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PUPPYOO T10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review: Reach Easily With No More Backache

PUPPYOO T10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review: Reach Easily With No More Backache

Nowadays, people lead a busy life. During the day, they must work hard to earn money; after work, they must return home to prepare meals and wash dishes. Cleaning the house is undoubtedly a burden. 

The cute robot vacuum cleaner automates cleaning the floor by absorbing the dust and hair, which helps a lot. 

However, for a thorough cleanup of every corner at the weekend, you've got to have a versatile cordless vacuum cleaner.

Now, I'll recommend a great helper for home cleaning to you, PUPPYOO T10 Vacuum Cleaner.

Let's focus on appearance at first.

The shell of PUPPYOO T10 is made of PC, which is sturdy, wear-resistant, anti-scratch. Unlike ABS materials in most vacuum cleaners, the PC material will remain white and bright for a long time. 

▲ The oval handle of PUPPYOO T10 is for flexible use

▲ On/off button and button for the dustbin

The handle of PUPPYOO T10 is oval. When connected with the extension rod to use the soft roller brush, you hold its rear. The design is excellent, and it is effortless to push/pull the attachment. 

When using the motorized mattress tool, you need to bend down and grab the front for more comfort slightly. At this time, your fingers are close to the on/off button and MAX button, which facilitates operation. Additionally, the button for emptying the dustbin is also here.

How can the battery be put into such a small size? PUPPYOO T10 features humanized design. The machine is compact because the motor is protected by the battery that surrounds it. 

Moreover, the noise is reduced to a certain extent. I find that it works much quieter than previous PUPPYOO vacuum cleaners.

▲ Power indicator

▲ Air outlet

▲ Removal of dustbin and filter  

The entire dustbin can be taken off from the machine. It is a bit troublesome to empty the trash because you need to remove the outer filter at first. The upside is that no garbage will be spilled out, and you can directly use water to wash it when it gets dirty, which is convenient. 

The cotton filter at the end of the dustbin keeps tiny particles inside to avoid secondary pollution. Because it is washable, the maintenance cost is much lower.

The lineup of attachments

Generally, a cordless vacuum cleaner comes with several accessories. PUPPYOO T10 provides you with a soft roller floor brush, motorized mattress tool, crevice tool, and 2-in-1 wide nozzle tool. 

Although you can choose these brushes when buying other cordless vacuum cleaners, please note that PUPPYOO T10 offers these tools at no extra cost.

▲ Soft roller floor brush

The motorized soft roller brush is the most useful. The brush of PUPPYOO T10 is very flexible. You can turn it up and down, left and right, reach deep under the sofa/bed easily. The bottom consists of soft fluff, which is protective to the vulnerable floor. 

Because its structure is more complicated, you need to be mindful when cleaning/maintaining it. After using it for a while, you can use some coins or other objects to clear away the entangled hair. By pressing and rotating the red buckle, you can take off the brush head. It's easy. The design prevents clogging and enables dismantlement.

▲ "Searchlight" on the soft roller floor brush

There is a practical design on the floor tool, i.e., a "searchlight." It might be not prominent during the day, whereas, in the dark, it allows you to see what's on the floor clearly to avoid missing anything. 

▲ Motorized mattress tool

Next comes the motorized mattress tool. It is used to clean away the mites, dander, dust and other pollutants. 

From the picture, you can find that the brush head is 28-degree adjustable and quite flexible. Similar to the soft roller floor tool, it is easy to remove the brush.

▲ Crevice tool

The function of the crevice tool is to go into the gaps and clean. For a much better result, the crevice tool of PUPPYOO T10 has been extended to 26cm. 

In comparison, other crevice tools of PUPPYOO vacuum cleaners are no longer than 22cm.

▲ 2-in-1 wide nozzle brush 

This brush is suitable for cleaning the surface of furniture, car interior, mattress, sofa, keyboard, curtains. It is quite useful. Press the button on the top, and a "click" means that you successfully switch between two different modes.

Testing the suction

Unlike its predecessors, PUPPYOO T10 has a straight air duct. The air inlet and outlet are on the same line, which makes the air run more smoothly without reducing the suction. Meanwhile, the vacuum cleaning boasts a 250W DC brushless motor. Next, let's carry out a test to know about its performance. 

▲ The suction of PUPPYOO T10 is more powerful thanks to optimized air duct

▲ In the standard mode, the tea leaves on the floor can be taken away instantly

▲ In the powerful mode, a chunk of instant noodles can be cleared effectively

The motorized mattress tool is mainly used to clean the bedding. The picture shows you what PUPPYOO T10 absorbs within 5 minutes. Apart from dust and cotton fibers, there might be mites that are invisible to the eye. 

Only after cleaning the vacuum cleaner can you find the impurities hidden in the seemingly clean places.

Charging & battery life

The charging base and main machine of PUPPYOO T10 are in the same style, which is harmonious. What's more, the charging base also serves as a storage rack so that you can put these two parts in any corner. It would be better if it can accommodate the other three attachments as well.

PUPPYOO T10 uses 7 x 2500mAh high-capacity battery pack which can last 45 minutes in standard mode. As for the powerful mode, battery life is equally surprising. The battery life is up to 15 minutes when the soft roller brush is in use. 

Therefore, it is competent to handle daily cleaning tasks. You don't need to worry that it might run out of power midway. After you finish cleaning, put it back for more juice. When you pick it up again, it can set about cleaning. As you can see, you won't be troubled by the battery life at all.


All in all, PUPPYOO T10 offers a fantastic user experience. I like its simple design, strong suction, and four attachments that help me to clean the entire house. The standard mode can effectively clear away the dust; whereas, the powerful mode can deal with stubborn impurities around the corner efficiently. 

The remarkable yet straightforward appearance, outstanding functions, and experience are a huge plus! There is no denying that it is more competitive than other cordless handheld vacuum cleaners.

PUPPYOO T10 Home Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brushless Motor LED 250W 17500Pa 2 in 1 HEPA 45MIn



PUPPYOO T10 Home Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brushless Motor LED 250W 17500Pa 2 in 1 HEPA 45MIn



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