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker

A good speaker is the icing on the cake. With the Alfawise XBR - 08 TV Soundbar, you can enjoy almost the same sound effect at home as you are in a cinema.

Its four 10W speakers and two passive radiators offer you powerful cinematic stereo, and you can select the right EQ effects (Flat, Classic, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Live) according to the type of your music. Stream the songs on your phones, and both of you will be dancing passionately.

What’s more, the soundbar is very slim, elegant, and space-saving. You can mount it on the wall or the TV cabinet, and its black color is a perfect match for any TV and furniture. Besides, it supports remote control, so you don’t have to leave your lover to turn up the volume.

3. X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Smart Projector Support 4K

No matter how large the screen of your television is, you always want it bigger. What about a screen as big as the wall in your living room? It would be amazing to enjoy an Avengers on such a giant screen!

Buy the X3200 Lumens HD 1080P Smart Projector, and you’ll build a cinema at home. As a projector with ultra-large projection size (200 inches) and high brightness, it provides pictures as clear as on a LED screen. Even you sit at a distance, you can easily catch the details of the movie, and your eyes won’t feel any uncomfortable.

What’s more, whatever the resolution of a movie is, 1080P or 4K, the X3200 can handle it beautifully. With its dual-band WiFi, the projector transfers data at high speed for ultra-smooth video playback. 

Moreover, you won’t have annoying, messy wires everywhere on the floor thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, and you are not going to have a problem with the X3200.

4. Yeelight YLDD04YL 2m LED Smart Light Strip

With a potent TV Box, a powerful speaker and a large screen, you may think you already have everything in your home theater. But something is missing — something magic to brighten the vibes of love. 

Xiaomi’s Yeelight YLDD04YL is the magic. It can emit millions of colors, which means you can always find one to fit your mood and to accompany the story of your movie. More amazingly, with its flexible strip design, you can easily attach it to wherever you want. Even if you don’t need the strip this long, you can easily cut it to the length you want.

For example, you can attach it under your sofa. So when you are watching a romance movie, you could turn off all other lights and turn the Yeelight to sun yellow. It would provide a faint but comfortable light while creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. I’m 100% sure that your girl is going to love this! 

Download the Yeelight App, and you can DIY the light atmosphere of your home. Additionally, the light strip supports voice control. You can easily use Alexa or Google Assistant to shift its status. For example, you can tell it to “dim down” or “turn off the light strip” while you are enjoying your movie. 

Go for these four magic but useful items to have more fun at home and ignite the spark of your date! Everything is worthwhile when you see the surprise and happiness on your girl’s face!

X96 mini TV Box 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM



Alfawise XBR - 08 TV Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker



Yeelight YLDD04YL 2m LED Smart Strip Light 220V ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Smart Projector Support 4K



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