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44 Million Light-years Away From The Earth, There's A Crack. Scientist: It's Still Expanding

44 Million Light-years Away From The Earth, There's A Crack. Scientist: It's Still Expanding

The outer space has been the place that human beings yearned for since ancient times. There are many mysteries in the universe, which can never stop the exploration of curious human beings. These mysteries haunt the hearts of human beings, and they are eager to unravel the magic of the universe. 

It has been almost half a century since humankind first set foot in outer space. So far, we know less than 1% of the universe. Various celestial bodies and phenomena are waiting for us. 

Although after the industrial revolution and the rapid development of science and technology, but in the face of the vast universe, human beings seem too small. 

There are countless planets, like Earth in the universe. Take the solar system as an example. It is just a drop in the ocean. Among a variety of aerospace equipment, Hubble Space Telescope is the first in human history. 

Successfully launched by the Space Shuttle “Discovery” at the Kennedy Space Center on April 24, 1990, Hubble has become a crucial instrument in astronomical history. It has made up for the limits of the ground-based observation, and helped astronomers to solve many astronomical problems! 

Hubble has helped calculate the actual age of the universe and capture many marvelous spectacles in the universe. For example, NGC 5866, which is at the north of the constellation Dragon, 4400 million light-years away from the Earth. 

About 60,000 light-years in diameter, NGC 5866 is a lenticular galaxy in the constellation Dragon. 

NGC 5866 is slowly aging and may disappear soon. NGC 5866 is one of the brightest galaxies in the small NGC 5866 Group. The galaxy group also include two spiral galaxies, NGC 5879 and NGC 5907. Thus, the galaxy has also attracted a lot of attention from scientists! 

According to photos from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope, NGC 5866 happened to overlap with another galaxy called NGC 3432, making it look like a crack in the universe. 

Scientists say the crack is still expanding, and many astrophile say that it is too difficult to observe this spectacle. Like traveling through time in science fiction films, many scientists are amazed at the scene. 

There are even open-minded people who wonder if advanced beings or aliens will come out of the crack. 

In the vast universe, there are too many unexplained things. 

Only by continuous exploration and research, can we unravel the mysteries. Of course, human beings know more and more about the universe, thanks to more advanced tools. These tools contribute to the exploration of the universe. 

So, what telescopes are worth buying so that we can discover the beauty of daily life?

XA90 Twilight Monocular Astronomical Telescope from Xiaomi youpin

- 6 x 30 optical finderscope with equatorial mount (the equatorial not included)
- 90mm objective lens for HD view
- PL eyepieces for 100X magnification
- 40°front view prism, stargazing, and viewing
- Supports low light night vision
- With mobile phone holder and tripod


Beileshi 16x52 Monocular Telescope
- HD 10X magnification
- 66m/8000m large field of view
- Equipped with phone holder and tripod
- BAK4 prism with FMC optical coating for high color reduction

BIJIA 12 x 25 HD Binoculars

- Porro BAK-4 prism makes it watch objects clearly at glimmer environment
- Objective lens coated with FMC green film, 99.5 percent high transmittance makes these binoculars ultra-clear
- Twist-up focusing wheel in the middle, quite convenient to use
- Great for bird watching, mountaineering, rock climbing, traveling, etc.

Waterproof Monocular Telescope 40 x 60 Travel Scope

- 40 x 60 high power magnification
- 500m/9500m large field of view
- Portable phone holder and tripod
- BAK4 prism for clear image
- Great for activities like concerts, sports games, traveling and outdoor explorations

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XA90 Twilight Monocular High-definition Low-light Night Vision Astronomical Telescope from Xiaomi youpin



Beileshi 16x52 Monocular Telescope Dual Focus Adjusting Low Night Light Vision



BIJIA 12 x 25 HD Binoculars



Waterproof Monocular Telescope 40 x 60 Travel Scope



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