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With 10.1-inch Screen, Helio P70 Processor, 8000mAh Large Battery, This Tablet Under $200 Is Irresistible!

With 10.1-inch Screen, Helio P70 Processor, 8000mAh Large Battery, This Tablet Under $200 Is Irresistible!

The tablet is a kind of electronic product worth buying.

I bought a 10-inch Dual-core tablet a few years ago. So far, there is no issue with the hardware. However, the old tablet doesn’t play HD videos or run games as smoothly as before.

When considering buying a new tablet, I chose the brand, Teclast again, because both its quality and pricing are more suitable for me.

This time, I chose Teclast T30.

It’s because the tablet has a 10.1-inch large screen, an 8000mAh battery, 4GB+64GB memory, and P70 processor. These are irresistible highlights of hardware.

In terms of software, the highlight is the Android 9.0 operating system.

With such high configurations, the tablet won’t fall behind in the next two years. In addition to excellent workmanship and quality, Teclast T30 can fully meet the needs of daily office work and games. It is a very cost-effective Android tablet.

Top-ranking Screen for Fascinating Visual Experience

The main reason why so many people buy a tablet is that they want to experience HD videos. 

The Teclast T30 uses a 10.1-inch full-view IPS screen with a screen resolution of 1920x1200. With it, I can watch 20 episodes of Game of Thrones in one day without having a break.

Firstly, a large-size screen is ideal for watching videos.

Using a smartphone to watch a few episodes on a vehicle while traveling causes fatigue and eye strain. 

It is not the case with a 10.1-inch large screen. The screen has a large viewing angle so that you won’t feel dry eyes and fatigue for several hours in a row.

Additionally, the data plan for the 4G network isn’t expensive. It’s exciting to watch online videos and browse! 

The color performance of the IPS Full HD screen is extraordinary. The main interface after booting is sure to surprise you.

Especially when watching the documentary, you will feel like in the movie when seeing shiny blue and green peacock feathers, the sunset on the African savanna, and the beautiful rainbow in a clear sky. 

Through the screen of the Teclast T30, you will reacquaint yourself with the beauty in the world like me.

The brightness of the screen of Teclast T30 is up to 370 nits. 

Thus, you can get a clear and delicate picture even in strong light. Without intense glare on the screen, the text can be easily seen when you stay outdoors at noon.

Even when the brightness is low, there won’t be a stroboscopic effect, which is ideal for browsing videos and pictures.

T30 comes with an eye-protection mode, which is thoughtful.

You can’t find a pixel on close inspection of the screen. The screen doesn’t hurt your eyes, even if you stare at it for a long time. It is suitable for watching comics and e-books.

The following picture shows the contrast between paper books and e-books. I prefer the e-book, because it is easier to distinguish bold fonts, and the background can be changed at will. For the visual experience alone, the display effect of e-books is better than paper books. After all, the size and style of the text can be adapted according to the reading habits of each individual.

Additionally, Teclast T30 also has a smart split-screen function, which can divide the screen into two halves. It is equivalent to displaying two different pages side by side, facilitating searching or data comparison.

High Quality & Tasteful Appearance

The Teclast T30 has a weight of only 543g, and it is ultra-thin. The back cover and the middle frame are made of metal. The matte surface has a decent texture and offers excellent tactile experience.

Above the screen are a 5MP front camera and multiple optical components.

As for the proximity sensor, it can be used with some programs to turn off the screen or give you an alert. For example, it can automatically remind the children to pay attention to the health of eyes after detecting the distance.

If you have a child and care about their eye health, the anti-Blu-ray, the eye-protection tablet is an excellent choice for you.

The rear primary camera is under the position of the power button.

The Teclast T30 is equipped with an 8MP rear camera and a fill light.

In fact, because of the size of the tablet, cameras aren’t often used. Most cameras are used for chatting or temporary recording. When buying a tablet, you don’t need to consider the resolution because an 8MP camera is more than adequate.

On top of the tablet, the speaker holes are on both sides.

Teclast T30 is equipped with a 3rd-generation Sweet independent sound cavity unit and intelligent separate power amplifier chip to solve the problem of crosstalk in the sound field. Thus, the tablet is excellent in processing sound and squelch.

How excellent? You can even hear surround sound and bass in the game without wearing headphones.

This sound is so immersive that it fully meets the needs of gaming and watching videos at a short distance.

On the side of the Teclast T30, there is a 2-in-1 card tray for a SIM card and a TF card. Let’s leave alone the convenience of Internet access at any time. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the Teclast T30 is more suitable for you.

P70 Octa-core Processor

Superior Performance & Perfect Experience

Its high performance is backed by MediaTek Helio P70 Octa-core SoC. The 12nm process chip achieved a higher benchmark score than Snapdragon 660. 

It is more power-saving, generating less heat. Its overall performance is superior to that of Helio P60, the previous generation. It can play videos and run games at the same time exceptionally smoothly.

The tablet uses Android 9.0 system.

The interface is known as refreshing. In addition to necessary Apps, such as File Manager and Contacts, the system is nearly empty. Everything is up to the user, namely, all rights to use the system belong to the user. No ads appear, which shows respect to consumers. 

Using the Teclast T30 to play games, you can feel the acoustic and visual sensation.

G72 video game graphics card is critical to the hardware acceleration for gaming. In coordination with the P70 SoC, the graphics processing capabilities are more than adequate for mainstream 3D games. The video playback is fluent at high frame rate settings. 

However, due to the limit of finger length, you can’t play with the tablet as smoothly as your phone. It’s because the distance between each function is longer. In general, big screens offer much better visual experience when playing games provided that your fingers can adapt to the manipulation. 

Additionally, the heat dissipation of Teclast T30 is extraordinary. With the power control of the Helio P70 processor, playing the game for a long time won’t cause severe heat. The rear case feels just warm, which makes no difference to the performance of the tablet. 

8000mAh High-capacity Battery

The Battery Life Is Not My Concern

In terms of battery life, the Teclast T30 comes with an 8000mAh high-capacity battery for up to 10 hours of continuous video playback (50% brightness).

It also excels in long standby. In the standby mode, the power consumption per day is only 1%. The battery management capability is much higher than that of my old tablet.

After fully experiencing it for a while, I’ve found that Teclast T30 has more advantages, no limited to smooth video playback or excellent performance.

Working On The Go

The bottom of Teclast T30 is designed with a magnetic Docking interface that can be used with the original magnetic keyboard.

The dedicated keyboard not only can be used for input, but also as a protective cover. Moreover, it doesn’t require charging, and it comes with a touchpad.

With a magnetic keyboard, Teclast T30 functions like a laptop. It is more powerful than a normal tablet for office work.

The Teclast T30 is compatible with various kinds of files, including doc, xls, ppt, pdf, etc. I am more accustomed to using the capacitive pen than my fingers during working. The tablet is more than enough for simple office work. 

Child Enlightenment

It is also a useful tool for enlightening children, as they can watch cartoons, learn English, and even garbage sorting.

There are a great many resources for children online for adding fun to teach. With Teclast T30, you can use several Apps to turn the tablet into an entertaining tool for learning.

Cultivation Of Hobbies

As the screen is large, it is a good idea to use the tablet to display the tablature for playing an instrument.

In comparison with the paper tablature, the content of the digital one can be changed freely. What’s more, during playing, the important notes can be notified. For beginners, using a tablet to show the tablature is more convenient, satisfying the needs of learning and viewing. 

Teclast T30 10.1 inch 4G Tablet MTK Helio P70 Octa-core CPU 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM 8.0MP + 5.0MP Camera 8000mAh Battery 5G + 2.4G Dual-band WiFi



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