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All These Features Make Alfawise HDP300 DLP Projector Even Better Than the Double-priced Projectors!

All These Features Make Alfawise HDP300 DLP Projector Even Better Than the Double-priced Projectors!

Had you ever watched films from an open-air theater?

If you once had, you will know how wonderful the feeling is.

Until today, our family still have nostalgia for those good old days.

At one night of this summer, I took part in a cookout and re-experienced the feeling of watching films with friends in the open air. It’s so wonderful that I was moved to tears even by a comedy.

Then I learned from my friend that he created this open-air theatre with only a projector.

My family used to sit for hours around tables, in a dim light, watch the TV, which also made us happy. But now, mostly we watched films by oneself via the computer, iPad, and iPhone.

However, imagine that I could use a projector outside on clear nights to break up the usual “watch the TV” and to bring my family together in my back yard. What a splendid night!

After researching several different projectors of different brands and price points, I decided to go with this one, Alfawise HDP300 for several reasons:

1. The most cost-effective DLP 1080P handy smart projector only costs $309.99.

I am always looking for the biggest bang for the buck regardless of what type of product I am buying. I am willing to pay more money for a more superior product if it means the product will last longer, and the quality is better. 

Thankfully, this projector defied all the odds by being the cheapest at this price point and the best quality. Why did I say that? According to my research, lots of DLP projectors under $500 aren’t bright enough. 

However, this one provides 210 ANSI lumen in reality, it may not sound like a lot, but when you are projecting onto the wall in your home rather than paying more money for a screen, the 210 ANSI lumen allows the color of the projected image to overpower the color of the wall. 

Beyond that, you could also project onto any light-color flat surface such as a tent or curtain.

2. Built-in 700mAh battery makes it perfect for family cookouts.

If you are looking for an outdoor projector, you must consider the battery. 

Whatever you use it for a family cookout or business roadshow, you can use this Alfawise HDP300 projector flexibly without the hassle of using a power cord. It’s palm-sized design also makes it portable for carrying.

3. No external stereo is needed, with built-in Hi-Fi stereo speaker.

You may know that many projectors without audio are required to connect with external stereo, which is inconvenient for outdoor usage. 

Alfawise HDP300 DLP projector uses an independent stereo speaker, allowing you to enjoy the delicate and lossless sound quality conveniently. 

If the audio on the projector is not enough for your needs, this projector also allows multiple types of inputs and outputs (with 3.5mm Audio, DC Port, HDMI, TF Card Slot, USB interfaces), so that you could enjoy a deeper bass and crisper sound for music.

4. Enjoy theatre-like large image with 200-inch large mirroring screen

Now, as the winter is upcoming, an open-air theatre is no longer a good choice. But using a projector to replace the TV in the living room seems excellent. 

I had tried it yet on a rainy day, laying on the sofa and watching films with my families. I enjoyed that feeling. 

Additionally, it seems eye-protective even when I sat close to the screen. In the past, the TV screen is easy to fatigue my eyes.

Overall, Alfawise HDP300 is an excellent pocket projector. 1080P high definition image quality, 200-inch large screen, auto trapezoidal correction, bright resolution, palm-sized, built-in stereo speaker and 700mAh battery... all the features make it even better than some projectors over $500. 

I will recommend this projector to anyone who is looking for the most cost-effective projector at this price point. 

Alfawise HDP300 DLP 1080P 200 Inch Mirroring Screen Smart Projector With 7000mAh Battery



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