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Look at Xiaomi Mi Watch. It's Really Smart!

Look at Xiaomi Mi Watch. It's Really Smart!

Look at the photo of the Xiaomi Mi Watch. Do you like it?

“Smart” seems less meaningful as we tend to use “smart” as a prefix for nearly everything.

Well, what is a true smartwatch?

A Smartphone On the Wrist Instead of A Fitness Tracker with Big Display

You can’t call a fitness tracker a smartwatch, merely because of its appearance. You should take a look at its configuration.

Xiaomi Mi Watch is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 flagship processor for smart wearable devices.

The high-performance CPU can process complicated tasks that could be done only by smartphones in the past.

Additionally, Xiaomi Mi Watch packs the WiFi hotspot, linear motor, independent speaker, independent NFC chip, large battery, and so on.

You’ve got it right! Generally, you can only find such configurations in smartphones.

It is because of these configurations that Xiaomi Mi Watch seems more like a mini smartphone on the wrist.

Not A Smartphone Accessory, It Offers Internet Access & Allows You to Make Phone Calls

Many smartwatches are nothing but a time-teller when disconnected from smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi Watch isn’t an accessory, but an eye-catching protagonist.

Don’t worry that you might miss any phone call or notification. Xiaomi Mi Watch features eSIM, so you won’t need to carry your smartphone during workouts.

An Open Source Operating System Instead of Closed-Source

A true smartwatch should be capable of downloading Apps, which means a high requirement of the operating system. 

Many smartwatches run on a closed-source OS. Consequently, users can only use the built-in Apps but no more. That’s why most people tend to set aside their “smartwatches” after using them for several days. 

To address the problem, Xiaomi set up a specialized development team and designed the brand new MIUI For Watch, integrating the popular MIUI with Mi Watch.

Incredible! It means that Xiaomi Mi Watch is born to be extraordinary, much different from an ordinary smartwatch.

With the MIUI For Watch, you can download any third-party Apps freely. It is said that Xiaomi Mi Watch incorporates a variety of popular apps that can work by themselves.

Apart from the third-party Apps, various functional Apps in MIUI have been integrated with Mi Watch. From now on, you can use Mi Watch to summon Xiao Ai, control smart home devices without having to use your smartphone.

As for more features of MIUI For Watch and the revolutionary experience, you can know more by watching the new product launch event.

Finally, to conclude, as a true smartwatch, Xiaom Mi Watch features:

·Powerful CPU to complete complicated tasks like smartphones;

·eSIM that allows you to make phone calls and share the same mobile phone number with your smartphone;

·Open source MIUI For Watch for downloading Apps as you like.

Xiaomi Mi Watch will be disrupting the smartwatch industry, which seems to be in a standstill for so long. Will there be more surprises other than the features above? 

Well, it's available on Gearbest now, don't miss it and take advantage of the sales!

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