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Is Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Worth Buying At About $25? Here's My User Experience

Is Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Worth Buying At About $25? Here's My User Experience

I don't know whether you wear a smart fitness tracker or not. I started using one a few years ago.

However, as I don't have a liking for smartwatches with a big display, on the contrary, I am tired of charging such smartwatches once a day.

So I've found an alternative, the smart bracelet.

Today, I will introduce Mi Band 3 to you.

First, let's look at the design.

From left to right, you can find the packaging box, charger, Mi Band 3, wristband.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3, made of thermoplastic elastomer, gives you great comfort when it is around your wrist. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 offers three color options: black, orange and blue, among which I prefer black.

The most significant improvement in the appearance is the screen of Mi Band 3. The display of Mi Band 3 has been upgraded to 0.78 inch, based on the 0.42-inch screen of Mi Band 2. The screen of Mi Band 3 has a resolution of 128 x 80

The increase in screen size sounds insignificant for smartphones, but it is a fantastic breakthrough for fitness trackers.

There is a touch button that you can't push down at the bottom of the screen.

Nevertheless, dudes, you don't need to worry about the connection between the main body of Mi Band 3 and the wristband will be loose, or worry that Mi band three might slip away when you are running. Such worries are completely unnecessary.

The connection between the main body of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and the wristband is firm, even if you push it hard you can't separate them easily.

In addition to a bigger screen, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has also achieved a breakthrough in functionality.

Mi Band 3 will notify you of incoming calls, SMS, notifications from Apps such as Facebook, Twitter and more. With a 0.78-inch screen, around 40 English characters can appear on a single page.

Additionally, combined with a wrist-up display function of Mi Band 3, I believe that in different scenarios, it is easy for you to read information without picking up the phone and getting distracted. As for me, this is why the big display of Mi Band 3 is the most attractive. 

With the big screen, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 also becomes more flexible in operation. You can choose different functions, such as steps, heart rate, weather by sliding up or down on the screen.

Here's how to use Mi Band 3. Swipe to the left or right to check distance covered, calories burnt and remaining battery percentage. Tap the button on the screen to return to the upper menu. Long press in the corresponding interface to search, use a timer and other functions.

Of course, apart from what is above, with the App, Mi Band 3 can also be used to check various sports data in detail, monitor sleep quality, measure heart rate, set alarm clocks, and so on.

According to my actual use, I am fond of Mi Band 3 because of the sedentary reminder, screen unlocking, waterproof performance, and long battery life.

The sedentary reminder is a feature that many wristbands and smartwatches have, and it is handy indeed. By default, when you sit for too long, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will vibrate every hour to remind you to move.

For office workers like me who sit in front of a computer every day, the sedentary reminder is pretty practical. Long sedentary time and immobility do harm to the waist. You should move.

As long as Mi Band 3 connects to the phone via Bluetooth, you can unlock the phone screen with the smart bracelet.

What's more, the waterproof rating of Mi Band 3 has been upgraded to 5 ATM waterproof, i.e., 50m waterproof

Generally, you can wear an IP67 waterproof smart bracelet when you are washing hands or bathing, in comparison, you won't have any problem in using the 5 ATM waterproof Mi Band 3 during swimming and surfing.

However, you must take off Xiaomi Mi Band 3 before sauna and diving.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 impressed me because its battery life is impressive

I used Mi Band 2 to tell time occasionally so it could last for 25 days without charging. In comparison, Mi Band 3 can work for up to 20 days without charging, although it has a bigger screen because the battery capacity has been improved to 110mAh.

I haven't run a full test yet. In the past few days, on average, the daily use has consumed 4% of the electricity. However, this is for your reference (light use).

All in all, Mi Band 3 is good, you can enjoy various functions in exchange of about $25! For those who want to have a try of smart fitness tracker, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is an excellent choice.

By the way, do you think smart fitness trackers are practical?

"Yes, checking the step counts per day is a way to keep you reassured."

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet Steps Count Sleep Monitor



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