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Ten Years Later, I Bought NOKIA X71... NOKIA Means a Lot to an Old Boy!

Ten Years Later, I Bought NOKIA X71... NOKIA Means a Lot to an Old Boy!

Ten years later, I bought myself a NOKIA phone again! As an old boy, you can’t imagine the NOKIA means what for me!

First, NOKIA is a representative of the telecommunication, and its history could date back to 1985. As a classical and high-quality phone, NOKIA has made a good impression and continues down the current path toward its greater success. 

The NOKIA X71 that I bought applied Android native system, making this smartphone run more fluently than others equipped with a heavily customized Android system. In addition to the OS system, its hardware is also amazing! 

With 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, I could download and install much software without worrying about jeopardizing my phone’s running speed, and even playing video games. The operation is so smooth. I can say that its capabilities are first-class.   

Next, I can’t help praising highly its camera. You know, for a nurturing father, it is of vital importance that I can perfectly record my baby’s growth stage. In that way, owning a fully functional and so portable camera is really necessary. The camera of X71 is entirely adequate for my needs, which has abundant functions: Face Beauty, Face Detection, Smile Capture, Smile Detection and so on. My baby’s image is to be a perfect show. There is also a special feature of the camera: autofocus! When you carry your baby in your hands, the camera could focus on the baby automatically.

Then, I chose NOKIA again, in large part due to its high quality. I had a volcanic temper when I was a youth, even towards my girlfriend. Once I needed to release some steam, I just flipped out and started shouting and throwing things, certainly, including mobile phone. But my girlfriend decided to marry me finally, possibly because of that Nokia phone remained intact even got broken many times. So that my wife mistook me as a gentleman. It was quite a long time before I became a mature and stable man and Nokia had a 6.39-inch screen. I have a happy family now, thanks to then solid Nokia and my wife’s magnanimousness. 

Last but not least, NOKIA is the pride and joy for a Virgo. As a Virgo, I like all tidy things. The design of NOKIA cell-phone whether appearance or system interface, both features simplicity and elegance, so the phone can be a perfect adaptation to the environment and Virgo’s choice.

When it comes to personality, I would describe Virgo as introvert but tenacious. NOKIA’s mission is to draw upon a spirit of perfectionism and offer first-rate user experience and improve people’s quality of life. So Nokia dares to struggle hard again, even if it has made one heap of all its winnings, and never breathed a word about its loss. 

Many difficulties and setbacks were inevitably met with in my starting business and I once frustrated by these depressing failure. Until I found my old friend – Nokia rises once again and stays to true the mission, tears in my eyes. At the same time, I blamed myself for my cowardice.
After that, I seemed inspired by an old friend: After the success went, I must force my heart, nerve, and sinew to serve my turn long! My will says to me, “Hold On!” I will never give up! 

In conclusion, I bought myself a NOKIA phone again not only because of its almost perfect quality but because of the spirit of Nokia! 

Nokia means happy family, successful business and perseverance for me! It’s the best smartphone for 2019, it not only represents the energy of numerous elites but also represents the unique emotions of the 80s.   

NOKIA X71 4G Phablet International Version



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