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This Black Stick Can Help Male To Eliminate The Secret Sorrow! Introducing Xiaomi Mijia Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer

This Black Stick Can Help Male To Eliminate The Secret Sorrow! Introducing Xiaomi Mijia Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer

As a man, you're probably troubled by the nose hair. The nose hair is more embarrassing than the armpit hair. The protruding nose hair ruin one's image, so many people pluck it out. 

But it's not a good habit! A guy in Miami died of meningitis because of the practice of plucking his nose hair. 

There is a dangerous triangle on the face that is closely related to the brain. The nose happens to be the essential part of the triangle. 

If the nose hair is often plucked out, bacteria will quickly get into your veins through hair follicles in the nasal cavity and enter the brain. Thus, it could lead to diseases like meningitis and brain abscess.

Well, here is the problem. 

What should you do if you've got long, ugly nose hair which affects your look, and you're afraid infection and stab wound?

Have a look at this nose hair trimmer! 

Huanxing Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer from Xiaomi Youpin

The reasons why it is worth buying: 

① Powerful motor for cutting quickly & accurately, no harm to the nasal cavity

② Small, fit for the nasal cavity, easy-to-use for everyone

Full body waterproof for personal hygiene

④ Thoughtful, with multiple protections for more safety

Battery replaceable, portable, great for on the go

Small and easy to use, no harm to the nasal cavity

The nose hair trimmer consists of a one-way blade made of steel imported from Toyota. 

The built-in blade fits well with the nasal cavity. Though sharp it is, the trimmer won't clip the hair.

The head is so small that it can stick into the nasal cavity and protect it. It is unlikely that it will drag the hair, which is safe and comfortable to use.

Thanks to the small high-speed motor, you can quickly finish trimming your nose hair as soon as you start using it.

A sharp blade for quick trimming

Ideally, all the nasal hair comes off immediately. Who wants to stop for a while and bear the smell? 

Put on the hand and moved quickly, the trimmer doesn't make the hair pulled.

It is easier to use than small scissors and nail clippers. You don't have to worry that your nose might get hurt. 

The blade won't get obtuse quickly like ordinary trimmers, avoiding pulling the nose hair. 

Safe to use, so you'll never get hurt 

After all, as it is a trimmer put in the nose, safety is the priority. 

It's okay to put it on your palm. 

Let's see how sharp it is by testing it with the hair on the hand. 

It can quickly remove the long hair, which is safe.

You won't get hurt when using it to trim the nose hair. Thanks to the trimmer, plucking out the hair becomes unnecessary. 

What's more, you won't suffer from pain and inflammation.

Full body waterproof for easy cleaning

After being immersed in water, it functions as usual. 

It is because the alloy body is made of imported steel and anodized. It can be used in a shower/bath. After use, wash it with water. 

It is more convenient to take it off to clean the blade. 

▶ A hidden switch on the bottom to avoid accidental contact and water damage 

There is a switch hidden on the tail of the Huanxing Nose Hair Trimmer. It will only power up when pressed. 

Such a design also avoid accidental power-up and ensure the water-tightness.

Portable design, convenient for traveling

The overall design is simple. The device is light and feels right in the hand. 

It barely takes up any place in the pocket for being used whenever you want. 

No charging cable is needed for it comes with an AAA battery which is replaceable at no extra cost.

The AAA battery can work non-stop for about 2 hours. Theoretically, used once a day, one minute each time, it can last for around 4 months in a row.

▶ Packed in an exquisite box to be a decent gift

The delicate design of the box meets the demand for high quality.

It is an excellent choice for yourself. Or, you can forward the product to your girlfriend, implying that she buys it for you. Likewise, it will be a decent gift for others.

※ For those who have long and dense nose hair, it is recommended that you wear a mask to avoid catching a cold since the cold air will directly enter the nasal cavity after trimming.

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