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Wanna Escape the Realities of This World? Wear the AKG Stereo Earphones and Forget it All...

Wanna Escape the Realities of This World? Wear the AKG Stereo Earphones and Forget it All...

When my old headphones that had served me relentlessly for the past three years gave up the ghost, I was beyond shook. Where was I going to get another headphone that knew and cared for me like Sally did (yes I named my headphones). 

I had done some research and I had come across some decent options, but nothing had come close to be a good replacement for Sally. 

At least not until I discovered the AKG 3.5mm Wire In-line Earbuds Stereo Earbuds. 

See, I love my music and my podcasts – during workout sessions, on the commute to work, when I’m eating, I always have my headphones plugged in. 

You can, therefore, understand why getting the right replacement headphones was so important to me. 

I have never really been a fan of earbuds, my love lay with headphones because of how loud and personal they made my music seem. So of course, I was skeptical when all these tech device reviewers kept recommending the AKG 3.5mm Wire In-line Stereo Earbuds. However, I let go of my fears and decided to click on that order button and believe me, no decision has made me prouder than the decision to purchase these earbuds.

The first thing that impressed me about these earbuds was the high elastic rubber tips with an ergonomic design that fits so well in my ears. One of the issues I have always had with earbuds is that after a while of use, they start to hurt my ears. 

But this one was different, I could use it for hours on end and I would not feel a single thing. The cable descending from either earbud is ergonomically positioned so that friction is minimized at the ear. What other earbud cares about your comfort like this one?

Then should we talk about the quality of the sound? The best, I tell you. 

The earbuds are made with noise-reducing technology that reduces low-frequency noise to give a much clearer output sound. It doesn’t even end there; the button remotely controls the music and phone calls so that I never have to disconnect from my phone just to take my calls. It is also compatible with almost all devices. 

The 3.5mm jack allows you to connect to any device that has the same jack. In fact, the more I listen to my favorite songs and tunes with these earbuds, the more in love I am with this product.

Although the AKG Stereo Earbuds are pretty, but they lack lustre in their appearance (well what earbud is not?). 

Nevertheless, they more than make up for this flaw in reliability. They are relatively easy to use, they come with tangle-free cables, they are durable and flexible. 

If you are just someone who loves to escape the realities of this world by putting on a good tune and forgetting it all, these AKG 3.5mm Wire In-line Earphones Stereo earbuds might just be what you need.

AKG 3.5mm Wired In-line Earphones Stereo Earbuds



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