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Alfawise VS Aqara Smart Home Smart Home Security Kit, Which Is Your Best Choice?

Alfawise VS Aqara Smart Home Smart Home Security Kit, Which Is Your Best Choice?

If you want to incorporate some more smartness into your home whilst maintaining the simplicity and fewer apps for stuff.  

I suggest you decide between Alfawise Z1 and Aqara smart home security kit.  

These two brands have their own highlights, and the following content will tell you which one is your best choice.

Alfawise VS Aqara gateway

Both Aqara and Alfawise gateway are connecting via Zigbee protocol, which means accessories can still work smoothly even if your home network is unstable or disconnected.

Alfawise gateway

√ Support for Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant voice query the opening and closing state of other smart devices.

√ It's European plug, which means you can use it directly.

√ The app supports languages in 12 countries.

√ The price is cheaper than Aqara.

× Apple HomeKit APP is not supported for the time.

× You can only buy a whole set of products, not one of them.  

Aqara gateway

√ Aqara Gateway can access Mijia APP and Homekit, which can support the Xiaomi speaker and Siri voice control at the same time but cannot access the door lock.

√ Aqara brand products cover a single device application and the entire home automation system, equipment types include sensors, intelligent controllers, etc., and have self-developed mobile phone applications and advanced data analysis platforms.

√ In addition, Aqara itself has a vast array of products, unlike Alfawise has a limited amount of devices.

× The APP and specification are all in Chinese.

× It's Chinese plug, you have to buy an extra converter. 

Aqara ZHWG11LM WiFi Zigbee Smart Gateway HOMEKIT Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



Alfawise VS Aqara Window Door Sensor, Temperature Humidity Sensor, Human Body Motion Sensor

In fact, in terms of function, there is not much difference between Aqara and Alfawise.

Such as:

Open the door linkage turns on the smart light;

Open the window linkage close the air purifier;

High humidity linkage turns on the dehumidifier;

High-temperature linkage turns on the air conditioner;

The human body passes by, linkage turns on the smart light;

The human body passes by, linkage turns on the IP camera;

Both Alfawise and Aqara can be implemented perfectly.  

Aqara Window Door Sensor ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



Aqara WSDCGQ11LM Temperature Humidity Sensor ( Xiaomi Ecosysterm Product )



Aqara RTCGQ11LM Human Body Motion Sensor ZigBee Wireless Connection with 7M Distance Detection 2 Years Battery Life for Smart Home Security ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



The differences are:

1. Battery Life

Alfawise smart home products consume less power and have a battery life of more than 5 years. You never have to worry about charging.

Aqara's smart home products only have 2-year battery life.  

2. Smart Connection

All of Alfawise Z1 smart home products can connect with Tuya's smart home products by Tuya APP.

But Aqara can be connected with all Xiaomi's smart products.  

3. Price

The price of the Alfawise smart home kits is $69.99. If you pay a deposit of $5 before Feb.17th, you can buy it for only $59.99.

The same 4 products, Aqara is more expensive. You can buy it for $66.96, and don't forget that there is an extra converter.


Anyway, they're all great products. 

If you have a lot of Xiaomi products at home, or if you are used to using HomeKit, I suggest you buy Aqara smart home kit.

If you want to spend less money and often use Amazon Alexa or Google Home, then Alfawise Z1 is definitely your best choice.

Alfawise Z1 Smart Home Security Kit Wi-Fi Zigbee Gateway Door Window Sensor Voice Assistant Intelligent Home Alarm Kit



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