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Xiaomi Mi 9 is Worth Every Penny Of The Price

Xiaomi Mi 9 is Worth Every Penny Of The Price

When it comes to purchasing a smartphone, most people tend to focus on specifications and the price to see whether it is worth our money or not, so as I.

When considering buying a new smartphone, I can only recall a few well-known companies. Although these companies are admirable, their products are so exorbitant, not budget-friendly for the middle-class. Actually, I don’t care about the logo but the product instead, so I’d recommend you to buy Xiaomi Mi 9. 

I’ve been using Xiaomi Mi 9 for about 2 months and I’m loving the latest Xiaomi flagship. Xiaomi Mi 9 meets all my needs, including listening to music, playing CPU intensive video games, multitasking, and more.  

All in all, I have tested this smartphone in every aspect, such as battery life, camera performance, storage, fingerprint sensor... and I am satisfied with the great results. Everything works well. I would put it this way: the smartphone is twice as valuable as the money you pay for it.  

The best thing about this phone, to me, is the USB Type-C port and lasting battery life. If you love traveling and you are too lazy to charge the phone in time, Xiaomi Mi 9 is a perfect choice for you. 

When it is to be out of juice, just plug in, the smartphone can be fully charged in about 1 hour. Thanks to the fast charging, I don’t need to wait impatiently anymore and always go on a journey without worry.

The Most Powerful Snapdragon Chipset In 2019 So Far

Smartphones powered by Exynos chipsets are less popular than those powered by Snapdragon ones because of lower performance. For Android phones, no CPU is better than the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC. 

This is because the chipset is the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset so far, and it is widely used in the top-notch smartphones released in 2019.

With such a powerful CPU, I don’t need to worry about the display effect and operation when running heavy Apps on Xiaomi Mi 9. I am glad at the smoother operation. 

What’s more, the processor provides more RAMs and ROMs, so I can multitask by opening tens of Apps without feeling any lags. It is so amazing!

Wonderful Camera Performance That Everyone Desires

At present, we demand wonderful camera performance and desire a camera phone as good as possible for the need for perfectly capturing moments in our life. 

Xiaomi Mi 9 has the triple rear camera, including 48MP main camera, 16MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a macro lens, 12MP portrait camera with 2x optical zoom, and two LED flashlights to improve the exposure in low-light conditions. 

The selfie camera of Xiaomi Mi 9 is 20MP, offering a variety of beauty modes. It’s impossible to find a higher configuration in any other smartphone at the same price range.

One of its counterparts, which is nearly 100% more expensive, only provides dual 12MP rear camera and dual LED. This is a huge difference for the person who is on a budget. There is no doubt that Xiaomi Mi 9 stands out in the competition.

As far as I am concerned, taking pictures of every place that I visit is a must, whereas, my old digital camera is too bulky. Fortunately, the camera performance of Mi 9 gratifies me, so I just throw my digital camera away before I go on a trip. Trust me! You will love Xiaomi Mi 9 because of its extraordinary cameras.

The Fastest Fingerprint Sensor Facilitates Unlocking

Another reason why I like Xiaomi Mi 9 is that it has the 5th generation fingerprint technology, with the latest in-display optical fingerprint sensor. This feature is significant, which is a breakthrough in technology. 

I can feel that the unlocking speed is ultra-fast, as the phone is unlocked the instant my finger is put onto it. More surprisingly, the fingerprint sensor functions normally no matter when my fingers are dry or wet. This is like something of a camera.

I used the fingerprint sensor placed on the back or at the bottom of the screen before. These two types are less sensitive to the touch and they are much slower. Each time, they irritate me because I have to clean my fingers before unlocking the phone. 

To conclude, for those who prefer more convenience, obviously, the investment in Xiaomi Mi 9 is worthwhile. 

Youre Buying A Big And Nice-looking Screen

Xiaomi Mi 9 has a bigger screen, with which I’m able to watch movies and complete my work. I don’t need to carry my notebook everywhere now. 

The colors are vivid and accurate, because the high-resolution screen features HDR10 and DCI-P3, and I can give photos a finishing touch immediately. I am fond of the aesthetic large curved screen, as well as what the screen presents to me.

You won’t complain that it is difficult to use the big screen, because it is smart and it recognizes the gestures so well, which facilitates texting. 

Because Mi 9 is light, you won’t feel tired after holding it with a single hand for several hours in a row. Nonetheless, you won’t regard it as a burden when it is put in your bag/pocket.  

The Verdict

The performance of Xiaomi Mi 9 is better than I expected, and I’m enjoying it. Xiaomi smartphones provide users with practical features and I believe that they are shaping the mindset of Xiaomi’s users. Their smartphones feature the best value for money.

Dear readers, don’t waste your time looking around, just go for Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone in 2019, Mi 9! 

Xiaomi Mi 9 4G Phablet Global Version 6GB RAM



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