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Alfawise V8S Max Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV Disinfection

Alfawise V8S Max Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV Disinfection

Chinese company Alfawise offers a wide range of different products,
including smart robotic vacuum cleaners. Today I will talk about the
updated model of the robot vacuum cleaner, which was called Alfawise V8S

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The past generation of the Alfawise V8S Pro
vacuum cleaner has gained quite good popularity due to its low cost and
good performance.

The new Alfawise V8S Max model
received although minor improvements, but the price remained the most
important factor. Now you can order a robot vacuum cleaner V8S Maxat a low cost up to $180. Currently, the V8S Max modelwill cost you a little cheaper – $165.

main features of the new smart robot vacuum cleaner I can attribute are
1800 Pa suction, 2600 mAh battery capacity, the presence of both dry
and wet cleaning.

It is also worth noting that the
device was equipped with ultraviolet light, which during cleaning will
destroy the structure of DNA and RNA in bacteria. Therefore, any virus
or microorganism cannot survive. Actual function, which is especially
associated with the coronavirus recently.

Before starting the cleaning tests, I want to look at the equipment and check the build quality of the robot cleaner itself.

Alfawise V8S Max: Specifications

Alfawise V8S Max:Specs
Dust collection capacity:600ml
Water Tank Capacity:350ml
Noise:less than 55dB
Charging time:3 hours
Operating time:about 2.5 hours
Weight:2.7 kg
Dimensions:330 x 330 x 76 mm


The smart vacuum cleaner comes in a rather large box and has a huge number of interesting components.

the box I found – this is a robot vacuum cleaner itself, a charging
dock, a power adapter, four rotational brushes, where two of them are
optional. There is also a remote control, a rag for wet cleaning, a
brush for cleaning debris.

for a budget smart robot vacuum cleaner, the equipment is quite large
and a big bonus is the presence of a control panel. Many vacuum cleaners
use one control method – this is thanks to the smartphone, but the
Alfawise V8S Max model is also controlled by the remote control.


traditional appearance of the Alfawise V8S Max is almost no different
from modern smart robotic vacuum cleaners. This is a typical round
shape, but now the device is made in matte black plastic.

If you recall the previous generation V8S Pro, it was made in white.

addition, I can note the absence of laser control, but the new robot
vacuum cleaner received navigation with a gyroscope and voice control.
One of the main reasons why the new Alfawise robot vacuum cleaner is
inexpensive is the lack of a tower at the top of the case with laser

are two control buttons on top – this is the power and back to the
charging dock. There is also a lid under which there is a container for
garbage and dust. The capacity of the main container is 600 ml, and for a
container with wet cleaning – 350 ml.

we talk about size and weight, then the device received dimensions –
330 x 330 x 76 mm, and the weight was 2.7 kg. In general, these are
typical sizes and weights for most smart robotic vacuum cleaners.

are various sensors to the entire body of the device, for example,
there are several infrared sensors, collision avoidance, smart fall
protection, the low overcoming of obstacles.

lower part of the Alfawise V8S Max received the usual two driving
wheels and one steering wheel. There are also contacts for charging to
the docking station, the main orange rotary brush, and two auxiliaries
for garbage collection.

addition, the manufacturer installed an ultraviolet sensor with a
disinfectant at the bottom of the robot cleaner. A very interesting
solution, but how it will prove to be in practice, I will tell a little

I would also like to talk about the control
panel, which is made like a robot in black. It received a small number
of control buttons so that older people can control a smart robot with a
vacuum cleaner without any problems.

I have no complaints about the build quality and materials used. The device is made well and does not have strong flaws.

Performance and Quality of Cleaning

new generation of smart robot vacuum cleaner Alfawise V8S Max received a
similar suction power of 1800 Pa, like last year’s model.

me, this indicator is not a record, since I had devices with better
performance up to 2200 Pa on the test. But again, do not forget about
the price tag on Alfawise, in comparison with the flagship robotic
vacuum cleaners, it has a price more than 3 times less.

we talk about battery life, then the new generation V8S Max got a
little more battery capacity – 2600mAh, and the previous one had 2500
mAh. Of course, the capacity value has not changed significantly, but as
the practice has shown for a small apartment – this battery capacity
will be quite enough.

example, a full charge will be enough for cleaning up to 150 square
meters. An interesting and important point is when the charge level is
20%, the device automatically goes to the charging dock. After
recharging, it starts cleaning from the same place where it finished.
Convenient and practical function, so you do not need to monitor the
battery level.

I already mentioned, the new V8S Max robot vacuum cleaner received not
only dry cleaning but also wet cleaning. The system works thanks to a
three-level water supply and due to this, the device does not leave
large wet puddles.

The noise during wet cleaning is almost inaudible and is about 30 dB, but during dry cleaning, the maximum noise is about 55 dB.

robot vacuum cleaner received three modes of operation – it is the
minimum, medium, and maximum. If you do not have carpets, but only
laminate, linoleum, or tile, then the average level of work will be
sufficient for the daily cleaning of your home.

received three different operating modes. This is through an
application on a mobile smartphone, a remote control, or voice control.

are performed both in manual and in automatic operation mode. In the
application on the smartphone, you can set the timer for the start of
cleaning, for example, when you are not at home. You can also put a
barrier in the application where the device should not be removed. The
rest of the application is pretty standard and has similar features as
other robotic vacuum cleaners.

Now I wanted to tell a
little about my impression of the quality of cleaning. Of course, the
robot vacuum cleaner does not work perfectly, as with the laser control
system, but I had no strong problems.

I planned for
the Alfawise V8S Max to do dry cleaning once, and then still wet. The
result was quite positive. For example, I did not find dust, except for
the corners, but this is a big problem for many robotic vacuum cleaners.

for the UV ultraviolet sensor, I could not check it, because I do not
have a device that detected the presence of microbes before and after
cleaning. But I will hope that it works the best way.

also conducted a series of tests, I scattered various seeds and cereals
on the floor, then the V8S Max robot did its job well. Cleaning on a
small carpet also did not cause problems. But if you have animals, then
the hair will not be removed as well as regular dust.

Conclusion and Reviews

Alfawise V8S Max – received a modern black design with a large number of sensors, including an ultraviolet sensor.

terms of quality of cleaning, I have no particular complaints, given
the low cost. Of course, if you have a budget of more than $350, then it
is better to choose a model with a laser navigation system.

you have long planned to buy a smart robot vacuum cleaner, but you have
a limited budget, then the V8S Max model will be a good choice.

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