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Official Announcement of Top 10 Android Phone Systems! Xiaomi & Huawei Not In Top 3, The First Place Is Amazing!

Official Announcement of Top 10 Android Phone Systems! Xiaomi & Huawei Not In Top 3, The First Place Is Amazing!

As is known to all, as Chinese smartphones develop in competition, they become the mainstream of Android smartphones worldwide, no matter in terms of fluency, or overall functionality.  

Mobile phone manufacturers consistently optimize the system, performance, and configuration. Among them, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo stand out with unique preferences. 

Master Lu Benchmark officially announced the ranking of top 10 Android systems in China. The top three are OnePlus Oxygen OS, Black Shark JOY UI, Nubia UI.

The reputed Huawei EMUI, MEIZU Flyme, and Xiaomi MIUI were not in the Top 3. They ranked in the 4th, 5th and 6th place respectively. Amazing! But what was wrong?

As we can find from Master Lu Benchmark, the ranking is based on the average ranking of different models from the same brand in the first half of 2019. 

No wonder that OnePlus and Black Shark ranked top of the list because they only offer a few flagship smartphones. 

In contrast, Huawei, Xiaomi, and MEIZU provide a variety of options, from the budget ones to the flagships, catering all consumers. There is no denying that the wide variety affects the benchmark scores. 

All in all, Huawei EMUI, MEIZU Flyme, and Xiaomi MIUI should be the top 3 instead. Let's go into the details! 

No.1: OnePlus Oxygen OS

OnePlus is dedicated to offering flagship models. In recent years, it has gained great popularity in the world. Especially after it released OnePlus 7 Pro which is known as the "King of Android flagships" this year. 

Thanks to numerous flagship models, it's not surprising that OnePlus can get 142.1 points, ranking the first. However, few Chinese users are familiar with the brand.

No.2: Black Shark JOY UI

Black Shark is a brand which provides gaming phones. Backed by Xiaomi, it has achieved instant success in gaming phones. Similar to OnePlus, Black Shark is dedicated to flagship gaming phones. Thus, it got 139.9 points, being in the second place.

No.3: Nubia UI

Nubia mobile phones are famous for camera performance. Therefore, Nubia UI is mainly for taking photos. Thus, Nubia UI doesn't mean an ecological system. However, it is user-oriented, simple, and easy-to-use. 

In short, Nubia smartphones are good enough, but not outstanding in all aspects.

No.4: Huawei EMUI

Huawei remains one of the best mobile phone brands in China and the international market. It boasts high popularity. It is a pity that it only ranked fourth. 

However, the recently designed EMUI system has incorporated a brand new Android compiler, i.e., Ark Compiler. It is believed that in the latter half of the year, with more and more improvements, Huawei EMUI will offer better user experience.

No.5: MEIZU Flyme

Meizu Flyme has been considered as one of the smoothest mobile systems in the world. However, it seems that MEIZU is always in ups and downs. After Flyme team quit for a higher salary elsewhere, MEIZU struggled its way to the fifth place, with 134.8 points, which is quite stunning.

No.6: Xiaomi MIUI

MIUI system is one of the most prominent features of Xiaomi mobile phones, and the first custom system based on Android in China. As the pioneer of Chinese mobile phone brands, Xiaomi is well recognized. 

"Everything is based on MIUI" is prevalent, which reflects that users have loved Xiaomi. However, it is disappointing that Xiaomi ranked 6th with a score of 133.5 points.

Can you find your favorite mobile phone brands in the top 10 list? When buying a phone, would consider the operating system? If you think the fluency of the operating system is essential, could you please click the like button to get your voice heard?

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