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Rich Bit RT-022 Review

Rich Bit RT-022 Review

Electric bike is specifically designed for mountain biking!

Electric bikes are now a common trend in many parts of the world. Why don’t you join this rising trend and get yourself an e-bike? This bike will provide you with freedom from peddling allowing you to cover a huge distance without getting tired due to cycling. The RICH BIT RT-022 is an ideal bike for cycling lover who wishes to cover a large area using a bike as compared to other means of transportation.

A lot of people think an electric bike will fall apart at any moment and are expensive to service. A well-designed electric bike like the RICH BIT RT-022 will not need much regular servicing than a normal bike. You only need to check your electric bike before or after a long trip so you can spot any damage or battery low.


Folding Type: Non-folding
Max Payload: 150kg
Transmission System: Shimano 21 speed
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Maximum Speed: 40km/h
Product Weight: 26.7kg
Tire Diameter: 26 x 4 inch
Brake System: Front and rear disc
Maximum Mileage: 20-35km (depends on road and driver weight)
Light: Front and rear, LED type
Battery: 1000W 48V 17AH Li-battery, low battery warning
Charger Type: EU Plug
Charging Time: 4 hours

Design and features

This bike uses a 48V 17 AH lithium-ion battery that is powerful enough to operate the bike because of its high-performance nature making it very efficient. The battery is charged using a lithium battery charger that comes together with the e-bike. This battery is reliable and can last long too. 

The lithium-ion battery has been built in into the bike frame making them almost invisible. These batteries can allow one to travel for a distance of up to 50 km. When fully charged the battery can last for 7 hours.

The RICH BIT RT-022 also has a front and rear suspension making riding it much more comfortable. The bike can handle a weight of up to 150 kgs and a height of 160-190 cm.

It can travel at a speed of 25km/h. This speed makes is a very safe and fast e-bike. It has a 7-speed feature allowing the rider to choose the most comfortable speed for them using the speed shift lever on the bike.

This bicycle also features a front and rear disk brakes. The brakes also have a power off or shift system meaning they can be used both manually and motorized. This bike has 26 inch wheels and they have 4 inch wide, which is very wide and that makes it very practical for snow, forest or beach driving. You can drive about 25 kilometers off roads on a one battery charge. It has mud guards at the front of the back.

Also a one passenger bike, it is well fitted with a waterproof saddle or seat that is very high standard and also very comfortable even in long-sdistance commutes. The saddle is held by a high-impact aluminum 33.9mm seat post. The bike has a very firm ergonomically designed grip.

This bike has an LED light ensuring that a rider can clearly see the way at night or when riding through tunnels and dark areas. It also has a double folding paddle making the bike very high class and stylish.

These bikes can be used by both male and female due to the fact that they are user friendly. They also come in different colors that make not only look good but also elegant and well designed. Because it is not a folded bike, ladies do not have to worry about how they will drag all that weight with them in buildings. 


An important part of owning a bike is servicing and electric bikes are o different. Looking after your Richbit will not just save you money in the long run and keep your bike running for years but will help you ride your electric bike safely by minimizing the risk of an mishap.

The amount of kilometers you travel will effect how often you will need your bike servicing. For most people the Richbit will need servicing between six months to a year providing the electric bike has not been damaged.


Electric bikes are the future of the cycling world in the near future. They provide speed, comfort, and convenience to its users. They are also stylish and easy to operate this makes them very ideal for a lot of age groups and user friendly too.

The RICH BIT RT-022 Electric Bike is very fast and easy to use. Its 21 speed shift feature allows you to enjoy riding it to the maximum. Its weight also makes it very stable.

It is made from very strong materials ensuring its durability and functionality too. It has a very mature mountain bike look making it ideal for any bike lover whether they choose to use the electric or the manual feature.

RICH BIT RT-022 Ebike 48V 17Ah Li-battery 4.0 In Fat Tire Bicycle Snow Electric Bike Mountain Accelerator Throttl



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