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Unboxing|Redmi G Gaming Laptop, a Good Choice For Students To Get Started On The Gaming World

Unboxing|Redmi G Gaming Laptop, a Good Choice For Students To Get Started On The Gaming World

Redmi has always been a cost-effective brand in many people's minds. Although some people think that this "cost-effectiveness" is not absolute, but we all remember the released Redmi K30 Extreme commemorative edition has overwhelmingly won the hearts of the people in the market.

This time, the Redmi G gaming notebook, which is being pursued this time, still follows Lei Jun's vision of "kind price and touching". As a "novice" gaming notebook, the overall performance of Redmi G is still in line with public expectations.

But what is surprising is that the Redmi G series did not choose the AMD platform that is more cost-effective in the eyes of the public this year, but "converted" to the Intel + NVIDIA combination, which is more like a variant of the Xiaomi game notebook in configuration.

On the one hand, Redmi G gave way to Xiaomi's high-end configuration; on the other hand, with its price advantage, it actually eroded the entry level of Xiaomi's gaming notebook.

As the first generation of Redmi, the Redmi G-series gaming notebooks adopt a hardcore mecha-style design. The body is completely black, and the lines are chamfered. There are a lot of three-dimensional recessed etchings of mecha elements on the A side, but the overall is not exaggerated. The D side is a more orthodox heat dissipation hole, the style is consistent with the whole.

The heat dissipation system uses configurations including dual fans, three independent heat pipes, and four air outlets. The specific heat dissipation performance depends on the subsequent related "baking machine" test.

Compared with its own more low-key and stable Xiaomi game laptops, Redmi G series game laptops have a continuation of their temperament to fellow seniors, but they are younger in product form. If the target users are college students, it is still very suitable.

In the keyboard part, the Redmi G gaming notebook is equipped with a full-size keyboard with three-level backlight adjustment, 1.5mm high key travel, hyperboloid keycaps, WASD independent marks, and a special design for the space bar.

The keyboard keys feel quite satisfactory, the overall is soft, the touchpad area is large, supports multi-gesture control, and the experience is not bad. Due to the occupancy of the numeric keypad, the main keyboard area of the Redmi G gaming notebook will shift to the left, which is not friendly to daily typing. I personally think that an external mechanical keyboard is a good choice.

In fact, the button layout of the Redmi G gaming notebook is much better than that of the Xiaomi notebook. The latter adds a column of custom keys on the left, causing the keyboard layout to become strange.

Later, I found out that any game notebook that pays attention to the screen-to-body ratio, if it cannot exceed 17 inches, as long as adding a full-size small keyboard or adding additional custom keys, it will cause the keyboard layout to shift. If you want to take care of daily office work , Learn to use, an external keyboard may be a kind of awareness.

When it comes to gaming notebooks, performance must be mentioned. Redmi G is positioned as an entry-level gaming notebook, but the comprehensive configuration is the highest category at the same price. The one we have is a high-end version. The specific configuration is as follows:

- Tenth generation i7-10750H processor

- GTX 1650 Ti graphics card

- 16.1 inch 144Hz, 100% sRGB high color gamut, IPS screen

- 16GB DDR4 2933MHz memory (expandable 64GB), 512GB solid state drive (M.2 SSD storage interface, expandable 2TB hard drive)

- The thickness is 24.4mm and the body weight is 2.5kg

The initial price is on Gearbest is only 1029$. At this price point, with the comprehensive configuration distribution and the influence of its own brand, it is actually quite competitive.In addition, with other configurations unchanged, there are also i5-10200H / GTX 1650 / 60Hz / first release version , and i5-10300H / first release version . As a "game book", I don't really recommend the 60Hz version, and the two 144Hz versions have their own merits.

The Redmi G gaming notebook has a 16.1-inch high color gamut 144Hz screen with a three-sided narrow frame. The camera is placed on a wider bottom frame. Since the vision is usually concentrated in the upper middle of the screen, the overall look and feel is good.

Compared with its own Xiaomi notebooks, Redmi G has a lower price and is slightly weaker on graphics cards, but it has a high color gamut screen. In addition to playing games, it is very helpful for cutting videos, designing, and drawing. As a member of the media school, my feelings are particularly profound.

When in college, few people would configure desktop computers in their dormitories. Thin and light notebooks are not suitable for editing short videos. Gaming notebooks can meet moderate editing, but the screen color accuracy is often not very good; those who bought MacBook Pro high-end The classmates, obviously sacrificed the game demand. So in the entry level, Redmi G is still a very balanced and versatile game book.

In addition, this Redmi G gamebook is also equipped with the latest upgraded smart mutual transmission, cross-screen collaboration, and Xiaomi calling functions at the 10th anniversary conference, just like Apple and Huawei. If you use a Xiaomi phone, the brand itself The benign interaction in the ecology is of great help to the improvement of daily work and learning efficiency.

In terms of interface expandability, Redmi G gaming notebook includes USB Type-C, USB 3.1 Gen2, USB 2.0, mini DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm headphone jack, 180W power interface and Gigabit wired network card interface. The interface configuration is quite rich . In addition, this gamebook also supports a new generation of Wi-Fi 6, which is basically enough.

It can be seen that the Redmi G game is not the ultimate in game configuration. It can meet the smooth play of mainstream games, but it does not have a fever. In many aspects, learning and work scenarios are considered. It is almost for college students.

From the hardware point of view, there is nothing insurmountable for other products on Redmi G, but it relies on a good price/performance ratio, accurate user positioning, and the experience accumulated by Xiaomi GamingBook in the front-end exploration. The first-generation products are quite mature.The performance in the market is still worth looking forward to.

Original Xiaomi Redmi G Gaming laptop 16.1 inch FHD Laptop For Intel I7 /I5 16GB DDR4 2933MHz RAM 512GB PCle SSD Storage Camera Office Redmibook



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