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ZHIYUN Crane-M2 Officially Released: The Most Versatile 3-axis Stabilizer For Light Mirrorless Cameras, Smartphones and Action Cameras

ZHIYUN Crane-M2 Officially Released: The Most Versatile 3-axis Stabilizer For Light Mirrorless Cameras, Smartphones and Action Cameras

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On July 22, ZHIYUN, the leading brand of three-axis stabilizers, held a new product launch event to announce Crane-M2. The new stabilizer features excellent compatibility - it can work with small mirrorless cameras, compact cameras, phones, and action cameras.

1. Crane-M2: Appearance

Crane-M2 is compatible with multiple devices, ultralight, and portable.

Processed through CNC machining and anodizing, the gimbal features exquisite texture. With a total weight of 500g, Crane-M2 is as big as a mobile phone holder, but its performance is remarkable. 

The handle is finely etched, non-slip, and comfortable. Not as long as iPhone 8, it allows for single-hand operation. 

On the handle are an OLED display, a joystick, a record button, a mode switch, and a trigger. On the sides, you can find a focus lever, a USB Type-C charging port, and a menu button. It is easy to hold and operate the stabilizer. 

The three axes feature a unique locking mechanism. The newly designed quick-release plate is compact, about 1 inch long, 0.5 inch wide. So far, this is the smallest quick-release plate. Surprisingly, it only takes 3 seconds to mount/dismount it.

The pan axis is incorporated with a locking screw and a scale. Such a design means structural optimization, which greatly facilitates leveling and saves you a lot of time. 

The innovative pin and latch designed to enhance portability, allow you to carry the camera and lock the stabilizer. In this way, you can put the stabilizer in a bag/pocket for easy carrying. 

2. Crane-M2: Hardware & Functions

The built-in battery of Crane-M2 can last for 7 hours. The stabilizer can provide power to cameras, whereas you can charge the stabilizer with a power bank. Thus, both devices for footage are charging for extended battery life. 

Thanks to the new module which supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you don’t need to use any cable to control the stabilizer to take photos, record videos, etc.

Apart from Pan Following Mode, Following Mode, and Locking Mode, Crane-M2 supports Full-Range POV Mode, Vortex Mode, PhoneGo Mode which are exclusive to flagship stabilizers. Whether you want to VLOG, host a live broadcast, record moments on a journey or in your daily life, Crane-M2 is the perfect choice for you.

3. Crane-M2: Price

Crane-M2 targets the consumer market. The product comes with a mobile phone clip and an anti-slip strap. In China, the retail price is 1000 CNY.

It can stabilize and control smartphones, action cameras, compact cameras, light mirrorless cameras. Thus, a photography beginner to experience the fun of smooth shooting; while a professional can enjoy the convenience, easy operation, and portability of the device.

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