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Why Does The "Non-committed" Xiaomi Satisfy Me? Don't Miss the Yeelight YLXD41YL/YLXD42YL Upgrade Version Ceiling Light

Why Does The "Non-committed" Xiaomi Satisfy Me? Don't Miss the Yeelight YLXD41YL/YLXD42YL Upgrade Version Ceiling Light

If you ask me what my favorite brand is, I would answer you without hesitation, "Xiaomi."

Some say that Xiaomi is not dedicated to smartphones because it makes nearly everything. 

I don't think it is a big deal. 

More importantly, Xiaomi has successfully disrupted quite a few industries with its exceptional workmanship and cost-to-performance ratio. 

In the course, the brand has established its dominant position in the smart home products and created a unique ecosystem.

Yeelight plays a vital role in the ecosystem.

The innovative high-tech brand is from an American business incubator, SOS Ventures. It became a member of Xiaomi ecosystem in 2014. 

Yeelight is a high-tech brand which integrates design, development, production, and sales. It cooperates with a variety of famous high-tech enterprises worldwide, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon. The leading smart lighting brand distributes products across the world.

Yeelight has a complete product line of smart home lighting, including household lighting series, desktop lighting series, atmosphere lighting series, and smart control series. 

The Yeelight smart LED ceiling light is one of its products. 

√ Reputed brand

√ 5min Quick Installation

√ LED light source

√ Support Apple HomeKit

No wonder that it is preferred for those who suffer from choice phobia disorder. 


The ceiling light is a cylinder, with 320mm in diameter, about 73mm thickness (including the quick-release mounting module), 2.5kg in weight. 

The ceiling light is mainly in white. With 240 Lumileds/OSRAM LED emitters, its output power is 28W. The color temperature is between 2700K - 6500K. In coordination with the silver edge, it harmonizes with the household decoration style perfectly.

The light is sealed, IP50 dustproof, completely avoiding the problem of dust and flying insects after a period of use.

Separate Industrial Design: 

Yeelight smart LED ceiling light is relatively novel because of the independent design. 

The entire light consists of two parts, namely, the ceiling light and a quick-release mounting module. For installation, fix the quick-release mounting module on the wall, place the light according to the position of the buckle to fix it.

It only takes 5 minutes to assemble. The time might be shorter for those with hands-on ability. 

To disassemble, slide the red buttons on both sides, then, the light can be taken off for ease of maintenance. 

Of course, the most attractive is the light itself. 

240 LED beads make the color rendering index up to 95Ra. In the light, whether your baby's painting or your wife's makeup can present the most beautiful and natural color. 

The adjustment of color temperature is a must-have function for smart lights. 

However, its Moonlight Mode amazes me. 

In the Moonlight Mode, the brightness is adequate, because I can see everything in the surroundings clearly without feeling that there's glaring light overhead. 

The light is gentle, like the dim moonlight which shone on the bedside.

In short, the ceiling light is an excellent choice as an improvement of the atmosphere or a sleeping companion. 

Smart Linkage:

The ceiling light supports Bluetooth, WiFi, and four control methods, including wall switch, Yeelight App, Apple Homekit, remote control.

Through the Yeelight App, you can associate the ceiling light with your Mi Band so that it can turn off the light according to your sleeping status, which is thoughtful.


The smart light from Xiaomi ecosystem outperforms any other ceiling light. Moreover, its simple and elegant appearance, can perfectly match with the various decorations, like those in the Japanese, modern style.

The Moonlight Mode turns the ceiling light into a bright moon, lighting up your world in the darkness, which is fascinating.

Regardless of 100% satisfaction of the Moonlight Mode, the ultimate goal of Yeelight is to create a full-fledged smart home.

I hope that I will have chances to share with you other products in Xiaomi ecosystem.

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