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For the Price of under $17, i15 Max is the Most Cost-effective Replacement of AirPods!

For the Price of under $17, i15 Max is the Most Cost-effective Replacement of AirPods!

Many people are interested in trying this powerful i15 Max wireless earphones. There are a lot of features and benefits that you can get from this device. This device can be a perfect replacement for the regular Airpods. 

It is easy for you to buy this powerful device so that you can enjoy the excellent audio experience from this device.

It is suitable for any Bluetooth devices, for example, laptops, tablets, smartphones, personal computers, and many more. This product is made from durable and comfortable ABS materials, so you can enjoy your time using this powerful device.

Irreplaceable Superiority

The powerful Bluetooth earphones can be a perfect device that you can use every day. You will be able to connect the earphones with your mobile devices. 

This device receives a lot of good reviews from other customers. You will see that many people are interested in using this device. There are a lot of useful features that can be found in this device. Here are some impressive benefits that you will enjoy with this pair of earphones.

1. Intuitive Touch Control

It is the main benefit that is offered by the earphones. This feature comes with the latest touch sensors that are sensitive to any finger movements. 

You don't have to spend a lot of effort and time to control all options from the earphones. You can control calls and music easily when using this intuitive touch control system. This incredible interface is available in the affordable i15 headset. This device is more affordable than the older version, such as the i10 version. 

2. Bluetooth 5.0 Chip

It is the newest technology that can be found in the earphones. This Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows you to have a stable and fast multi-data transmission process. 

Its Bluetooth speed is up to twice the speed of Bluetooth 4.0. You will be able to connect this device with any other mobile devices via its Bluetooth 5.0 system. 

This system also has extensive wireless coverage so that you can maintain a good connection between this device and your devices easily. There is no wire required for operating this powerful device. This feature can increase the overall flexibility that is offered by this device.

3. Powerful Battery

It is another recommended feature that you can find from the earphones. This device has a mighty power reserve to help you use this battery for a long time. 

Many people buy earphones because they are interested in using this long-lasting battery. The battery for the headset is about 35 mAh. This battery can support up to 3 hours of music and talk time, and also 5 days of standby time. 

This device also comes with a mobile charging compartment bin. The battery of the charging bin is about 300 mAh. This device has a more powerful battery than the Airpods model. 

AirPods have up to 2 hours of talk time and 2 hours of music time. This powerful system is handy to help you use the earphones for a long time. Its fast-charging system allows you to charge the earphones quickly.

4. Noise-canceling Feature
Many people enjoy their experience when using this powerful device. The earphones provide a noise-canceling feature that can help you enjoy the excellent audio experience with the headset. You will reduce any noises that may come from the environment. 

This noise-canceling feature can increase the overall performance of all parts of this device, including subwoofer, portable devices. You will be amazed by all the features of this product.

Design Highlights

If you are looking for good earphones with complete features and benefits, you can look at this device. These i15 Max Touch earphones have about 5.5 x 4.5 x 2.1 cm in dimension. 

Its weight is only about 0.033 kg. There is also an additional package that only weighs for about 0.08 kg. One of the most popular features of the i15 Max Touch is the Touch Control System. You will be able to control calls and music easily. Moreover, you can use it to wake up Siri. 

Practical Performance

The i15 Max Touch earphones are specially created to be compatible with any devices, such as iPhones, Android phones, and any other Bluetooth devices. 

This device is very famous for its wireless system so that you can connect this device with any other devices via Bluetooth connection easily. When you purchase this device, you are going to get some essential accessories, such as charging bin, instructions manual, charging cable, and also the earphones.

The earphones have a lot of useful features that are suitable for any customer. Its charging bin allows you to charge its earphones at anytime you want. This device also comes with intuitive touch control. There are several accurate touch sensors, so you can control music and also calls every day.

After you are ready to get an incredible audio experience, you can take a look at this powerful Bluetooth earphones. You will get deep stereo high-quality bass sound quality when using these high-quality earphones. 

There is an additional discount for you who want to purchase this device from the market. Its 5% discount can help you save a lot of money on the purchase of this Bluetooth earphones. Buy the earphones while it lasts on the market today.

i15 Max Touch Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones



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