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Redmi Note 7 — A Surprisingly Cost-effective Smartphone

Redmi Note 7 — A Surprisingly Cost-effective Smartphone

I am a Mi fan. I have a complete set of Xiaomi smart home items at home. I choose to buy Xiaomi products mainly because of its high cost-performance ratio, high compatibility, wide application, and great fun. Smart life is popular among young people nowadays.

It is a pity that I didn't have a Xiaomi smartphone. To save money, my wife bought a new mobile phone. Then I used her old mobile phone. This time, Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 7, and suddenly I decided to try it. Before the purchase, many people said that I should buy a flagship phone. 

However, since I was satisfied with all Xiaomi products that I had, after talking with my wife, I placed an order of Xiaomi Note 7 on Gearbest.

Since then, I've used it for two weeks and felt good about it. It is not worse than flagship phones from other brands. Next, I will talk about several reasons why Redmi Note 7 is a surprising mobile phone with a super high cost-performance.

1. Beautiful appearance and great visual experience

On the front, there are the front camera and the hidden receiver. Its screen is 6.3-inch, covered with Corning Gorilla Glass. The hardness is extraordinary, and it's very durable. Of course, if you use keys to scratch it, scratches will be left. 

If your phone is not covered with a screen protector, don't put it with keys in a pocket. It is better to use a screen protector to protect your phone better. 

The 6.3-inch screen of Redmi Note 7 looks big, but a man can easily hold it. Redmi Note 7 is easy-to-use and portable. Coupled with the resolution of 2340x1080, the screen presents amazing details and offers you an excellent experience, whether you play games or watch movies. 

The back of the phone is made of 2.5D glass and has an anti-fingerprint coating. Its appearance impressed all my colleagues at first sight. The phone has a microphone, an infrared blaster, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The infrared blaster is very useful because many appliances in my home are controlled by infrared ray. With such a universal remote control, I don't need to look for any remote control at home anymore. The bottom of the phone is relatively simple. It is a USB Type-C interface, which can be connected from any side.

On the left of the phone is a SIM card slot; on the right are volume buttons and the power button. The phone seems thicker when grabbed in hand, whereas, according to the statistics, the thickness is 8.1mm. 

Additionally, the rear camera is protruding from the back. Thus, I've changed the phone case, which makes it more cumbersome. Nevertheless, the weight is acceptable no matter the phone is held in hand/ put in a bag.

2. Super performance that surprises you 

I haven't used Xiaomi mobile phones before, so I can't compare Redmi Note 7 with any Xiaomi phones. Nevertheless, compared with smartphones that I've used from other brands, Redmi Note 7 runs smoothly. It is even smoother when switching between several programs.

Then, I'd like to focus on its operating system. When I was using a HUAWEI mobile phone, my colleagues said that Xiaomi's MIUI system was excellent. However, I didn't have any chance to use an MIUI system, and I thought HUAWEI's EMUI system was good enough. 

No sooner than I used MIUI system did I find that the MIUI system featured a more user-friendly design. For example, the layout of the pages is very thoughtful. 

The personal finance app is so useful, as I can write down expenses without opening it. Moreover, the phone can be associated with Xiaomi smart home devices, which makes it more convenient to turn on/off the light, TV, and so on.

3. Excellent camera performance in all cases

Redmi Note 7 stands out because of its camera performance. The phone is equipped with a 48 MP camera. Please note that only in professional mode can you get 48MP photos. 

I find that the pictures are high-resolution, even in the super clear preview. After zooming in, you can see tiny details. Moreover, Redmi Note 7 excels in clarity and reproduction. The details are apparent, and the color fidelity is very extraordinary.

Later, after the update, Redmi Note 7 supports handheld super night scene. I tried it immediately. In general, as for camera performance, Redmi Note 7 outperforms other mobile phones at the same price range.

4. Unbeatable battery life

Finally, let's come to its battery life. Redmi Note 7 uses a high-capacity battery — 4000mAh. According to official data, it only takes one hour and 43 minutes to charge it fully. The battery life is more than enough for me because I am an office worker and rarely play games. 

I use it to contact customers during the day, browse at noon, and watch videos at night. Before I go to sleep, the phone has 40% of electricity left. The phone produces impressive sounds, and I enjoy it while listening to music and watching movies.

Most importantly, Redmi Note 7 is affordable and cost-effective. Indeed, this phone has a few downsides. For example, its fingerprint scanner is not in-display. However, it is fantastic that you can have top configurations at such a low cost.

Redmi Note 7 completely changed my opinion about phones that aren't flagships. 

The standard version already offers a good configuration and experience. Redmi Note 7 can not only be a gift for parents but also office workers like me. Easy to use, it is the best tech gift I have received! (My wife gave me this phone as a gift.)

If what I share is helpful to you and you like the phone, would you please hit the applause button?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4G Phablet Global Version 3GB RAM



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