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Logitech K580 Keyboard: Compatible with Phones and PCs to Avoid Typing Hurry-scurry

Logitech K580 Keyboard: Compatible with Phones and PCs to Avoid Typing Hurry-scurry

Logitech K580 is a compact keyboard which can work with multiple devices. If you switch back and forth from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you can use it to improve the typing efficiency.

It is widely acknowledged that computers are the tool for productivity, while mobile phones are for entertainment. The main reason is that it is too difficult to type with a smartphone. 

In particular, when working, you receive a message on your phone, you can only reply by tapping on the small screen.

To solve such a problem, Logitech has launched K380 and K480 keyboard, allowing users to type on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Recently, Logitech has launched a new multi-device wireless keyboard, K580. How about it?

Unlike the previous round keys of the K480, the K580 features the more common square keys.

Overall, it is light and thin, and the travel distance is short. 

With a noise-canceling design, it is suitable for the workplace and home use, and you won’t disturb others. 

Because of the compact design, the layout of the K580 wireless keyboard is relatively tight. 

Nevertheless, it includes the numeric keyboard and the FN key, satisfying most users.

The left, right, and lower borders are narrow, which means space-saving.

Of course, on the top of the keyboard is the unique mobile device holder for smartphones and tablets. 

Small as it is, it works for nearly all smartphones and small tablets. Even though placed vertically on it, a smartphone won’t fall off. 

Push the slot upwards, and you can open the lid. On the right is two AAA alkaline batteries, on the left, is extra space for you. 

Since the K580 keyboard supports wireless transmission, it comes with a USB receiver inside.

The K580 keyboard supports controlling two devices. 

For the first use, press and hold F11 to establish a connection between the keyboard and your computer. Input the verification code and confirm by pressing “Enter.” To connect the second device, press and hold F12, and follow the steps mentioned above. 

K580 is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS systems. After connecting two devices, you can switch between them by pressing F11 or F12.

Logitech K580 is a slim multi-device keyboard with noise-canceling design. It can adapt to the workplace perfectly. The compact keyboard layout allows you to make the best use of your desktop space. 

If you often switch between your computer and your phone/tablet back and forth to type, Logitech K580 will undoubtedly improve your productivity.

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