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The Xiaomi Mijia MJGJD01YL Monitor Hanging Lamp Review: Perfect For Work or Play at Night.

The Xiaomi Mijia MJGJD01YL Monitor Hanging Lamp Review: Perfect For Work or Play at Night.

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In fact, I’m still very interested in this gadget. I remember that before the epidemic, BenQ’s ScreenBar series products received a very good market response, which can not only meet the needs of people who stay up late and work in low-light environments, but also provide desktops. Brings an excellent "atmosphere".
With the strong entry of Mijia this year and the launch of Mijia MJGJD01YL display hanging lights, this type of product also has more options. Based on the trust in Xiaomi and Xiaomi ecological chain products, I finally have my own display hanging light.

The review session officially started.


The first is the packaging part, which is in line with the minimalist style of Xiaomi as a whole, and the spray pictures on the front and back are quite particular.

The size of the packaging box is not small, but in fact there are not many accessories inside. An extra layer of sponge cushion is added in the packaging. This small detail is commendable.

Lamp part:

The lamp tube is made of a large area of metal material, which has a good texture and helps to dissipate heat when it is turned on for a long time.
The Mijia LOGO is printed on both sides of the lamp.

Base part:

The skin-like texture of the base is very good, and it has anti-slip effect, but it is a bit easy to stain.
The back of the base is equipped with a TYPE-C interface, which is responsible for power supply. Most mobile phone chargers, smart sockets with USB, and USB ports on computers and display devices can easily power them.
The lamp tube and the base are connected to each other through magnetic adsorption, and the base part can see that the lamp tube supports a maximum adjustment range of 25°. 

 There is no need to take it off when adjusting, just rotate it directly on the magnetic base.

Remote control part:

The remote control needs to rely on two AAA batteries for its power supply, and is connected to the main lamp body through a 2.4GHz wireless way. This remote control has many functions. Short press to turn on or off the light, rotate to adjust the brightness of the light, press and rotate to adjust the color temperature of the lamp, long press to switch the computer mode (2700K color temperature, 50% brightness).

Before officially lighting up the experience, I will briefly introduce the beauty of the display hanging lamp.
In fact, it is through a customized photomask, coupled with multiple LED light sources, to create a light irradiation angle parallel to the screen, and it can extend to a certain area that the user's hands can cover, avoiding the glare problem caused by direct illumination of traditional lights.

The following formally lights up the experience, I roughly divide the experience into three parts.
The first is the TV usage scenario.
Compatibility is OK, the lighting feels great, chasing a suspense drama or thriller movie at midnight, the overall effect of the lighting is excellent.

If your TV is equipped with a USB interface, the power supply problem has been solved smoothly, and it happens that the TV can be used to hide the line of hanging lights without destroying the overall beauty of the TV wall.

Then there are the laptop usage scenarios.
My laptop model is Alienware Area-51m. In fact, the official recommendation is "not for laptops". Out of curiosity, I tried it.
Because the computer screen I use is relatively thick, and it is supported at a certain angle, it can be placed relatively firmly on it with the help of the overall inertia, and compatibility can only be considered barely passed.

The last is the normal monitor scene.
The monitor I use is Alienware AW2521HF, which has average compatibility. In fact, the main problem is that there is a bulge in the center of the back of the monitor I chose. The overall thickness of the monitor is greater than 32mm, so the hanging lamp cannot be perfectly buckled on the center of the monitor. The solution is to move the hanging lamp to the left or right to fix it.

However, I seem to be "a blessing in disguise". Due to the position and angle of my desktop, after shifting the hanging lamp to the left, it can not only be perfectly fixed, but also can be used to illuminate the laptop screen on the left side of the display. In addition to causing discomfort to patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, their actual experience is better.

Of course, I also tried to put it on the relatively ordinary curved display HKC C340 on the back. The compatibility is no problem, and it can be placed in the center without affecting the curved visual effect. I won’t go into details here.

Regarding the color temperature adjustment of Mijia's display hanging lamp, the range can be from 2700K to 6500K. I think it is quite suitable to use this guy as a fill light for shooting.

Since having "this lamp", my desktop seems to have become stylish in an instant, the contrast between before and after the lamp:

After experiencing it, I have the following summary:

1- If it is matched with the AW2521HF that I made this time, or a monitor with an irregular back shape, the actual placement may encounter the problem that it cannot be placed in the center like me. The obsessive-compulsive disorder user group must check their back shape in advance. .
2 - Even with an ultra-narrow bezel display, there is no need to worry about the fixed base blocking the screen. It is indeed a carefully calculated size that just cuts the edge of the screen.
3 - If you want to use it on a laptop screen, try to ensure that your computer screen is relatively thick. If it is too thin, the stand may not stand firmly.
4 - I like this wireless controller very much! ! !

This fully functional Mijia MJGJD01YL Monitor Hanging Lamp with a wireless knob is priced at only 46.99 USD on Gearbest if you use this coupon code : MIHANGLAMP

I personally feel that the price/performance ratio is quite outstanding.
Whenever I am alone at midnight, I type on the keyboard to work or play games, with such a display hanging light, that kind of immersion makes people feel very comfortable.
In addition, I think the most attractive thing about this Mijia display hanging lamp is that the control knob is wireless. It only needs to be equipped with a light power supply line, and it can also make the display perfectly block the "ugly" wiring. It is really worth starting.

Xiaomi Mijia MJGJD01YL Monitor Hanging Lamp from Xiaomi youpin



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