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The Right Choice for Teeth Whitening: 360 Smart Electric Toothbrush under $30!

The Right Choice for Teeth Whitening: 360 Smart Electric Toothbrush under $30!

I'm not familiar with the brand, 360, because I only saw 360 robotic vacuum cleaner on Gearbest last year. Because the price of this toothbrush is within my budget, I specially checked this brand online. 

It is a very famous Chinese brand dedicated to the production, research, and development of security products. It provides users with free antivirus safety services, and even a browser comparable with Google Chrome.

After reading the introduction, I felt that this brand was very reliable, so I decided to buy this electric toothbrush. It happened to be on sale at less than $30 then. After using for several days, I've found that both the material and quality of the 360 smart toothbrush are reliable .

The 360 smart electric toothbrush uses high-frequency sonic vibration, which is 40,000 times per minute to clean the residue inside the teeth deeply. With intelligent pressure sensing, it reduces the damage to gums. 

Because of the low noise and mild vibration, you won't feel the toothbrush vibrating severely. Here's a test. I put it in a glass of water, turn on the 360 smart electric toothbrush, and use the daily cleaning mode. I find it barely vibrating but the clean water.

The 360 smart electric toothbrush offers five cleaning modes, including daily cleaning mode, dental care mode, whitening mode, tongue massage & cleaning mode, and gentle mode for sensitive teeth. 

These five different cleaning modes are for different groups of people to take good care of their teeth. Bristles vibrate in a different direction in each mode.

I usually use the daily cleaning mode and gentle mode. I use the regular cleaning mode in the morning, and the gentle cleaning mode in the evening. The gentle mode cleans teeth more mildly. 

After each meal, I eat some fruits, which will contain water, sugar, or some acid. Then, I use the gentle mode to take care of sensitive teeth and massage periodontal tissues.

For people with dental plaque, the dental care mode is the right choice. The targeted vibration can effectively prevent calcification of dental plaque, remove stubborn tartar, and reduce calculus.

For those people who smoke and drink coffee, cigarette stains and coffee stains and other black or yellow pigment will accumulate on the teeth over time. Do not worry, 360 electric toothbrush offers a specially designed whitening model to remove the black and yellow pigment.

When brushing teeth with electric toothbrushes, we only need to use toothpaste about the same size as a pea. Place the toothbrush with toothpaste in your mouth, and press the on/off button to start brushing. 

During brushing, you can switch the modes at any time. Just press the power button gently, and the modes will be changed from top to bottom of the toothbrush.

The electric toothbrush shakes every 20 seconds during brushing, which reminds you to change the area. Our mouth is divided into six zones, with each requiring 20 seconds. When we brush our teeth, we don't care much about the division.

The 360 electric toothbrush has the intelligent timer function. After working for 2 minutes, it will turn off automatically. Additionally, it also has a memory function. 

If you choose the whitening mode this time, the next time the toothbrush will be in the whitening mode because it automatically remembers the last choice.

We can also massage and clean the tongue regularly. Select the tongue massage & cleaning mode, and gently brush it with the back of the brush head to effectively reduce bad breath, freshening your breath. It is enough to do it once a week.

The handle is smooth and round, and it feels good. It looks bright from the front and back. The whole body is IPX7 waterproof. Thus, even if washed by running water, it will function as normal. You can also use the toothbrush safely in the bath.

The back is designed with radian, fitting most adults' hands. There are two buttons on the front, i.e., the on/off button and the mode switch button made of silicone. Upon a slight push, the toothbrush can start working.

The rotating shaft is made of high-quality stainless steel with long service life. Because of the noise-canceling double bearing and magnetically levitated motor, you won't feel the vibration when holding it. 

The wireless induction charging is quick and convenient. The toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof so that you can put it beside the sink in the bathroom. 

Place the handle gently on the charger to charge the toothbrush. It can be charged for 10 hours and last for about 45 days. During charging, the LED light on the handle flashes, and it turns steady on after the toothbrush is fully charged. The status is quite evident at a glance.

The brush head is critical for a high-quality toothbrush. If we brush our teeth twice a day, the brush head contacts our mouth 60 times. Therefore, you can't ignore the quality of the toothbrush head. It is crucial to personal hygiene and dental health.

The brush head of the 360 smart electric toothbrushes is made of fine and soft Dupont bristles for better flexibility and cleaning effect. The 3D wavy brush head is more suitable for the radian and shapes of teeth. It can effectively remove the impurities difficult to be cleaned on the tooth surface and crevices.

Soft silica gel covers the brush head and carefully protects the gums. It also has soft silicone bristles on the back, which can clean the tongue and protect the teeth better.

There are also two bundles of dark blue bristles on both sides of the toothbrush head, which is of great use. If the tips of deep blue bristles turn white (2 - 3mm long), it means that it is necessary to replace the toothbrush head. 

Thanks to such bristles, we no longer need to recall how long a toothbrush head has been used.

The installation is simple. Align the front of the brush head and handle, force the toothbrush into the handle. After the insertion, there will be a gap of 1-2mm, designed for better rotation of the brush head. 

As for the replacement, hold the handle with one hand and the brush head with the other, and you can pull out the brush head.

360 ORACLEEN T1 Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush



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